Vatican/Jesuit Corruption
Questioned At 911 Conference

By Greg Szymanski

A growing number of American researchers are coming to the conclusion that the real controllers of the Illuminati/New World Order are the Vatican and Jesuit Order.
A recent email from Shaw to the Arctic Beacon highlights how average Americans are also catching on, better late than never, to Vatican tyranny. The email said:
"Really appreciate your courage to expose the Vatican and the Jesuits. I would like to send you some dvd's on the history of the Jesuits that I feel in my many years of researching this secret society are the best around. I have downloaded many of your mp3's and am listening to them in the car...we  had a booth in Chicago earlier this year for the 9-11 truth conference and we were exposing the Jesuits and the Vatican, as you can imagine we were the only ones there doing this."
Shaw then directed the Arctic Beacon to an informative web site entitled Exposing Deceptions, where a highly informative article appeared, explaining how one American came to the conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt that the Jesuits and Vatican are the true devilish culprits controlling the New World Order's quest to destroy America.
Since the Jesuits, called the "Great Educators" with 28 major universities in America, have been adept at erasing true American history from the bookshelves, the article at Exposing Deceptions is reprinted in an effort to enlighten and fill some of the missing gaps.
Remember, those who control the past control the future. And hopefully this article will slow down the duplicitous Jesuit misinformation freight train, trying to lead us all to hell.
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