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Young Girl Beheaded
On Crowded Street
Crime Raging In Caribbean
Stacey Wilson's Head Chopped Off
In Broad Daylight On Crowded Street


Note - This story was wrongly attributed to S. Africa...it actually took place in December, 2006 in Kingstown, St. Vincent in the Caribbean.  One wonders how passersby would apparently do little to try to stop such bloodshed. We often receive news stories that are mislabeled and misdated, sometimes accidentally and sometimes with intent. Sub-human crimes like this one are occurring in many locations around the world... try Iraq and Afghanistan. In strife-torn S. Africa, several thousand white farmers and their families have been tortured and then slaughtered by gangs of blacks. For more on that nightmare, and the rising violence in S. Africa visit www.africancrisis.org


KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT, -- A man in his 30s is set to be charged later this week in the shocking beheading of a 21-year-old woman at a mini bus depot in JHB central Monday. This girl named Stacy Wilson was pulled off a bus and chopped to death with a machete by a man police only identified as Samuel.

Cops gave no motive for the horrendous murder, which happened before dozens of terrified onlookers.
The man delivered several machete chops to her body before he severed the young girl's head along with her right hand. He was later named as 'Samuel". Onlookers said that he had even held the head for a bit before dropping it. He was arrested by Metro cops. He is set to be charged soon after the "post mortem results" are provided to the police.
Man beheads woman at bus terminal
Kingstown, St Vincent December 13, 2006 - 11:26AM
A 21-year-old woman was beheaded in front of horrified onlookers at a bus terminal in in the capital of the Caribbean island of St Vincent.
Stacy Wilson was returning home from work as a hospital clerk when a machete-wielding assailant pulled her off an idling bus in Kingstown, according to Assistant Police Superintendent Eckron Lockhart.
The attacker, identified by police as Sean Samuel, carried the woman's severed head for several seconds before dropping it to the ground, witnesses said. Wilson's right hand was also chopped off at the wrist.
Police detained Samuel shortly after the slaying. They did not release a motive for the attack.
Samuel, who is in his early 30s, is expected to be charged later this week, Lockhart said.
It was the second beheading in recent years in the eastern Caribbean island.
In 2003, 69-year-old Albert Browne's headless corpse was found in mountains near a small village in the southern St Vincent region of Marriaqua. The man's head, wrapped in his pants, was later found buried in a shallow hole. His attacker is on death row for the slaying.




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