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Latest Letter From Ernst Zundel To Paul Fromm
You have not heard from me for a long time, because the restrictions to y mail have now been in place since 07/07/2005 and 07/14/2005. I am still imited to the two letters in and out a day, weekdays and all printed items are taken out regardless of language and topic. They could be NEW YORK TIMES articles about art or medicine, not just with political content. All are taken out. They fear the exchange of even popularly available information,the same way the devil fears holy water. Last week, I received letters, one from Munich, that was mailed August 2, 2005; another one the same day, came from the area of Berlin, mailed on the 20th of April 2006; another one from someone near Cologne was sent May 12, 2006. Several came from July 2006. So,you can see, to carry on correspondence is a bit like Russian Roulette, with a fully loaded revolver! That explains why it's almost useless to ask for an answer to questions about anything relevant!
I had asked Barbara for a number of documents, last summer! She promptly assembled them, sent them 958 grams worth $17.00 airmail. They were confiscated, translated to the tune of approximately $1000.00, which will be billed to me once the case is lost and then they was kept, for almost a year. It took repeated requests over the year til finally it was released to us. They were newspaper articles, mentioned my name 191 pages, obviously some seem to be missing. Still it gives you an idea about the altitudes which prevail here, about freedoms generally! But this was only to explain to you the situation to you that has been my fate since I have gotten here. There is an absolute fear to confront certain topics in this country, which would disturb the preconceived notions, upon which this system was constructed. There is a very large circulation newspaper called Sud Deutsche Zeitung.
There is a famous writer there called Leyendecker, who writes once in awhile about my case or similar cases, usually negatively, as is typical in Germany. But he also writes about spy services and their shadowy activities and talking about the Russian-British spy scandals of recent weeks with Litvienko and his friends or his enemies! He says to deal with spy services or ex-spies, one gets usually told "Marchen" the German word for "Fairy Tales!" This reminded me of the statement of the ex-CSIS spy who opened my mail for years at the instruction of CSIS, whom we had much difficulty in subpoenaing to testify. We had to involve the Toronto Police, [and get] a judge's order, for him to appear. He said that the CSIS motto was : "First,LIE, LIE, LIE - then DENY, DENY, DENY and when confronted with the truth, and exposed, ACT SURPRISED!!!!
There have been numerous spy service scandals in Germany since my arrival that parallel the CSIS patterns. They lie, deny, deceive and stymie investigations, just as in Canada in the Air India investigations you know about. What is being revealed is that the spy services are, and have been the real rulers in many countries - not just in Russia. Putin is one of the more obvious proofs. But take Herbert W. Bush, George W. Bush's father. He was head of the CIA before he became President. Now we have a U.S. Defence Secretary, replacing the failure and torture instructor Rumsfeld, who was in charge during Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib torture operations. The new man also was CIA chief at one time!
There are so many former intelligence personnel in high places that it's shocking in Western countries and of course Israel And those are only the ones WE KNOW that have been outed! They do not usually advertise that they were spies or had intelligence training. In the U.S., in the mid 1970s, congressional investigations discovered that the CIA had paid operatives "embedded" in U.S. newspapers and television, over 500 of them in positions where they would lay false trails, and influence U.S. foreign policy with their stories, steering congressional appropriations for moneys allocated for CIA desired projects, etc. That was already 30 years ago. We had a similar situation being revealed in Germany where reporters were used as spies, questioning targeted people, supplying information to the spy services. Naturally, when caught, they act with contrite "mouthings" at a press conference and then carry on with their activities as if nothing had happened.
There was a huge scandal in the 1970s when a DDR spy Guillaume was found to be a trusted advisor of the then German Chancellor, Willy Brandt!
Ian Fleming, the famous British spy writer, -- the creator of James Bond -- was a British diplomat in Germany. He has written about his spying in Germany in the mid 50s and how the British steered some areas of German politics! Then! When "East Germany" collapsed, the CIA sent a special unit to Stasi HQ in East Berlin, who arrived with vans and cleaned out entire rooms full of archival material and data files, etc. The EastGermans had people in West Germany and other Western countries, who worked as spies or informants for the Stasi. Imagine that! It shows you who really has power in Germany!
Not the German (West) spy services, prevented these files from being destroyed. The Americans in Germany in full daylight simply arrived at one of the most top secret German locations, the Ministry for State Security and simply took; i.e., stole these files, the fruits of the labor of 50 years of East German intelligence! They have not given back these files to the Germans. Like CSIS, they do it in dribs and drabs. It is the style most intelligence agencies have worked throughout the ages!
The current hysteria about "Kampf der Kultruen" or the "Struggle of Cultures", has given these spy services so much extra power, since there is virtually no longer any oversight, that if we are not extremely vigilant, we will have only puppets running for public office, but the real rulers will be like Vorster (spy chief) in the former South Africa, not protecting his Prime minister Verwoerd enough. It was obviously a mistake, to make the spychief his successor in case he 'died' in office. Well, he was assassinated under mysterious circumstances and guess who became his successor - Vorster! Apparently, several lower Canadian courts like Provincial or superior courts have made devastating rulings about or against the powers given to these spy agencies. Thus, it looks like a reality check is finally setting in and the hysteria is subsiding. Normalcy may return one of these days even in Canada.
I just saw today on CNN, National News that the state or city of New York has forbidden the use of these hydrogenated fats because they cause circulatory diseases and even cancers. So, finally there is action! I remember one of the articles in the TORONTO SUN stating that 98% of all the Toronto restaurants used transfats in their food preparation, that virtuallyall breads, all pastry like donuts, Danish, pies and cookies contained these dangerous transfats - one of the chief causes of obesity. Unfortunately, it's the same problem in Germany. German law does not permit me to discuss my case while it's still before the courts. Please understand and, therefore, that I have not written details! Sorry! Such is my fate!
- Ernst Zundel
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