Uri Geller Seeks Paranormal
Protege Via New TV Show


(Reuters) -- After four decades of bending spoons, halting clocks, reading minds and penning metaphysical thrillers, Uri Geller is seeking a paranormal protege via a reality television show being produced in Israel.
Ten contestants will vie for the title of "heir" to the world-famous celebrity psychic.
"The format will be something like 'American Idol.' We will keep the performances that are most riveting and amazing," the Israeli-born Geller told reporters on Wednesday, adding that viewers with "intuitive powers" will also be invited to call in and compete.
Geller, 59, declined to elaborate on what supernatural skills the contestants claim to have, and whether clairvoyants - who might be assumed to have an edge in predicting judges' votes - are taking part.
He described the prize, simply, as "huge."
Keshet, a franchise of Israel's Channel 2 television, confirmed on its Web site that the show was being produced but gave no further details.
"This is not a show where people have to prove to me that they are for real," Geller said, adding that he has no plans to retire. "I just want to be amazed."



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