Greed - Future Of America?
By Ted Twietmeyer

Let's look at numerous examples of greed, and how this is the root of most of today's problems.
There is an emotional, deeply moving video [1] of local people fighting a corporate takeover of their water supply system. This trick was done under the guise of bringing in "consultants" and  "management" in Highland Park, Michigan to turn the local economy around. A woman-consultant boasts on camera "I have all the powers of a mayor," and that "dictatorial powers" are needed to restore the community. I strongly recommend viewing this video, because it has profound implications for thousands of local governments. 
Take the money and run [2]
To summarize for readers without broadband, local officials in Highland Park turned their community over to a consulting group. This "consulting" group takes (skims?) an astounding 90% of local government revenue for themselves. Only 10% is left for government operation. Criminal to say the least - and perhaps a violation of the RICO Act (racketeering) or even a form of embezzlement.
Although a financially-strapped community because of the loss of Chrysler's automotive business, someone needs to file an emergency class action suit ASAP to get their government back. Water bills have increased 60% and people can't pay them. Now they have attached water bills to property taxes, and if you don't pay your water bill you will lose your property (See video.) Surely this must be illegal, since it implies that a water bill is another tax! 
More and more people have had their water turned off in Highland Park. All this brings a new meaning to the term "collection agency." These consultants will continue to pillage the community's coffers until they are empty. Will they then start selling off the community to other corporations, perhaps even foreign ones without any vote by the public? Or just pack up and quietly leave town, looking for another innocent community in economic trouble? Clearly their privatization and takeover of a local government must be illegal in many ways.
What we see Vancouver BC (Canada) may indeed be a harbinger of things to come. In that city, the Chinese own and operate the ports. This effectively makes these harbors foreign soil, almost like that of an embassy. As such, local police may find it very difficult to monitor illegal activities. How can real "security" exist when a henhouse has been turned over to the wolves for management? Would anyone have thought just 20 years ago, that any port in any city, anywhere on the globe, would be controlled and run by a foreign government? There is now discussion (and possible quiet passage of legislation) in Washington about doing the same thing with NY, California and other ports as well. It would not be surprising if it's already been passed as legal.
All corporations exist for just one purpose: The greed of the shareholders. Those of us who have worked in business at various levels know there are no emotions, no compassion. No kindness, no love, no consideration. There is only pure logic and the bottom line. What's the difference between a corporation and scum-sucking, bottom-feeding Carp? Nothing. Corporations easily bring out the worst in everyone working within them. Any employee of a corporation is always focused on personal promotion, benefits and salary increases.
Employees don't care where the money comes from, as long as they get more. Often they will sell their soul to get ahead and make co-workers look bad if required. Everyone and everything to them is a stepping stone, and there are no rules. These people have Greed Disease (GD) but go untreated. A 3,000 square foot home, three cars, an annual trip to Europe (and of course $50,000 in credit card debt) isn't enough for those with GD. They want more. More. More. More. These are often the very same people that cut you off on the highway, or illegally take your right of way at a traffic light. They are blind to disease and poverty - until these curses come knocking at their door. Then they are the first to scream "That's not fair. I didn't deserve it!"
*  OIL
Our world isn't just filled with hate, hunger and poverty. This is a world perhaps filled with more greedy people than those who are compassionate. If that wasn't the case, then we wouldn't see organizations in the media begging for people to make a monthly commitment to feed just one starving child. The NWO has a simple grand plan: To mold and shape the entire world into a new corporate welfare state, controlling all freedom, housing, food and water. You will never hear from these weasels openly in the media - until they feel their goals have been safely met.
By re-engineering the world, they will force everyone to seek out a pre-designated corporate teet to suck on. Again, greed is the order of the day. When you're as filthy rich as the NWO people are, you can buy anything you want. So what's left for excitement? Total control of the masses. Perhaps the Knights Templar are still around - they just have a different name and purpose. But greed is still greed, regardless of the name of an organization.
In Michigan, we see a perfect microcosm of things to come. States all across America (and probably in other countries) are selling off bridges and highways to private and public companies. That way, the maintenance and rebuilding of this infrastructure is someone else's problem. Toll roads will soon be everywhere on Interstate highways and freeways, as corporations don't want to miss out plunging their greedy nit-pickers into the pockets of out of state travelers just passing through. What chicken-$hit way to solve a problem! The end result? More people will lose state jobs which have salaries that people can live off, while road-work will be done with the cheapest materials using minimum wage help. This may sound odd, but there really IS a skill to fixing a pothole right. The skill comes in doing it right the first time - so it isn't an even larger pothole in just a few months. Potholes may seem minor, but unfixed potholes require expensive, multi-million paving jobs when the pavement damage is too extensive.
Some years ago, some clever MBA types were desperate to make their companies look better because of executive and shareholder pressure (greed.) These people at the major corporations streamlined manufacturing, distribution and sales. All the big corporations did this to improve their stock value. Two companies selling the same product are in competition, and executives were pressured by shareholders (the greed factor again.) So what could they do to top that? Robots and new production machinery were brought in and used wherever possible, so more people could be laid off. But still that wasn't enough, since a certain minimum number of people are required to run and maintain any factory. So what did they do?
