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A Million Dollars A Minute!
Jim Kirwan

"A Million Dollars a Minute" now there's a thought to wrestle with. No nation on this earth has even contemplated so much money, especially when that's not something being accumulated ­ no it's being spent on a completely busted set of Wars. This nation has been pouring blood and money into this huge black hole and all we can say about it is that we're spending "a million dollars a minute."
George W. Bush is not military, he is not a strategic thinker, he has no use whatsoever for diplomacy, and yet after five long years he is still "in charge" in Iraq and Afghanistan, and still "Staying the Course"! His 'administration is in ruins, his mumbled mouthing's are the stuff of comic-books, not statecraft. His decision-making capabilities are better suited to deciding what to order in the nearest bar, than they are for anything to do with having to administer the shredding of a million dollars a minute in a-war-without-end, that will consume all of this nations assets, most of its jobs, and probably the viability of its currency ­ before he can be dragged from behind that desk in the oval office.
One can hardly blame this imbecile because he has never been any different-after all that's why he was selected for this 'job.' He was the only certifiable moron with a 'name' to lean on, and he was definitely 'available:'
But how to explain the congress: they who supposedly control the purse strings in this country? How to conjure any kind of "plan" that necessitates spending "a million dollars a minute" on a war that has no end in sight!
How long can this really last before this nation goes belly-up? Come on people, get real!
Now comes the real problem-what about the people whose money it is that is being thrown around like confetti at a month-long-wedding? This is sheer insanity-what happened to common sense or to real questions from anyone about any of this! Have we been so 'taken for granted' that we will tolerate any price, no matter how high, for this mega-farce that no other nation could even remotely envision-much less dare to undertake?
?Tens of millions of Americans are nearing destitution, and millions more are already there. We are losing the wars, just as we have already lost the peace by backing the wrong side of everything we touch-and despite everything Cheney is still holding fast to his long range plan of "5 wars in 7 years."
Our prisons are overflowing with bodies, yet only a small percent of those in prison are there for serious crimes. Yet this is how the true Outlaws deal with anyone that might actually challenge any authority. This attitude is all too evident in the procedures used to Taser the general public. Taser use is not to protect the officers but to subjugate the public, at any price. Taking total control is the point, with 'prison' as the destination for any that refuse to bow to the dictatorship of this American Police State. (1)
Our National Guard has been federalized, they are no longer under the control of the State's Governor's ­ they have become surrogate troops conscripted to fight in useless and illegal wars, only to return home to the loss of jobs and family cohesion, if not the loss of parts of themselves as well, and for what exactly!
Bush has never stated the actual purpose of these deployments. 'To serve' is all he ever says: But who is being served, not the American public, we're living in a police state where there is no longer any shred of representative government left to us: nor is there any 'justice' among the serfs that have to hammer out a meager and insubstantial existence in a world where only "the haves with millions" count-while the rest of us must fight aliens over whatever scraps might remain from the bankers-banquets of gluttony, amid their habits of consumption that have no limitations.
A million dollars a minute is what makes all this squandered treasure possible, for everyone but those who must continue to pay, just to keep the fortune flowing!
When will this change, when will such a thing even begin to lean in that direction. From the look of the mass media, the only thing happening in America is the second-to-second "RACE" for the 08 election ­ there is no news of the wars, no mention of the three- million, five-hundred and twenty thousand videos listed under "police abuse videos." That looks like this:
3, 520,000 videos without investigations, without changes in the polices that police are using, which is what is responsible for most of those videos.
There are people on those videos: they are not discussed on the news because they are not important people, just those who got caught up in something, deserved or otherwise.
This is NEWS, and the failure to report on something as staggeringly high as this is criminal. But then so is spending a million dollars a minute on something that has become a permanent stalemate, a dead-end nightmare that only consumes the participants and yields only ashes where a civilization once flourished.
If you look at it we have to be the biggest fools in all of human history. We're continuing to pay without any questions whatever, for something that is a colossal failure by all accounts! On top of that we have not demanded that any of these idiots be terminated. Just today "intelligence" announced that "Iran stopped trying to build nuclear weapons in 2003." Why was this "news" not accompanied with the heads of the intelligence agencies that made this massive 'intelligence' blunder?
The answer ought to make you furious: Because the public is so brain-dead it will not occur to them that anyone actually failed- just that the coming War-on-Iran might no longer "be coming." A million dollars a minute you and I and everyone else that works is paying, and this is what we get for our efforts: 'Oh by the way four years ago the Iranians stopped trying to create nuclear weapons, so all these war drums weren't really needed.'
If you think that's an exaggeration: well Americans did absolutely nothing when it was finally announced that Iraq had no WMD's whatever: Nada, Zip, nothing there at all! Americans just shrugged and went about their private lives, and wondered occasionally how much longer it would take before we won the war. But instead we began losing the war, and still there was only a rumbling among the fringes that finally became a roar in November, over a year ago. So an election was held and the good guys won-but the only changes the public got for their vote was more criminal legislation, plus the national Real ID card, to go with Canada's version, just as soon as the North American Union begins to take affect in 2008. (2)
Everything else that the 'NEW" congress did also went straight to hell ~ but the one constant is ALWAYS that Americans do not complain! So everything is proceeding apace, the country is watching the farce of who's ahead, and who's going to win Iowa or New Hampshire ­ and all of this is just so important that it beggars the imagination how grown men and women can get sucked into this endless blather about a bunch of people that give not a damn about any of us. They never have, they never will: they're all in the same clubs the same little groups where the winners must all be approved by the Council on Foreign Relations and AIPAC, or they simply cannot be allowed to win!
Now government has turned the heat on those of us who actually do complain-bigtime! Instead of fighting terrorists overseas, congress has decided that the real terrorist are homegrown, they must all be rounded up and silenced by their new laws that eliminate free speech, and punish all that question them! (3)
A Million Dollars a Minute and we still haven't got a clue! The game is rigged! We are owned, and nobody really cares. Carlin says it better, but his language might offend you ­ his point however overrides the language, at least for me. George says: "the owners of this country know the truth; it's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it!"
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5) US Debt: $30,000 per American
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