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Hello? This Is Your
Light-Worker Calling

By Ted Twietmeyer

It's always nice to hear from readers ­ that is, those that can express themselves without resorting to endless four letter words. Every now and then, a well-meaning reader sends me some "important breaking news" on what the light-workers all over the globe are doing. Unfortunately, reading these news items can bring on an incurable headache.
If you haven't been exposed to "textual mind pollution" before (other than a newspaper) a sample of it is provided below. Try to make sense if you can of this small extract from of a multi-page dissertation received in November 2007, on everything from time milestones to the Andromeda Galaxy.
It contains the latest directions for light workers to follow.
All 2,608 words ­ the major portion of which I'll spare you the agony of reading here:
Starseeds Prepare For 2008
"Since the late summer the Starseed races are being radically initiated to physically embody and energetically prepare for the new cycles beginning in the 2008 timelines. 2008 has some critical milestones embedded in the timelines of possibility that will call for the most transformational upheavals and change we have seen to date. This is the process of alchemy needed that leads us to radical shifts to higher consciousness. So it is important to remember that this is a natural part of our current transformation process and our role will be to remain centered and ever connected to God Source as our ultimate guide. This group has been rigorously trained and sequestered since about mid July. Many of us have perfected the state of neutral association and engaged detachment within a high pressure type of triage (crisis management) training. A small group of us are beginning to embody the coding for a new Starseed biological template that is beyond the human program and its hologram"
On and on and on it goes. Page after page of psycho-babble. The "Starseeds" - a select few. It rambles on and on about numerous esoteric topics such Cosmic Christ, Cosmic Christ consciousness, the "Trinitized Form," Soul Dynastic Lineage, Universal Time Matrix, "Ascension Projects," Galactic level Ascension contracts and more. And let's not forget those Galactic Emissaries who are here already. One almost needs to be on some type of powerful hallucinogenic drug to even begin to grasp any of this. And you thought you were open minded?
"This group has been rigorously trained and sequestered." This has all the indicators of a cult in progress.
You also have to like this one: "perfected the state of neutral association and engaged detachment within a high pressure type of triage (crisis management) training." Engaged detachment sounds very much like a description of someone entering a trance state with highly focused attention. In one word: Zombie.
Unfortunately, I've heard all this nonsense before several times and perhaps you have, too. A few months ago, a "portal" was supposedly opened then, too. In looking at the misery sweeping the Earth, at the very least nothing happened. At the worst if this stuff was real, it would probably make things worse by bringing in supernatural forces that we don't need to deal with along with all the other problems we have.
It is well established that there are evil forces present in the world today. It's incredibly amusing is that are idiots out there dabbling in the occult, who decide to invite in something supernatural into their life to control using some form hocus-pocus. They foolishly and arrogantly think they are going to "control" it. In the end, the force or entity controls them. Perhaps they have ignored the real meaning of the compound word, "SUPERNATURAL."
Here's another extract from this same essay of directions, and provides a good example of how it encourages people to give up their own bodies and essentially be possessed:
".The Galactic Emissaries here are to intermediate between the human and extraterrestrial races that are supporting human ascension and liberation. This group is a task force embodied to hold the communication links open by creating energetic hubs/safe zones and by opening interdimensional portal systems. Most of them have "walk in" contracts and are considered "sleepers" until they have their walk in event. A sleeper is a being born into a soul agreement that has an energetic signature of a 3 D human until they have their "walk in" or awakening event. Upon walk in, immediately the 3 D contract is deleted and the new energy contract is effective. This is to keep the soul safe from being detected and then harassed while it is biologically young."
Did you catch that part about "walk in" contracts? When added to the other statements made in the previous section, they are basically are promoting a spiritual possession, whether by demons or some other THING from another dimension. Would you voluntarily give up your body to who-knows-what kind of alien form? Only a fool would fall for this ploy. And the world has fools aplenty. A rose by any other name, is still a rose.
Lightworker philosophy feeds upon the inert desire of human beings to look for an easy way out of a nasty world ­ without having to take the "final exit." It's also easy to see that millions will suck heavily upon this new-age nipple attached to Uncle (!), which promises to bring "joy and peace to our troubled world." I for one would like to see any lightworker tell that to the NWO which is already here in operation, physically. And they are hell-bent on the destruction of any sane idea of a happy way of life. They probably have belly laughs when the subject of new-age lightworkers comes up.
If you take even a few minutes to analyze lightworker nonsense, you quickly see strong parallels to another philosophy of the first known "lightworker" ­ globally known as Satan.
