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14, November, 2006
Dear X
It's less important to listen to what they say It's far more important to watch what they do!
As we are heading for the final few gasping days of this enterprise [remember, I am not permitted to discuss the legal case against me] I thought I'd comment on a few observations related to the political turmoil in the United States, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and Lebanon. The chickens are truly coming home to roost - right on the doorstep of the great deceivers and the ever so clever manipulators.
I have only five pages I am allowed to write, so I can't possibly cover everything, but you are free and have access to far more news sources than I do, do some research and see if I'm not seeing things with clarity.
I highly recommend the famous "Opus Magnum" of the British historian and military strategist General J.F.C. Fuller, "The Decisive Battles of Western Civilization." There are second hand copies available on the Internet for $15 - $30 [US]. Consider the decline of the Roman Empire and then compare that to what has happened in Britain and the United States over the last 100 years - and you'll see history unfolding in similar ways. The real importance of Fuller's insights is that he not only pays attention to the "chronological bean counting," as most important historians do, but that he also details the corruption of reckless politicians that resulted in the rivers of blood spilled on the European battlefields of WWI and WWII, and how that seriously depleted the European gene pool for all eternity. That's why we no longer find so many Homers, Platos, Alexander the Greats, within our midst and in the streets of modern Athens and Rome.
By 400 AD the Roman Legions were already filled with non-native Romans - by that time few Germanic, or Gallic-Saxons were still around - they had already been wiped out and replaced with mercenary Mongols. Can you see the comparison? Much of today's modern American military is filled with individuals born in other countries that really aren't loyal to western man as much as they are still loyal to their places of birth and the fabricated multicultural myth that has become America. Look at the troops that surround Bush in the phot-ops that one sees in newspapers and on television - I can see the changes just by reading their names.
When I see photos of modern United States Marines, the make up looks like the British Colonial units of the 19th century - we've covered this topic before, while I was imprisoned at Toronto-West. In any case, Major General Fuller describes how "Rome, lost its vigor," and thus its Empire. Native Romans gave into materialism and allowed others to do the dirty work - but the chickens came home to roost [literally] and the non-native Roman military came home and sacked Rome. Fuller explains in stark simple words how Rome's social and agricultural policies also played a key role in its destruction - like in the United States the former "Roman farmer," was eventually replaced by "super farms," lorded over by absentee land owners," who didn't care one bit about the quality of the food they produced only in the profits they could extract. Can we see similarities today, with the Archer Daniel Midland type super corporations run from New York and Chicago?
The Romans called their absentee landlords "Latifundias," the Soviets called theirs "Kolchoses," the Israelis "Kibbutzes," in all cases they were a long way away from the concept of the German and early American family owned farm. The core on which the stability of western civilization was built. I myself grew up on one of these farms; dirt poor, but boy oh boy was I happy, I knew every nook and cranny on that hillside. I knew where potatoes would grow well and where they wouldn't. I knew where only weeds would grow, where snakes would slither and where wasps and hornets made life difficult. We knew by the kind of flowers in the meadows and the strength of their stalks if a field was depleted and whether or not it needed more dung. Every true dweller of the land, from Jefferson at Monticello, to George Washington, to Goethe in his gardens, all the way back to Greek and early Roman citizen had a bonding with the soil of which they were born - their native soil. As a result they grew their own food and derived the nutritional benefits so associated.
Arminius - the "Hermann der Cherusher" showed the Romans what good food and close association with the land could do when he shattered the Roman Legions of Quintilius Varus, wiping them out in a fierce guerilla campaign in Tentoburg Forrest [9 AD].
History and the understanding of it can be of immense help in groping ones way through the current minefield of lies, spin doctored news, and deceptions so common in today's headlines.
Major General Fuller also analyzes the role that commerce and trade played in the Roman Empire, especially as it related to the imports of goods and services from foreign lands and how they led to the initial prosperity, but ultimate decline of Rome. [See the similarities again?] The Roman fleets sailed the known world, every port in the entire "boot" of modern Italy was crowded to the gioll, every language was spoken, there was nothing that one could not buy, they had their own versions of "container ships," the Romans gave up their own industries, because the domestic industries couldn't compete with the cheap foreign imports [sound familiar]. Instead Rome purchased goods from ancient versions of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, or Bombay - as a result - Rome fell. It is uncanny how very, very similar Rome's fall is to what we see happening in the United States today - the United States government allows the outflow of capital and more importantly jobs to foreign lands, few goods are today produced in America, most Americans have never grown anything in a garden, haven't even run their fingers through productive soil - some even consider the idea absurd, believing that soil is somehow dirty. Crazy!
Like modern America, Rome too suffered the consequences of a quickly declining birthrate, plummeting fertility, related to a number of causes, I.e. lead toxicity, materialism, selfishness, etc It is the lead they used in their storage containers and water system that led directly to sterility in Roman males. The depleted soils of their lands produced poor quality food, just as is the case in modern America. The Romans, just like modern Americans, Germans, Canadians, were dying from the effects of malnutrition with full bellies. When and where this didn't effectively destroy the Roman, their deviant lifestyle, embrasure of homosexuality, orgies, materialism and frivolous entertainment did the job. Rome's Punic wars and insane hatred and jealousies of the Carthaginians were as stupid as America and Britains punitive expeditions during WWI and WWII and had ultimately the same results - Rome wasted the flower of its manhood, the sons of the gifted died on the fields of war, and the lesser quality Roman stayed behind and proliferated, allowing others to do their fighting and dying, which inevitably led to Germans, Goths, Gauls, Celts, and Saxons filling the legion ranks, changing the Roman character from its former homogenous composition to a heterogeneous amalgamation of non-Romans that weren't as interested in advancing the interests of Rome as were their predecessors. Even these non-Romans began to act like Romans, they began to eat the same food, grown in the same nutrient poor soils, they shopped at Roman markets and embraced the deviant Roman lifestyle and in the end, they too, succumbed.
Rome, like modern America, had to cast an ever wider net, open its gates to immigrants from Arabia, Asia, Egypt and even black Africa - Rome's population did not replace itself and Rome paid the price. Isn't it odd that Americans, Canadians, Germans, French, British, and the Scandinavians are encouraged to abort their children, but are then told that they need to import foreigners in order to fill jobs that aren't being filled by the native born? Does that make sense? It's almost as if someone has an agenda at work no? The American author Ernst Sevier Cox wrote in his book "Sex versus Civilization" that in each "high culture" there comes a "magic intersection" or point when the faster breeding "problem makers," outpace the slower breeding "problem solvers." Unfortunately Americans, Canadians, Germans, in fact, all of Western Europe, Eastern Europe and even Russia have already passed that point and since the mid-1960s we have been in free fall. Problems just don't happen, they inevitably have a cause. We can't "fix" our problems now, because we are stymied by the demands of political correctness imposed on us by the media and our foolish governments. We are unable to correct the problems because we are not allowed to see them for what they are, we're subjected to media created taboos, religious deformations, and yes, "loss of vigor," as a result of our degenerated physical and intellectual capacities/capabilities.
That's it for today - more later. Golgotha is waiting.
Ernst Zundel



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