Top Ten Neocon Tricks
For A November Surprise

By Douglas Herman

With an upcoming election, the GOP-enabled Neocons are increasingly nervous. Not so much nervous they might actually lose another rigged election, but nervously awaiting the November surprise that many probably already know is coming.
And what exactly could that pre-election or post election surprise be?
1. Iran is attacked by the US or Israel , or a NATO coalition. This attack would occur, of course, following a dastardly sneak attack by those wily Iranians on our US fleet which is, coincidentally, assembled nearby.  The only US recourse is to counter- attack.  Perhaps the sinking of an old US Navy aircraft carrier by an (alleged) Iranian submarine would initiate the war. Since most Americans know nothing about the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin attack that led to the Vietnam War, this seems like the #1 pre-election or post election distraction. 
2. Terrorist bombing-Pick your American Target. I already wrote about another faked "terrorist" attack here in America months ago. From the Statue of Liberty to another architectural white elephant (WTC), the sneaky terrorists seem undeterred by Homeland Security, especially so close to vital US elections.  Vital for the Neocons, that is
3. Sudden announcement of the capture of Osama bin Ladin. Why not Tuesday morning? This would have the greatest effect immediately pre-election, informing gullible voters (is there any other kind?) that the Neocons can best protect America . Few would question the coincidental capture.
4. Discovery of Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq . Slamdunk pre-election boost for the Neocons who could now chortle about how right they have been all along. 
5. Release of those FBI-confiscated videotapes offering conclusive proof that a 757 struck the Pentagon. The right wing talk show hosts would have a field day, and perhaps a substantial boost in the polls. In the subsequent months the 9-11 Truth Movement would labor to prove the videotapes fake. Meanwhile voters might consider how trustworthy the Neocons really are.
6. The fraudulent results of the stolen 2006 election become the distraction itself.  The increasing, violent division among Americans becomes the November Surprise itself. Divide and conquer.
7. Dollar collapses within days or weeks following the elections. Of course, only the party in power can save us all, right? Better not vote them out now, especially on the cusp of a worldwide panic and depression. 
8. Worldwide epidemic, beginning in whatever US Democratic state ( Massachusetts ?) designated by the Neocons as a sacrificial lamb. Once again, with a boost from the mainstream media, the message would become clear: only the party in power can save us from the panic and spread of the disease.
9. A military coup, right here in good old America . Abrupt cancellation of the elections nationwide. Of course, if the military coup was secretly engineered by the Neocon branch of the CFR, so much the better for their worldwide agenda.
10. A joint US-Israeli attack on Iran immediately following the predicted, massive loss at the polls for the Neocons. Never underestimate the spitefulness of the cabal in power. This is probably the most likely "surprise"---long predicted---whatever happens at the polls.
Amateur historian and USAF veteran, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense regularly.  Email him with your scenario for likeliest surprise.



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