Democrats Must Put
Up Or Shut Up Fast

From Dick Eastman

From Bob -
Democratic Party talking heads are already out there talking about how  the election results are not only the best thing since sliced bread,  not only the biggest political event of the last 200 years, but also  an abrupt end to everything that the neo-cons stand for.
According to these characters Bush and the neocons were uniquely  responsible for the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, the erosion of  civil liberties, the legal threats that they claim point in the  direction of martial law or fascism, the economic changes that have  resulted in the rich getting richer, and all else that's not right  with the world.
Okay...then it's put up or shut up time!
Let's see the Democrats rescind the complete Patriot Act. No tinkering  around the edges - the whole thing has got to go.
And while they're at it, let's see them dismantle the 1996 Anti-terrorism and pro Death Penalty Act that Clinton signed.
Let's see them restore the right to habeas corpus.
Let's see them end the use of torture by the US military, CIA, private  armies paid for with tax dollars, and countries whose governments are  under US control.
Let's see them declare to the world that the US will no longer try to  overthrow Castro, Chavez, Ortega or any other progressive leader who  stands up to the US government and tries to bring about better conditions for their people.
Let's see them reject every appointment of another war-mongerer that  Bush tries to make. Let's see them start with Bush's new Defense  Secretary. Filibuster until January and then vote it down.
 Let's see them put a litmus test on ALL nominations to the federal  courts: either you're going to strike down anti-civil liberties laws  or you don't get appointed.
 Let's see them immediately withdraw (not redeploy) all US troops from  the mideast. Moving them from Iraq to Saudi Arabia or Jordan is simply  not enough. Get them out of there.
Let's see them end the blatant imperialism of the last 2 decades. No  more US soldiers stationed anywhere outside the US. They should be a  defense force. Defense of the people of the US NOT the defense (or  offense) for every corporate executive that decides to wave a flag  while he steals and exploits from the people in other lands.
 Let's see them tie Bush's hands with a law that says the US will never  again attack another country in a so-called "preventive" or  "pre-emptive" war.
Let's see them cut the US military down to a size that could only be  used for defensive purposes - say a 90% cut in the military budget to  begin with.
Let's see them end the use of eminent domain. People should feel  secure in their homes and that they won't be destroyed by the  government for private profit.
 Let's see them end the whole regimen of high stakes testing in schools  that subjects our young people to a regular racist assault on their  futures.
 Let's see them end the current abuse of the legal system that results  in the arrests of about 900,000 people a year for marijuana with the  result that the rich get their records expunged while the poor are  faced with reduced economic opportunities due to their police records  in addition to jail time.
 Let's see them end the stealing under the name of privatization that  has been accomplished by Halliburton and their allies. But let's see  them also end the stealing by the Democratic allied corporations like  the ones building the useless arena in Newark or the shopping center  next to Giants Stadium (soon to be renamed with some corporate logo.)
 We have a chance to see if there really is a difference between  Democrats and Republicans.
But the signs are already out there. Conyers has been told to shut up.  And he's obeyed. No more talk of impeachment said Pelosi and she's  going to be the new Speaker of the House. (Talk of impeachment  benefited the Democrats during the election campaign by making them  appear to be anti-Bush, but now reality sets in.)
Somehow, I foresee that rather than any real pro-people changes, we're  instead going to see a lot of posturing, spin control, excuse making  and blatant lying about why they can't do any of these things...and  then they'll ask us to vote for more Democrats in 2008 to "solve" the  problem.
Thank you, Bob.  Remember how we expected Republicans to go after Clinton crimes when the House and Senate went to Republicans in 1994?  Instead we got Gingrich  -- who went with Clinton on every issue of the globalist agenda.  The question is will people shut up or get angry.  Certainly the neo-liberals and "progressives" are shutting up now that they are cut in on the action.
Still I know that SOMEONE will read your letter.
Dick Eastman



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