The Truth About The
Second Amendment

By J. Bruce Campbell

"In a case that could shape firearms laws nationwide, attorneys for the District of Columbia argued Thursday that the Second Amendment right to bear arms applies only to militias, not individuals."
Which is why I started the militia movement in 1989, to ram the "well-regulated militia" garbage up the government's big fat rear end.
My research showed that no one has the power or legal authority to regulate the militia, well or otherwise. The army ("land forces") can be regulated, which is why it's called the regular army - subject to regulations. No one can regulate the militia, which is civilian. It's just all men between 18 and 45 who aren't in the army. The 2nd Amendment is a fraud and its wording is meaningless - deliberately so. Read Patrick Henry's scathing appraisal of it and of the whole Constitution, in particular the militia clauses of Article 1. This can be found in Patrick Henry, Patriot & Statesman, by Noreen Campbell Dickson (Devin-Adair). Was there a better example of American patriot than Patrick Henry - one of the few founders who was not a Mason?
The idea of a "well-regulated militia" was the early attempt at gun control, as it limits the Right of the People to keep and bear arms. Judges quickly seized on the fraudulent militia clause as an excuse to disarm us and to punish owners of certain guns - right from the beginning, as my book, The New American Man, A Call to Arms, documents. This sawed-off shotgun, mister, is not a militia-style weapon. This Thompson submachine gun has no place in the militia! Go to prison. Pistols and revolvers are not militia weapons. Dirks, daggers, swords, brass knuckles, too.
So, I thought, how best to get American men to ignore the law and take up arms against our renegade government? I know - let's call it "the militia." In 1989, few American men were familiar with this term. I jammed it into the American consciousness in a few months. Suddenly, millions of men were thinking, Yeah - that's me. I'm in the militia. And they were, because it's really just a state of mind. No one would actually help with what I was going for - the overthrow of the government and the destruction of the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, not necessarily in that order. It was a work in progress.
I managed to create the biggest, fastest-growning armed movement in US history, virtually overnight with a half-dozen radio interviews on an Anchorage station. Tapes were then sent by a guy all over the lower 48. The thing exploded in a few months. The federal government never saw it coming. When it dawned on them what was happening, they didn't know what to do. They followed me around the country for a few months and tried to arrest me in Oregon for sedition but then withdrew. They labled me "a terrorist," probably because they were terrified at the concept of formerly dozy Americans taking up arms, starting to think of the government as the enemy.
SWAT teams were practicing to take on me and my merry men, but none of us gave the SWATs a good enough excuse. So they went after a harmless rabbit named Randy Weaver and then some not-so-harmless rabbits in Waco. That one turned the world upside-down for the SWATs, and caused the militia movement to explode. Drastic measures were called for.
Former CIA boss William Colby wrote to attorney John DeCamp that the militia movement had to be dealt with, justly or otherwise, as it was a far greater threat than the anti-war movement of the '60s had been. This was because it was made up of "society's average, successful citizens," and because "There are so many of them." The militia was dealt with at Oklahoma City.
Most of the militia leaders were not on the level, because the militia has no leaders. It can't have leaders because leaders usually sell out or are murdered if they won't sell out. Few people ever heard of me - other than the FBI and Secret Service, of course. That was because I knew that the leadership thing is a trap. A leader invariably creates a cult of personality around himself and it becomes all about him. What I really did was start a leaderless resistance movement, which was reintroduced into the vocabulary by Louis Beam. He advocated Leaderless Resistance at the same time as I was calling the men to arms. We led a joint effort - the Texan and the California Copperhead. So never say, "What can one guy do?"
The idea of Leaderless Resistance is the most frightening to the Zionist Bolsheviks in Washington, New York and Los Angeles. They encourage strong men to lead the resistance against them because they can be slandered and their followers can be psychologically devastated and demoralized by the slander, rendering them more impotent than they were before they began following the leader. But a resistance with no leader is unstoppable, as we see in the Iraqi example. Our camouflaged killers keep capturing and killing men that the Zionists claim are "leaders," but the resistance just gets stronger. This is the recurring nightmare of the Zionists and Bolsheviks. That's why the "Wise Men" are telling The Moron to get out of Iraq because you can't beat Leaderless Resistance, over there or anywhere.
The militia movement was useful as an indicator of just how many millions of American men are interested in resistance. So there will be a next phase in the raising of this new resistance movement, which cannot be called "the militia" again. Calling it "the militia" leads to the liars, such as the drug-runner Oliver North, trying to "regulate" it. It will probably just be called the Resistance. You definitely can't regulate the Resistance! As we see in Bush's two big Fubars, you also can't beat it, no matter what his hot-shot "neo-cons" assured him.



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