Comprehensive Update -
The Zundel Holocaust
Heresy Trial

From Ingrid Rimland

To our friends around the world:
As promised, here is an update about the Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial hearing on June 9, 2006:
Eleven new hearing dates have been set!  Please mark your calendar!
June 21, June 23, June 30, July 3, July 20, July 21, July 28 (? Not sure about this one!) August 4, September 1, September 22, September 29
All hearings start at 9:00 A.M - except for July 3rd which starts at 10:00 A.M.
Many of our supporters were horrified at the time this political show trial is taking - the feeling being that the government's intent is to drain us of our defense funds by spreading out the dates and wasting them with trivia.  Also, it means that media will lose interest, as will the audience - many of whom come at great personal sacrifice of comfort and money.  The meat of the matter hasn't even been touched - namely the fraudulent Holocaust claims, scientifically debunked already for decades,  that neither Ernst nor his attorneys are allowed to offer in his defense!
Of course I am only guessing, since Ernst is not even allowed to communicate anything substantial about the trial itself, but it seems to me that Ernst is not overly upset.  The days spent in investigative detention will be subtracted from the judgment which, according to the feedback I am getting, will go against him and is, in an "Allied"-controlled country like Germany, already a foregone conclusion.
Everybody tells me that under the present, Soviet-style system, there is no way that Ernst can win.  Not only is he prevented from defending himself with solid facts against the judicial Holocaust Protection Racket - Par. 130 - the defense attorneys themselves are at peril of being charged, fined and/or otherwise punished by proffering those facts! 
Welcome to the New World Order - in Europe!
So you can easily see that this trial exposes the camouflaged occupational dictatorship still locked in place in Germany - this after some 60-plus years!
Why then continue to fight?  Well, as before - with this trial against a high-profile political dissident, the state supplies a megaphone with which to broadcast its own corruption.  Therefore, we carry on. 
I also feel that the longer this trial continues, the more chances we have to get meaningful action in parallel trials.  For one,  Germar Rudolf's trial is coming up, as is Siegfried Verbeke's.  David Irving's case, I understand, is heading for appeal.  And there are other juicy trials and appeals in full view of the public, such as the appeal by Ursula Haverbeck, a most distinguished lady editor who wrote one of the finest and crispest Revisionist summaries addressed to the appeal court that I have ever read. 
(Unfortunately for most of you, it is in German - and translators from German to English are few and far between.  If somebody can do a translation, please contact me!  I am bewitched by what that lady wrote in lucid and elegant prose!  How there can still be judges in Germany able to face themselves in the mirror after arguments like those by Ursula Haverbeck is beyond me!)
From my perspective, at least there is a chance that the main issue just can't be avoided forever, what with the prosecution's tap-dancing like the proverbial cat on the hot tin roof! The longer this trial proceeds, the better chance there is that ever more people are going to get alerted to the abominable Par. 130 that shields the Holocaust Lobby and prevents legitimate and conscientious historical research.  Assuming that our supporter front holds - I say that the outcome is still far from decided! 
But back to June 9th.  From various sources I stitch the following together:
The defense team was present in full force.  Media presence was moderate, compared to the first few days.  Security had been reduced to 10 guards - I guess the initial show of force ( about triple the current one ) to keep an audience of mostly somber senior citizens in soft loafers in check looked just a little bit too silly! 
Present also were about 60 supporters - along with a class made up of teenagers who were given preferential seating in chairs reserved for the press, much to the annoyance of the discriminated Zundelists. 
When Ernst arrived, there was again applause - even though forbidden by Judge Meinerzhagen, and the "offenders" had to hand over their ID s to the guards.  One of my Zgram readers gave me a tip beforehand suggesting that the audience ought to only pretend to applaud - to dare the judge to forbid even pro-Zundel hand movements!  I didn't have the heart to pass it on - I merely plan to reserve it for my still-in-the-planning stages, large screen feature movie!  That moment of creative hilarity will be preserved - assuredly - for audiences to come!
One supporter was escorted out of the room for some "offense" that was later termed "a mistake."  He was back, undaunted, in the afternoon and was permitted to stay.
