Chemtrails - Odd 'Cells'
(Red Blood Cells?) Found In
Fresh Snow Samples

Due to the recent disclosure of red blood cells (RBC's) being electrostatically precipitated from the atmosphere, I decided to take a look, microscopically, at some recently collected snow samples from my area. I was extremely surprised by what was seen.
I want to stress that I am not trained in microbiology but sense that the "cells" that were observed are not of natural origin, as you will see, due to a multitude of random sizes, shapes and number of "nuclei" - but all composed of the same basic identical components.
The following is based on 3 separate snow samples, from 2 recent storms, gathered in clean 100 ml specimen containers and promptly refrigerated. Detailed information is provided, hoping that others will try this, possibly duplicating my observations or improving on them, especially through the use of higher magnification.
The stereo microscope used has crisp, high quality optics but is only equipped with lenses for a maximum magnification of 70X. This is a huge limitation yet the structures seen were crystal clear, although small and without fine detail.
Before describing my findings, I will include a medical doctor's suggestions for viewing RBC's within human blood, since I am recommending that RBC's be eventually placed on the same slide used to view the water sample. (I used this method last year while examining fluorescing fibers, the RBC's alongside the fibers as a size-comparator...RBC's range in size from 5 to 7.5 microns)
Doctor's Suggestions:
If you dilute with saline (normal saline) the cells usually will not be visible red unless you view then with very good optics. An RBC will be the most common type of cell. An RBC will be pale in the middle and darker around the edges.
You can use a pair of plain slides to make one into a smear that will air-dry to reveal evenly-spaced, single cell, layers for easy microscopic examination. place a droplet of blood at one end of the slide. take a second, clean slide and intersect the droplet at 45 degrees....the blood will wick along the intersection of the two slides. then, in an even stroke with light pressure, draw the vertical slide across the flat slide...this will smear the blood across the flat slide very evenly and thinly. let this air dry and then view it under the microscope. At 70 power you should be able to see individual RBC's but they will look very tiny.
Note: Saline solution was not used in my procedure.
Using a cotton swab, snow-water was smeared in the center of a slide and allowed to dry. A second slide was prepared in the same manner, except on slide 2, a droplet of human blood was mixed with the sample. Slide 2 was used to compare RBC's with "cell" nuclei, side by side. This dual process was repeated multiple times using all samples. The results were similar each time.
There were typically about one dozen cell-like structures of differing relative sizes and shapes. The exterior portion of each "cell" was composed of a transparent material which revealed internal structures resembling multiple "nuclei". Some pieces of the transparent material were shaped as semicircular globs with a cluster of nuclei somewhere inside. Others were filament shaped pieces of varying length, their nuclei resembling a string of beads. One of the filaments was much longer than the others and was coiled and piled upon itself, resembling a pile of transparent string, its nuclei also like a string of beads coiling around, layer by layer. Each "nucleus" appeared to be identical but their quantities were random, ranging from ~2 to 10 within each glob, possibly dozens inside the long coiled filament. The nuclei were in three distinct colors: transparent, ruby-red and deep violet (almost black). The transparent nuclei looked identical to the RBC's in shape, color and size however, at this magnification, RBC's, as well as all nuclei, appeared to be spherical (no fine detail was discernible). The other two colors appeared to be about the same size and shape (but possibly smaller). Keep in mind that the magnified size of each RBC (or nucleus) was only about 12 millimeter (.020 in.), so almost no detail was seen. The nuclei within any given cell appeared to always be of like color. Colors were apparently never mixed within the same cell. In the glob shaped cells, the relative sizes of the two materials (nuclei-cluster and sheath) were in similar proportions seen in a single celled microorganism.
