The New World Order
Is Our Own Government

By Walter Burien

The point it seems all are missing is: The New World Order "is our own government."
The bankers and financiers food is investment capital. "He who owns the Gold makes the rules." Our Government took over the investment arena over the last 65 years. They own and control every-thing now.
Government in the USA is the definition of Organized Crime.(RICO = extortion of revenue from the public for criminal enterprise) Need I say more..
The public is now just masterfully entertained to give the illusion of what our government was supposed to be. However, it clearly is not. USA composite government investments and ownership now well exceeds 100 trillion dollars internationally. They have played the corporate takeover game Oh so well. Look at the holdings of just one (1) CAFR. The <>NY State Retirement fund CAFR. Now at 144 billion. The #1 profit makers you ask? The War Complex, Big Oil, Pharmaceuticals, and the Banks. 300% to 400%. Slight conflict of interest me says..
Google CAFR, 3,600,000 hits as of 04/12/07 and still <>Silence is Golden coming from all government bodies, the syndicated media, and controlled education.
Fair Tax? Horse pucky.  Here they are trying to slip in a "One Tax takes all" when at present only 1/3rd of government's gross income is tax income and the public is off in la-la land as to the other 2/3rds NON-TAX income (Investments and Enterprise operations) shown in the CAFRs but not shown in the selectively created budget reports.
People better wake up to the scum-bag lawyers that have created the fattest cow on earth having 200,000 nipples of which the attorneys are feeding from in pure gluttony as the public scratches their heads saying "There is something wrong here but I just can't figure it out." There is no accident here that half of the elected officials are attorneys. They are consolidating their hold and move so easily in their own club. It is the nature of this beast to bleed you dry, and they are! It looks like it is going to come down to a war here between the people and the attorney complex. They ARE the New World Order, and those that have been promoted to the public like candy thrown out to appease the children are NOT.
National debt you say? I would be VERY interested to find out just how mush of that so-called-debt is fund with our own government's investment funds. Never thought of that hey. Well, my guess would be 45 to 60%. Smell the Roses, they are sweet and bear many thorns.
Yours truly,
Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936
Tel: 928-445-3532
PS: What do they call 500,000 scum-sucking politically corrupt attorneys drowned at the bottom of the ocean? 
Pension funds pay a salary at retirement. Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" Taxes in the same fashion. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) now meeting every City, County, State's annual budgetary needs! They have already proven that it will work! CAFR1 says: Make it law and make it so!
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