Again, the defense presented a motion to have Judge Meinerzhagen excuse himself for bias - I am not sure on what specific point.  As before,  that request was dismissed as being irrelevant.  Attorney Rieger next complained that the defense was not given sufficient insight into documents.  Again, his request was dismissed. 
Then came the highlight of the day - the government's Star Witness, a woman who had been at least part of the "Head Hunters Dream Team" to deport or extradite the venerable Mr. Zundel.  Her name is Sabine Kuhl, age 31 - in other words, barely out of diapers when Ernst fought his first Holocaust Trial.  Her title is a mouthful - "Kriminaloberkommissarin" - a title that speaks volumes.  I shall shorten it to Kommissar Kuhl. 
Kommissar Kuhl claims that she was only involved in the Zundel matter since February 2003, tasked by the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA, an outfit similar to our FBI) to get her hands on Zundel - which, so her testimony went, was a bit difficult since Zundel, somehow delivered by mix-up or intent to Canada instead of Germany, immediately asked for Canadian asylum. 
From what I gathered by speaking to supporters who were present in the courtroom, she testified that the USA had been "unwilling" to hand Ernst over to the "Bundesrepublik" directly, which evidently threw a monkey wrench into a surreptitious plan. 
A German arrest warrant dating from 1991 had meanwhile expired - a new one had to be sworn out on the run!  Now that Ernst was in Canada, held as a "security risk" in "Guantanamo North", the eager beaver BKA officials were forced to chew their nails.   For two long years, the Zundel lawyers fought the looming "deportation" threat while Ernst was being tortured half to death, held captive on starvation rations in isolation in an ice cold cell where the light was never turned off.
In the end, bureaucratic endurance won out on both sides of the ocean.  The Grand Day came, as we all know - and on February 22, 2005 it was clear that the Security Certificate allowed the spiriting away of one of the world's most famous dissidents and foes of the Holocaust Lobby.  This last act was accomplished by luxury plane at Canadian taxpayers' expense on March 1, 2005 to avoid a last minute snare by regular Frankfurt Airport customs officials who would have insisted on a current passport, withheld by mutual agreement of at least three governments - Germany, Canada, and our venerable USA.  At the airport, waiting, was the  illustrious Kommissar Kuhl to take her price catch deftly into custody.  I saw it on American TV. 
At this point, apparently, some drama ensued.  Judge Meinerzhagen asked Kommissar Kuhl that the correspondence involving the BKA and Washington, D.C. be kept "in the foreground." 
Was it not true, he asked, that someone in Germany desperately wanted that deportation - if not extradition?  Just how, exactly, was that done?
Here is what Kommissar Kuhl said, in essence,  Please be aware that I am paraphrasing:
Kommissar Kuhl:  Part of the problem was that Mr. Zundel would have needed a new passport, had regular channels been utilized.  The BKA wanted to deny him a passport - he could have been arrested [by Customs?] because his old one had expired!
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Why, first, to Canada?
The answer to that was not clear.  ( "Kuhl  started to swerve," as one supporter put it. )
Attorney Rieger:  Did there exist a German-Canadian agreement for deportation?
Kommissar Kuhl:  Well, no.  We did send on the expired arrest warrant from 1991.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Was there an official deportation request?
Kommissar Kuhl:  No.  Neither in the USA or Canada.  The Foreign Ministry in Berlin was worried about political fallout.  The BKA and the then Attorney
General Klein had thought it wise to wait for the result of the Canadian court proceedings.  It was not necessary to request a deportation/extradition, since Zundel's actions [namely questioning the Holocaust and thereby hurting the feelings of the Jews] were considered punishable in Canada. 
(Ingrid's comment:  This is a slimy way of admitting that Canada had to "criminalize" Ernst Zundel first,  by swearing out the Security Certificate - so that there was a reason to deliver him to Kuhl and Co. in Germany!)
Judge Meinerzhagen.  Was there an attempt to send Mr. Zundel back to the USA - or to Germany?  Did the BKA know about the charges of the Canadian government against Mr. Zundel?
Kommissar Kuhl:  We knew nothing about this.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  What happened prior to the deportation of Mr. Zundel? 
Kommissar Kuhl:  No investigation.  No action.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  What other countries were considered for Mr. Zundel to be sent to?
Kommissar Kuhl:  The BKA does not know what the USA intended.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Was the Foreign Ministry involved in the deportation?