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From Margareta-Erminia.Cassani'
Dear Gary,
What you describe as red blood cells in fresh snow samples (nucleated cells, irregularly shaped cells of different sizes) sounds alot like avian blood, i.e. bird blood. Avian blood has the distinct markers of what you describe - nuclei within the cells whereas human and/or other mammalian blood does not contain nuclei. It is not unusual to find blood from birds or other animals in snow, or in the environment in general - nor would it be unusual for such blood cells to be surrounded by organic debris since it was found on the ground and in the snow which typically carries much organic debris in it. This kind of finding, nor does Mr. Carnicom's finding of "blood cells" found in air particulate matter, mean that this blood is coming down from Chemtrails. This is a very far leap and a very unscientific (and medically incorrect) conclusion based on what was tested and what was found and how the tests were done. Chemtrails aerosol specifically was not tested and until it is, no one knows what is in it, chemically or biologically, and making such huge unscientific leaps such as tying animal or bird or even human blood found on the ground, or in particulate environmental matter, to Chemtrails fallout is folly because it leads the trail away from the real problem - the Chemtrails themselves.
Further, a forensics pathologist in Texas, whom I asked to look at the other photos of "red blood cells" depicted on Mr. Carnicom's site, that were found in air particulate matter, stated unequivocally that they were not red blood cells or any blood cells that he knew of. Working in medical research for 20 years, I would also concur with that. Fixing and staining cells (of any type) properly is crucial in how they appear under a microscope. Using an iodine stain (which was used on the air particulate matter "blood cells") is not the proper stain for cells and can distort them greatly - a stain of methylene blue and eosin (Giemsa) is the correct mixture, only after the blood cell sample has been fixed with a mixture of 95% ethyl alcohol so the cell doesn't explode from osmotic pressure. I worked in Surgical Pathology and animal research for many years and have seen numerous human and animal red blood cell slides and smears under regular and electron microscopy and these photos do not correspond to any blood cells I have ever seen. That does not mean that they could not be some other type of mammalian blood cell - as if they are blood cells they do not contain a nucleus and that would be indicative of mammalian blood. However, that said, it could be as simple as a dead animal in the environment (which we have many of and certainly are no X-Files cases), in which the biological debris and red blood cells get scattered in the environment. By the way, normal human blood cells are approximately 5 microns, unless they are macrocytes (unusually large blood cells from a disease process called macrocytosis) or microcytes, under 5 microns (unusually small blood cells from microcytosis).
Hope this helps you, and others reading this, to stay calm and not jump to conclusions that just because some blood cells are found in the environment that this is definitive proof of biological testing via Chemtrails going on. We have tons of blood cells in our environment, human, animal, and avian. All that "biological" material out there does not equate with Chemtrails definitively being a process in which we are being used as guinea pigs for biological testing OR biological prophylaxis against some future biowarfare attack. The medical and scientific community were invited to take a look at these photos, findings, etc and at least two people from the medical community have looked at them and said they do not appear to be blood cells at all, and unless everyone is going to accuse them of being disinformation government plants now just because they don't "see" the blood cells that are being proposed in these photos, findings, etc, I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and maybe think again at what exactly was found in those air particulate matter samples. I, for one, would like to see those photos again submitted to several other pathologists and/or hematologists, of random, unbiased choice, and get their opinions. I am in the process of doing that very thing. However, even if they all agreed that these samples were red blood cells, or blood cells period, I do not think you will find any one of them who will agree with the conclusion that was reached that the testing that was done equals the outcome of definitively deciding that all this particulate matter came out of a chemtrail. Its an equation that does not balance, nor does it add up. Very faulty logic. Having worked on the Chemtrails phenomenon for 2-1/2 years now and taking numerous samples of material thought to have come out of planes, never once have I found any blood cells of any type in them. If anyone would like to know, or see, definitive proof of biological testing going on, it would be me.
Your description, however, of what you found in the snow samples, as I said above, sounds quite likely that it is avian blood, but again, is nothing to cause the assumption that it came out of a chemtrail and is there from nefarious means.
Kind regards,
Erminia Cassani,
PS: Gary, go to this website and look through the examples of avian blood morphology and see if what you saw under your microscope looks anything like these. I believe you may find that your samples resemble either the thrombocytes or the heterophiles, with what looks like "multiple nuclei". However, it may well be that you did not stain or fix the cells properly before you began which distorted their appearance into what you did see. You did not mention using any stain or fixing the cells in any way so I am wondering how you got all those 'colors' in the microscopic analysis? Could be contamination of the process.


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