This new-age nonsense is yet another Uncle invention. In fact, it was a Pentagon group that started the new-age movement. It's a bit ironic that the origin of the new-age nonsense didn't stop the "missile" from hitting the Pentagon (Rumsfeld's word, not mine.)  So much for the Pentagon being able to benefit from "protection by the light." Lightworkers everywhere take notice.
When I first heard that Uncle admitted to starting the new-age movement many years ago, it was a bit hard to grasp the purpose of it. Everything the government does must have a purpose and an objective, which is usually military. Year after year I passed by a new-age bookstore with big picture windows allowing one to see everything inside from the street, day after day, going to and from work.
After almost never seeing anyone inside the bookstore, it finally began to make sense.
Someone was clearly flipping the tab to pay for the overhead on these incense-laden dens of distraction. Why can't it be Uncle? In the sixties it was LSD, courtesy of Uncle to disrupt and distract an entire generation. Now we have a new, invisible drug we can simply call NAB - New-Age Bullshit. And millions worldwide are hopelessly hooked on it. No AIDS, no drug dealers needed. Just sophisticated, powerful mind control using devious information of the worst kind.
The NAB philosophy is custom-built to play on every weakness we have as human beings.
That is - if you allow it to. It's still your choice.
Ted Twietmeyer
Mr. Twietmeyer's "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" documents his discoveries of more than 200 artifacts near rover cameras. He is also a regular rense.com contributor and columnist. His background includes more than 25 years of defense systems and project management for almost every branch of NASA and the DoD. He is a technological innovator and a winner of R&D Magazine's top 100 Award for 2007, holds a US patent and has been a guest on Jeff Rense's radio program and other shows several times. His website explores several areas of science often neglected by the mainstream assisted by volunteer data and participation.
Some reader responses to the lightworker article...
New Age abounds here in Seattle. I've met Ramtha ("channeled" by huckstress JZ Knight) devotees, former "Love Family" cult members, but here's my favorite tale - A decade ago I was invited to an all female potluck. We would eat, dance, laugh, be joyous! I was told. I arrived, salad in hand. I immediately noticed dozens of books on the dining room table and buffet by the same author. 
An avid reader, I scanned through many of them and concluded that they were all New Age gibberish! I gradually realized that all the women there were in the same cult. They were discussing the books. They seemed to feel that the Cult Leader author, who lived in the Bahamas, and who they were titheing their income to, was enlightened, and they weren't - yet - but if they continued to study (many had been studying for a decade!) they too could achieve enlightenment!
Then, we were invited to the living room to watch a video - of the Cult Leader, of course, at first speaking in riddles, then "darshoning", which meant that we had to sit and "bask" in his motionless "radiance" for what seemed to be an interminable length of time. He sat there staring at us, this shirtless, hairy, balding, potbellied huckster! The audience was largely enraptured. Afterwards, it was time to put on some music and engage in some joyous dancing, and perhaps book and video purchasing! I made a polite excuse to leave. I realized I had been a victim of bait and switch! Later on, I told the woman who invited me exactly what I thought. Soon after, she left the cult and converted to Buddhism. I congratulated her by saying, "I think you're better off with a name-brand religion".
From Kathy
I just read your article on the NAB, and I never considered that those bookstores/crystal shops were subsidized (in whatever manner...) There is some lame-ass crystal shop near my parents' house that gets ZERO business -- perhaps $10 in transactions per week TOPS! I think this may be something that needs to be explored further....
Mike J.
Finally! Amen! I recently dated one of these mind-gone idiots. She kept it from me until I was emotionally attached, but when it finally started coming out that this is what she was into... talk about a descent into insanity...
Eric A.
Good... again!
I'm glad you see through the visible to the invisible, and share it well...
An interesting related issue is this; I got curious about the UFO issue about 35 years ago, did a lot of reading, and found that a few million people think they've been "abducted". Discounting for some who want attention, have mental problems, etc., that still leaves a remainder of a lot of people! ... To get to the point, though, some investigators think the millions of people who have had "abduction experiences" may be "sleepers" for some upcoming event, and they may all be triggered by some word or event to all behave in some way at the same time. Interesting idea. (After yesterday, I'm waiting to see if anyone reports Pat Robertson's presence at an abduction... ::-))
... What!? Uncle started the New Age? Can you expound on that?? Interesting idea. I have heard about gov connections for Leary.
Ralph S.
Thank you for that very clarifying analyis in the article 'Hello? This is your lightworker calling."