These egomaniacs with no regard for human life, quickly drove wages to the bottom. Strikes began when wages didn't increase to meet a reasonable living standard. And when a "deal" between a union and corporation couldn't be worked out? The company simply closed the plant and opened another one somewhere else without a union, setting wages at minimum wage. Then they began opening manufacturing plants in China, who freely opened their doors to the west. We owe so much to president Nixon for taking the hinges and latches off those doors. 
And what of existing labor laws that protect workers here in America? These are all but gone. A friend of mine (a lawyer, believe it or not) made a good living years ago specializing in labor law and protecting employees. But back in 1985, he told me "labor laws are all but gone. Too few people had a case anymore." Now he defends DUI and DWI drivers almost exclusively. Corporate greed has yet won again by quietly watering down and even dropping many labor laws to favor corporations, all through the effective use of lobbyists.
Greed is a prime motivator for the oil mess we're in now, and for many of the problems the world has. About thirty years ago, big cars with V8 engines were called "gas pigs." The culture and media of that day encouraged people to scoff at those who owned one. Compact cars were "in." No one even cared that those first compact import cars were built like crap, and were far more unreliable than an American car.
But in the mid 1980's, SUVs and custom vans became popular again. And again, people were driving a new version of a "gas pig." The only difference is that the new gas pigs have a different shape than the old gas pigs ("A rose by any other name...) Yet any good mechanic or knowledgeable driver will tell you that what the actual miles per gallon a new vehicle's sticker states, and what it actually gets, are two very different things. Many owners will tell you they drive them because "it makes them feel safe." 
Numerous controlled crash tests have shown how easily these vehicles roll over because many are top heavy. A steering wheel or dashboard airbag does little to stop you from using your head as a battering ram for a side window in a crash. A blow to the temple (side of the head) is also an easy way to die. But we are supposed to believe that greed and pride are far more important than family safety. And what do you see in most vans and SUVs on the road? Just one passenger!
And of course it takes massive amounts of oil and gas to run all these vehicles. Someone in government once said, "Look at the cars people drive today. They don't care where the oil and gasoline comes from, just as long as they can buy it."
A good example of this is being in a grocery store when a blizzard is starting. People frantically buy almost all food in sight. They will squabble with each other over who had their fingers on the last loaf of bread first. I have seen two women do this when both reached for the last loaf of bread: One said, "It's mine!" The other one yelled back, "But I saw it first!" and they argued briefly until one of them gave in.
Now imagine this same scene where government structure crashes - and everyone rushes into every grocery store knowing that this isn't just a temporary snowstorm, but a serious calamity that will last for years. That will turn into sporadic gunfights and brawls over the last products of ANYTHING on the shelves - including toilet paper. Hence, martial law (and rationing) will be conveniently declared just before this crash comes.
What we see happening everywhere now is personal and corporate greed. Corporations can program the masses through clever marketing to virtually force them to buy their product. And even make them think it's not possible to live without it. The cell phone is a perfect example. It doesn't matter what the product is or even it's something no one needs - corporations are experts at pushing the public's hot buttons. Marketing has been turned into a specialized science. Teams of psychologists work with marketing people to make you buy some worthless product you've lived without your entire life, you'll never need and probably don't even want.
This has created the blue chip companies we all know as household words today, and clearly illustrates the average person is just plain stupid and will do whatever they're told to do, when insulted sufficiently to do so. In thousands of churches on Sunday mornings, a minister rants for half an hour, telling his congregation they're all weak, damned and worthless sinners. Then he has unpaid droids pass an offering plate to pay for the privilege of being hammered to hell by his mouth. This is yet another good example of stupidity and the beaten animal syndrome!
Will God will have any compassion on that greedy man in the robe with the big mouth, when that same man stands before Him one day? Highly educated men and women - doctors, lawyers, dentists, and surgeons are all sitting out there in church, in that beaten animal crowd. On Monday morning these same professionals all return to their full-time jobs as greed masters.
The lawyers, fresh from church and Sunday school just 24 hours earlier, will go back to their work suing innocent hard working people, taking away people's homes, cars and money. They revel in this assuring themselves in their simple minds, "Boy it's great to be a Christian! I'll be forgiven of this next Sunday all over again!" Their day of reckoning will come, too. What goes around, comes around. It doesn't require common sense, awareness or intelligence to earn a PhD. What it mainly requires is money and the ability to tolerate many years of school. You can have 5 PhDs and still comfortably sit in a pew being hammered by a mouth attached to an amplifier. It's amazing how greed is easily justified by a couple hours of church each week.
Corporate takeover of governments and infrastructure, will define the end of the Republic as we know it.
The Good Book tells us that greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Today we can see just how true that is with hundreds of thousands of American and Iraqi lives actually lost to oil and not real terror, in just the last few years. Will these deaths total into the millions? Don't doubt it for a minute.
Ted Twietmeyer
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