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Expelled! Ben Stein Promises
To Expose Scientific Censorship

By Michael Goodspeed

Ben Stein achieved notoriety as a numbingly deadpan schoolteacher in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Now, he is working on a project that promises to expose the unfair censorship of "smart ideas" from scientific discussion.
The documentary "Expelled," due out in February 2008, already has a trailer. Its promotional tagline is: "Big Science has expelled smart new ideas from the classroom. What they forget is that every generation has its Rebel!" However, the trailer exclusively discusses the Neo-Darwinism Vs. Intelligent Design debate -- very unfortunate, in my opinion, since said debate is, as one brilliant skeptic described it, a false dilemma. (See The False Dilemma of Neo-Darwinism Vs. Intelligent Design, by Ted Pace:
Nevertheless, I hold out hope that Stein might be willing to examine scientific censorship outside the confines of the inane, diversionary "science vs. religion" hoax. The truth, from my perspective, is that scientific and religious officialdom have almost equally failed us (although since religion has killed many more people, at least to date, I think we have to say it has failed us more.)
On the film's official website --
http://expelledthemovie.com -- members of the public can submit suggestions for film subjects. If you think a heroic, "vanguard" scientist or researcher has been unfairly ridiculed and dismissed by scientific officialdom, this is your chance to speak up about it. The list of such individuals is (sadly) quite long -- far too long for all the deserving candidates to receive proper coverage in a feature-length film.
At least one Electric Universe enthusiast has submitted his own suggestion on behalf of the science. His name is Chris Reeve, a smart, dynamic young man who has been working tirelessly, with no compensation or accolades, to raise public awareness of the Electric Universe and Plasma Universe. His commentary below is a very thoughtful yet conversational synopsis of mainstream astronomy's and astrophysics' disastrous omission of electrodynamics and experimental plasma science from their models. I've no idea if Ben and his team will "get it," but Chris' commentary serves as a thought-provoking introduction to the issues involved....
Ridiculing Electricity in Space
By Chris Reeve
My hope is that David Talbott will create his own entry. I'm entering this one just in case he lacks the time.
The story is quite a long one, but I'll do my best as it is also perhaps the most important thing happening within science today. What I ask of any readers is that you dispose of your current belief system in regards to space at least long enough to understand what is being said. I'll break the situation into "background" and then "ridicule".
The Background 
Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It is like a gas, but differs in that some of its electrons have been stripped from the atoms, resulting in particles that possess either negative or positive charges. Within the laboratory, these charged particles behave as complex electromagnetic phenomenon that act independently of the gravitational force. Turning a gas into a plasma requires surprisingly little such ionization. Less than 1% ionization is required to turn a gas, which largely acts as a fluid, into an electromagnetic phenomenon that ignores gravity. Within the laboratory, a plasma will change in luminosity and electrical resistance based upon differences in charge density input. What many people do not realize is that plasmas can continue to conduct electricity in a dark mode, where they do not emit any electromagnetic energy. But there are more things that people do not understand.
First, space is filled with plasmas. This has become an accepted fact. Many astrophysical textbooks now acknowledge that matter within the plasma state constitutes 99.99% of all visible matter in space. Another thing that people do not fully consider is that astrophysics is an interpretive science. It is rare that we get the opportunity to perform input-output experiments. Instead, astrophysicists are constantly having to interpret their observations. Unlike the amazing technology that surrounds us, an astrophysicist will not necessarily receive negative feedback if their interpretation is incorrect. There are numerous interpretations that can work for any specific observation, and we don't always have the luxury of observing objects change over time. What people don't realize is that, relative to the general manner in which the field is perceived, there is great potential for error within the field of astrophysics. Our survival or success depends little, at least at the moment, on the efficacy of these theories in describing our immediate surroundings. But, considering that astrophysics acts as a surrogate queen of the sciences, attempting to link all of the domains together in a unified manner, it's critical that we pay close attention to the danger, as it can percolate into the other sciences. The mainstream astrophysicists are all unanimously taught to believe that space plasmas can be modeled as fluids (rather than with electrodynamics equations, which are used within the laboratory to model plasmas). This is due to a field called magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), where they are taught that given some volume of space, the number of positive charges will be equal to the number of negative charges. In other words, over some volume of space, the space can be considered to be mathematically "quasi-neutral". And this allows them to assert that gravity is the dominant force acting upon matter within the universe in light of the relatively recent (last few decades) observations that space is filled with charged particles. The Electric Universe Theorists allege nothing more shocking than that space plasmas are being incorrectly modeled as fluids within the field of MHD. We should model them as they appear to us within the laboratory. Were it not for the observational evidence that suggests it is so, they would have no case. The evidence for electrical space plasmas continues to build on a weekly basis. Week after week, astrophysicists who do not understand what EU Theory states continue to ignore it in formulating their interpretations in favor of interpretations that conform to the theories we developed long before we even had the ability to observe so many charged particles in space.
The Ridicule
