Please Keep Calling The
German Embassy - 202-298-4233

From Ingrid Rimland

This is really, really important. I just had word that, apparently, people are calling the German Embassy, complaining angrily about what has happened to Ernst! I have been told they, at the embassy, are "really shook up!"
Please do us ALL a favor - and CALL. The person to ask for is Mr. Kruger. His direct line is 202-298-4233.
If Mr. Kruger is not available, ask for Jose Schulz. I have been told that Mr. Schulz is quite rude - so don't let yourself be intimidated.
Please be polite and to the point. It does not help to be abusive - we are civilized, classy people.
Please just protest the illegal RENDITION, incarceration and conviction of Ernst Zundel - all done without allowing him a defense.
Please call. If the phone is busy, try again. I would appreciate calls from all over the world!
Thank you so much in advance.
Ingrid Zundel
Update From Ingrid Rimland
Brief update on the telephone call-in to the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. at 202-298-4233
It seems that their switchboard was flooded, or else somebody took the receiver off the hook! Good for you, America! Thank you very, very much!
Probably the funniest thing - and the most telling - was that the venerable Mr. Kruger got so rattled by all the telephone calls that he forgot his name and title and identified himself as the "custodian" !!
Please keep on really, really works!
The one thing they hate most is hearing from outraged callers that they, the Germans who always sanctimoniously scold other countries for their human right violations, have been caught in one of the most egregious human rights violations of our times.
Below are some of the responses I have received so far:
Done... By me. I will have everyone in my family call and perhaps Andrew.
I called twice and left messages both times, due to the fact that no one is answering the phone.
I will do this tonight and I will post it on all Spanish Petition sites I can find. I will send you a copy of the translated document. Truth will prevail!
I still believe that Ernst will go down in history!! And we may see it coming sooner than we ever hoped!!
I live in British-Colombia and I am appalled by this unfair conviction. I am writing articles to be sent to all Canadian media outlets and I will repost your e-mail on my blog.
This note is to let you know that I called 202-298-4233 and left, on Mr. Kruger's answering machine, a polite message in which I stated unequivocal support for Ernst Zundel. I also said that Mr. Zundel was fighting for freedom of expression for all of us, which I appreciate. As well, I said we need more men like Mr. Zundel in Canada and in the US, and that, in light of the tremendous history of the German people, and the great contributions they have made to every aspect of industry, science and culture, it is a sad black mark on the nation. I left my name, telephone number and e-mail address, and said I would appreciate a call from him. I intend to contact the German Embassy in Ottawa, to leave a similar message.
I think Zundel's jail term casts more doubt on the Holocaust narrative than anything he has ever written.
After attempts to leave a message for Kruger whose mailbox was full and not accepting messages, I called the main #: 202-298-4000. The woman who answered told me Kruger couldn't be found and gave me the voicemail for what sounded like the head of political affairs.
I was polite, as you requested. At the end of my message, I did ask them to please stop being masochistic cowards and ninnies...Very politely, of course.
Apparently they have stopped answering & have their voice mails taking messages:
Again---as you always say, Ingrid--we are civil, polite, but to the point! We MUST make them know.....that.."The WORLD is watching!"...I don't think they EVER believed this would come back to haunt them.
I called and got Herr Krugers' answering machine. I left a message stating my name, and I told him that I have read most of what Ernst has said and written, and I agree with him in most subjects, especially about the 6 million Jewish victims. I told him this was a lie and I thought it was a crime against humanity to send Ernst to prison for telling the truth.
Free Zundel NOW!
From Ingrid
This is an urgent appeal to my internet friends. We are regrouping after Ernst Zundel's brutal conviction in Germany for "Holocaust Denial" - and I am counting on your help.
May 8 will be the anniversary of Germany's surrender. It has been 62 years - about three generations ago. It is time that the demonization of Germany stops.
It is time that non-violent, responsible researchers of historical events no longer be demonized, vilified, arrested, tortured, renditioned, humiliated, and "legally" punished by governments beholden NOT to Truth in History but to the interests of Israel.
We will demonstrate in front of the German Embassy on May 7 and ask German officials why they saw fit to aid and abet the political kidnapping of Ernst Zundel.
We will call a press conference explaining why Germany sees fit to imprison responsible researchers of historical events such as the "Holocaust" that have been forensically disproven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Here's what you can do:
First, if you have a website, please post the attached graphic in as prominent a spot as you can.
Second, if the spirit moves you, create a link beneath that says, "Shame on Germany!" This link will take the rea for updates.
We will advertise this May 7 demonstration and its purpose in our alternative media channels. We will alert as many Washington, D.C. reporters as we can. We will also make a special effort to invite reporters and demonstrators from around the USA and Canada as well as foreign countries.
A dinner is tentatively planned for Sunday, May 6, preceding the demonstration. I personally will seek sponsors for this dinner and entertainment to feature American and European musicians and folk singers. Negotiations are already underway.
I want to make this dinner a classy, civilized, informative event that will be open to ALL freedom-loving people regardless of race, background, political affiliation, and ideology. It is time to call a moratorium on dissent within the patriotic movement until we have neutralized the Enemies of Freedom and put them in their place.
For further information, please make it a habit to routinely check the Zundelsite at
Ingrid Rimland Zündel, Ed.D.



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