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Hearst Corp Blocks Own
Reporters From News Website

From Dick Allgire
I heard an interesting fellow on the Jeff Rense program recently. His name was Clay Douglas and he kept talking about the U.S. Constitution and how those in control of things are subverting it.
I work for the Hearst Corporation as a TV journalist. Now the computer provided to me at work is owned by Hearst and I understand that the internet service they give me in their office is a privilege and not a right, so the company can tell me what I may or may not look at while I'm on their payroll. But as a journalist I'm interested in the First Amendment and wanted to read and consider what Mr. Douglas has to say. I'm a grown man and fairly astute after 34 years of being a reporter.
Hearst denied me access to the site http://www.freeamerican.com/ because of what they call 'HATE SPEECH.'
This raised some questions in my mind. Why would a major media corporation prohibit journalists from reading this site? What is hate speech? And why should it be blocked?
Dick Allgire
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