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UN General Assembly -
Zionism Is A Form Of Racism


"The General Assembly determines that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination."
UN General Assembly Resolution 3379
80% of Israelis are opposed to Arab Israeli's being involved in important decisions, such as delineating the country's borders.
75% of Israeli high school students believe that Arabs are uneducated, uncivilized and unclean.
75% of Israeli high school students believe that Arabs are violent.
72% of Israelis oppose Arab political parties being part of a coalition government.
69% of Israeli high school students believe that Arabs are unintelligent.
68% of Israelis would refuse to live in same building as an Arab.
63% of Israelis agree with the statement that "Arabs are a security and demographic threat to the state."
61% of Israelis oppose the creation of a Palestinian Arab State.
50% of Israelis believe the government should encourage Arabs to leave the country.
50% of Israelis would refuse to work at a job in which their direct supervisor would be an Arab
50% of Israelis express fear or discomfort when hearing people speaking Arabic.
50% of Israeli high school students would be unwilling to even meet Arab students
50% of Israelis refuse to live in the same neighbourhood as Arab families.
46% of Israelis support deporting Palestinian Arabs out of the Occupied Territories.
46% of Israelis would refuse to allow an Arab to visit their home.
41% of Israelis support the segregation of Jews and Arabs in places of recreation.
34% of Israelis agreed with the statement that "Arab culture is inferior to Israeli culture."
33% of Israeli high school students admit to fearing Arabs.
31% of Israelis support deporting Arab Israelis out of Israel.
30% of Israelis said they feel hate when they hear someone speaking Arabic.
24% of Israelis believe that Israeli Arabs are disloyal to the state. The above prejudice is not limited to the Arab population of Israel...
43% of Israelis are unwilling to marry or have their children with Ethiopians.
25% of Israelis would not want their children to marry religious Jews.
10% of Israelis were averse to their children marrying Sephardim.
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