Thank you for the common sense translation... Now I think I know that what they are referring to as 'ascended masters' are really disembodied spirits which would possess these channellers, mediums etc and give all this revelation.  They claim to be working with intergalactic messengers and races of aliens that are here to help us in the sprit war against 'evil' right? I have been handed some of this stuff before and unfortunately all it led me to believe was that UFO's were also part of this deception, that Luciferian phantasms were responsible for both these babbling 'spirit talkers' and 'peeping wizards' (as Isaiah puts it) and also the 'light show' illusions that resulted in so called 'UFO' 'sightings'. ''
Kimbel H.
I so agree with your article! Having partaken of the whole NAB with a sincere heart for years then realizing what BS mind-control it is. Mindless New Age Sheep still buy it lock stock and barrel. A friend of mine who had been a psychotherapist for 25 years quit the biz for the state of people's minds(?) today told that most of her practice was made up of New Agers suffering from metaphysical guilt, no different from Jewish or Catholic or any other group control guilt.
... Everyday for years has been prophetized as THE day for First Contact and government disclosure and oh yeah, N.E.S.A.R.A. Enough of this crap.
Anyway, I appreciated your article and agree.
Super article! I totally agree that the New Age movement has been artificially created.
The "walk-in" scenario is just a way to blame the victim for NOT being able to letting "Light" in at the appropriate time, or ever, for that matter. It is just another twist in the mentality of "if you have enough faith you will be healed (or spared or chosen)", sound familiar? Many, many people are not healed or enlightened (or whatever) by thought, prayer, belief or "positive thinking". Although that may work for some, it severely hurts those left out and not able to "get it", and it elevates the supposedly enlightened ones to god-like status.
Ascension is another big theme with the same walk-in idea -when the time comes the "enlightened ones" will be saved. The ones left behind do not have the proper faith or belief or whatever (again, sound familiar?)...
Kudos for your insightful article.
Take care,
Wendy H.
Right-on Ted.
This new age sewage can be traced back contemporarily to 'spiritists' like Madam Blavastsky and the Theosophical Society around the turn of the century, with such notable demon-possessed teachers as Alice A. Bailey who channeled 'the Tibetan', and whom co-founded a publishing house called Lucifer's Trust, later changing the name to Lucius Trust to further obscure the wanton, Satanic agenda -- which has pesisted to this day.
These were the same lunatics that purchased the boy Krishnamurti from his impoverished, supertitious parents in India, and reared him to 'channel' a being or spirit they called 'The Great World Teacher,' aka Lord Maeitraya, the seventh Buddha; five attempts to bring the miracle boy (who used to speak and manifest a brilliant blue star above his head when channeling the Great World Teacher, which was witnessed and recorded in many newspapers internationally at the time) to America failed miserably, as at that time the Methodists were a spiritually on-fire bunch and prayed to keep Krishnamurti out of the country. In each attempt, he would go into wild convulsions as their boat entered US harbors and they would have to turn back. The agenda to pollute the US with demonically inspired "borrowed" eastern mysticisms through communications with so-called 'ascended masters' eventually met with the spiritual apathy of the 50s and 60s and managed to worm its way into the States, bringing mass mind control, rebellion and sexual depravity to a young, angry, impressionable generation -- and this was clearly used by the shadow government to knock the slats out from under a constitutionally grounded, liberty-minded, God fearing people to make way for the dissolution of both Christendom and the venerable ancient institutions of practical Buddhism, Taoism & Confuscionism, supplanting them with The New Age Movement, resulting in unless cults from The Great White Brotherhood of Mark and Elizabeth L. Prophet, to Krishna Consciousness, to Rajneesh, to Rev. Moon and the Unification Church, even seemingly harmless Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his watered down Hinduistic "Transcendental Meditation"(TM) movement which swept the country in the 70s with promises of improved school grades, healthier sleep, lower-blood pressure and peace of mind, all the while dispensing as mantras the very names of Hindu deities and demonic beings to ususpecting, guillible Americans seeking answers to their stress and various self-induced afflictions.
Alton Raines
The only scenario that seems to make a bit of sense to me about uncle sam "sponsoring" off the wall goups is; refinement. As Darwinian pressures are applied to homo-sapiens [sometimes not so sapient] , the population is modified. Just as the Chinese population was modified by decades of opium exposure, the US pop is altered by GOV supplied drugs, both legal and street and dangerous foods and worthless ideologies...
... Second generation support is also a factor. The parents and grandparents help their offspring. The more rationality, in the family, the better chances of reproduction. While it's true that college educated women have fewer offspring than their less educated sisters, the coming economic woes will tend to select for survival of the more prosperous, not the more numerous.
So many GOV programs and positions seem to select for "better genes" by offering myriad temptations to those with less self-control. Darwinian pressures originally selected for physical traits. I believe that Gov is trying to accelerate the changeover to select for mental traits.
I won't drag this out, but this is the rationale that seems to make the most sense to me.


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