My name is Chris Reeve and I have been an advocate of the EU Theorists for a year and a half now. I spend large amounts of time, free of charge, trying to educate people about what the theory says on Slashdot under the handle, "pln2bz". I'm one of the few people who have actually read enough of their materials to realize that these people are onto something extremely important. That basically constitutes reading two or three books: "The Electric Sky" by Don Scott, "The Electric Universe" by Wallace Thornhill and "God Star" by Dwardu Cardona. The majority of my attempts to educate people on Slashdot have been met with ridicule. Most people would prefer to call me a "nutcase" or "crackpot" advocating my "pet theory" rather than consider the arguments that I put forth. I am for the most part the only person advocating the theory there because everybody else, over time, has been chased away.
Dave Talbott has surely sustained his own dose of ridicule for his own research. Dave started out in the field of comparative mythology, a discipline which attempts to parse out historically irrelevant information from that which possesses true historical value from ancient documents and stories. Contrary to popular belief, it is a real discipline with actual scientific methodology. What a lot of people do not realize is that the field has been plagued for decades with difficulty. Many of the interpretations of documents have been somewhat nonsensical in an astrophysical sense. People from completely different continents tell of a Sun that was fixed in the sky and unmoving, among many other major problems. This is not Dave Talbott's problem. This is a problem for the discipline. Dave ultimately met Wallace Thornhill, an independent thinker who introduced him to the concepts of plasma cosmology, and ultimately realized that comparative mythology *did* make sense within a plasma-based cosmology. In retrospect, it's a bit strange that it has been so elusive that a theory of the universe would be based upon the universe's primary visible constituent (!). But anyways, things started to fall into place for Dave once he learned about the behavior of electrical plasmas within the laboratory. For the first time in human history, a person was finally able to understand the common thread that links together many of the stories of mythology and unusual writings in ancient documents. What has been discovered is truly historical, but there was one big problem: it was extremely strange. Strange is perhaps even an understatement. The sequence of events that Dave learned occurred to ancient humans was both catastrophic and eminently unusual.
The story of the past 10,000 years of existence on this planet, as Dave Talbott and Dwardu Cardona eventually learned, would not pass the stink test for most people. Although they can discuss in great detail the evidence supporting their theories, all the way down to specific translations of specific documents, most people will ridicule them for their findings rather than consider the evidence that supports the findings. Then, there was Halton Arp, who discovered that matter was being created at the centers of spiral galaxies and ejected along the axes. His numerous observations disturbed mainstream astrophysicists so much that they refused to publish his paper within the Astrophysical Journal. He subsequently lost his telescope time in the United States and had to move to Germany to continue his observations, which were not predicted by EU Theory, but which do work with it. He and his observations have been largely ignored. The guy that actually created the field of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), Hannes Alfven, was awarded the Nobel Physics Prize for his creation. But, during his acceptance speech, he attempted to dissuade astrophysicists from modeling space plasmas as fluids (specifically, the frozen-in magnetic field concept). He called the frozen-in concept "pseudo-pedagogical" -- an idea that appears to help, but which dangerously misrepresents what is truly happening. He was completely ignored, and the technique continues to be used to this day. When Kristian Birkeland discovered that the aurora borealis was accompanied by changes in the magnetic field in the Arctic Circle, he concluded that this was the result of electric currents in space originating from the Sun. In addition to his expeditions to the Arctic Circle, he also built a terrella ("small earth") to simulate the phenomenon, which added further confirmation for his theory. The British weren't having any of it (Birkeland was Norwegian). One of his detractors, Sydney Chapman, refused to actually observe the terrella in operation, and continued to denigrate Birkeland's work long after it became accepted that the Sun was in fact sending charged particles at the Earth. Wallace Thornhill successfully applied the Electric Universe Theory in the mid-90's to the Deep Impact Mission. He accurately predicted most of the results of that mission by postulating that comets were in fact electrical phenomenon, as opposed to sublimating volatiles. His accurate prediction has been completely ignored even though NASA's own theories on that mission defy common sense.
Just last week, I was called a "psychopath" for believing in and advocating EU Theory on Slashdot. I oftentimes have difficulty getting people to even look at links, images or videos that confirm EU Theory. Forget convincing people to read entire books! The idea that space plasmas are electrical is apparently less acceptable to people than the notion that space-time is warped or even some of the strange concepts of quantum mechanics. When I show people canyons on rocky planets and moons in the solar system that move both up and down with the terrain, in apparent defiance of gravity, people refuse to consider the implications. There was a day when the "Martian Spiders" at Mars' south pole were considered to be one of the most enigmatic features of the solar system. People completely ignore the fact that these objects look like electrical patterns (technically called Lichtenberg Figures). If they saw one in their front yard, it goes without saying that they'd *assume* that it was a lightning strike. EU Theory has become the punching bag for physicists. When I post to the Slashdot forums, I am consistently called a "Troll" if I mention anything about "Electric Universe". But, if I just talk about space plasmas being electrical, I will receive a more favorable response. There is a knee-jerk reaction to the phrase "Electric Universe" that brings out the playground bully in people. I hope Dave Talbott or somebody else decides to write about it here, as they can surely relate more stories of ridicule than my specific experiences, and they've been struggling to raise awareness of the issue for many years now.


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