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How To Treat A Woman
By 'Emma'
I am a submissive woman. I long to be with a man who has strong leadership skills, someone who is not hesitant to exert his power in a relationship with me. Someone I can take care of and look after and be a helpmate to but also depend on to take charge when needed. Someone I can complement, not someone I can dominate.
But today's men need to learn the difference between responsible leadership and abuse. In the upside down world of feminism we live in today, I generally come across two types of men:
The first type is the kind who have been brainwashed by the feminist movement and think that what women want is for their men to worship and idolize them. Nothing turns me off faster than a man who worships me, puts my needs and desires before his own and bends over backward to fulfill my every whim. I run from men like that.
The other type of men I come across are the ones who call themselves 'dominant,' but are actually just emotionally abusive (and sometimes physically) and don't have a clue that they are. They are the ones who will go all the way to China or Russia looking for a 'submissive' wife, because they say there are no submissive women in the United States. There is such a complete disconnect in the brains of these men, it is beyond me how they function in any relationship. What they don't realize is that women (yes, even here in the US) are inherently submissive, to one degree or another. It's in our DNA. It is hard-wired into us (in the same way your masculinity is hard-wired into you), in spite of the fact that feminism has done its level best to squash it.
To the men in the first category: Go home. There is no hope for you.
To the men in the second category: Any woman who truly loves you will go to the ends of the earth for you. She will feed you and take care of you until death. She will bear and raise your children and take care of your home. She will put her feet to the fire for you. She'll stand by you and support you through the worst life has to dish out. She'll put her life on the line for you and she will do it all without reservation - as long as you are treating her well.
Start NOT treating her well, start being disrespectful and criticizing everything she does, and all you'll do is piss her off. All of a sudden you have this furious woman in front of you, and you have no idea what she's angry about. Inevitably, because you cannot see where you are doing anything wrong, you'll then shift the blame and accuse her of being an angry feminist, thereby sabotaging the relationship and dooming it to fail.
Newsflash: She doesn't have an anger problem. She has an abusive husband problem. Most women with an IQ above 40 will not stay with an abusive husband.
Let me say it again: If you treat your woman well, you won't have to ask for her submission. She will give it willingly, freely, happily and without reservation until the day you die.
Most of the men in this category do not know what the word 'marriage' or 'partnership' truly means. They carry a deep-seated contempt for women in general that is apparent in almost everything they do. They don't view their women as partners or helpmates; they view them as property and treat them as less than human, with barely a shred of simple common decency or respect.
So what does it mean to treat a woman well? What do women really want?
Well, of course we want your leadership and direction. We like our men to be men. We want you to be strong and decisive in the ways we aren't. We love that you can get the lid off the flipping pickle jar for us, or move a cement step to free a trapped kitten. We LOVE that mysterious masculine side of you. But we also want and need your respect, approval and appreciation. That's not feminism talking, it's simple human nature.
I once had a conversation with a man who had just been through a devastating divorce after a 27-year marriage to a woman he obviously loved very much. He said to me, "She was so beautiful and I was always so proud to have her for my wife."
I asked (gently), "Did you ever tell her that?"
"NO!!!" He said, as if it was beneath his macho dignity to actually compliment his wife. It made me want to cry for her.
H - E - L - L - O !?!
Guys, come on. Get a grip.
Just because you expect a meal to be on the table at a certain time (and we are fine with the fact that you expect it) would it kill you to give the courtesy of a simple thank you when it is?
There's a huge difference between saying, with a twinkle in your eye:
"I'd like you to wear this today."
"Take that thing off, it makes your ass look fat."
There's a huge difference between:
"I realize you have a different opinion, but I'm going to do it this way instead."
"Your opinion means nothing."
There's a huge difference between:
"I appreciate all that you do."
"It's your JOB, woman!"
There's a huge difference between:
"I like that you don't expect me to take you out to expensive restaurants every weekend."
"Hey, you're a cheap date!"
"I like your hair better down."
As opposed to:
"Your hair looks like hell up."
See the difference? I am constantly amazed by the number of men who don't. The first statements are relationship builders and the second statements are relationship destroyers. To a man, it's a subtle distinction. To a woman, it's a sledgehammer. The first statements are what women thrive on. They are what create and sustain that undying lifelong devotion for her partner. The second statements are emotionally hurtful and abusive and make her feel disrespected, unappreciated and unloved. They slowly tear down her self-worth and self-esteem. Do that long enough and she will eventually go away, whether you are a good provider or not.
You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar: Show your appreciation and she will do more of whatever it is you appreciate. Constantly criticize everything she does, and she will do less, if any at all. Simple common courtesy like saying thank you for a meal or showing your appreciation to your partner doesn't make you any less of a man; quite the opposite. It assures her that she is important to you and it goes a long way toward building the kind of trust and loyalty that lasts forever. It's the key to creating that submissive woman you all claim to want.
It's not rocket science, guys. It takes very little effort on your part, with lifelong rewards.
Feminism has been both bad and good for society. On the good side, it empowered women to get out of truly abusive relationships, something that was very much needed back in the day. But one of the many ways in which it has been bad is that it has taught men to use 'feminism' as a scapegoat for their own lack of communication and relationship skills.
Where are the REAL men, the ones who can dance on the edge of dominance without falling off the cliff into abusiveness?
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