Kommissar Kuhl:  I cannot answer that.  I only know about contacts via [Embassies?  Consulates?] of countries.  They received the necessary information as well as medication against high blood pressure and vitamins.  Zundel was allowed to call his attorney and his sister.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Mr. Zundel had the status of a landed immigrant without citizenship, although he had unlimited permission to live in Canada.  He went voluntarily to the U.S. where he continued to send out his Power and Germania letters.  His marriage to Mrs. Ingrid Rimland followed, who was running the Zundelsite.
Kommissar Kuhl:  Regarding concrete statements about the reason for the arrest by U.S. officials I am not in a position to comment. 
Defense Attorney Rieger:  It is known that the BKA has contact with the Canadian Secret service, CSIS.
Kommissar Kuhl:  (avoids comment)
Defense Attorney Rieger:  Mrs. Kuhl, are you aware that in March [of this year] two members of the Canadian Secret Service were present during court?
Kommissar Kuhl:  No.
Defense Attorney Rieger:  The tape of the broadcast out of Königsberg is said to have been delivered [to the BKA] by CSIS.
Kommissar Kuhl:  (stutters, avoiding a clear answer.)
Defense Attorney Rieger:  Who, besides you, had to do with these matters?  The tape was handed to the BKA by CSIS.  There existed or exists close contact with the BKA.
Kommissar Kuhl:  I am not sure.  I can try to find out.
Defense attorney Rieger:  A CSIS liaison in Moscow arranged for this [Zundel radio show] to be canceled.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  In Volume 12 under CSIS 104, recorded and signed by Kriminalkommissar Kölsch.
Kommissar Kuhl:  Regarding the deliveries by Irene (Ernst's ex-wife who defected to his  enemies after their separation and offered to be deposed against him] - most of what she said was already known - and uninteresting.
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Does the BKA consider Irene reliable?
Kommissar Kuhl:  According to a note by Kommissar Kölsch, there was no interest in her testimony after 1998/99. 
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Please, let's return to the topic.
Defense Attorney Schaller:  The documents ought to contain investigations from the Internet. 
Kommissar Kuhl:  They are in File Folder D.
Defense Attorney Schaller.  The USA and Canada could have found all the information on the Internet.  They did not need Irene.  What was delivered by Mrs. Binsdorf?  [Ingrid's comment:  I don't know who she is or even if the name is spelled right.]
Kommissar Kuhl:  That's in the documents.   That is in the file folders.
Defense Attorney Schaller:  Even the Munich judgment of 1991?
Kommissar Kuhl:  It could not be concluded from the documents that Mr. Zundel was involved in the White Supremacy Movement.  That's not what we were trying to establish. 
Defense Attorney Rieger.  Already two days before the decision in Toronto [regarding deportation] there was news about the outcome.  Did Ernst Zundel wish to go to another country - Ireland, Sweden, Iran?
Kommissar Kuhl:  In Germany there was only talk about a stay in Canada.
Defense Attorney Rieger:  Were other BKA officials involved in preventing a deportation to a third country?  There were other possibilities. Was the official in question from the BKA or from the BND? [Bundesnachrichtendienst, Germany's spy agency, much like CSIS] 
Kommissar Kuhl:  We haven't worked together directly with the BND.  I wouldn't know who that could be.
Defense Attorney Rieger:  Are you aware that the Canadians asked for media silence until Ernst Zundel was delivered to the German officials?  Did you coordinate the press release with the Canadian side?
Kommissar Kuhl:  Only with the German consulates and embassies.  We did not have direct contact with CSIS.
Defense Attorney Rieger:  With which persons?
Kommissar Kuhl:  [No comment.]
Defense Attorney Rieger:  Are there any other charges against Mr. Zundel?
Kommissar Kuhl:  As far as I know, and what I can see here in my notes - No.
Defense Attorney Rieger:  Who, before you, was in charge of this investigation?
Kommissar:  [Names someone.  Not clear]
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Who was in charge of checking the Zundelsite?  Who gave the order?
Kommissar Kuhl:  It was given by Attorney General Klein.
Judge Meinerzhagen?  How was it done?
Kommissar Kuhl:  The layout changed.  Texts were in various languages - German, English and others - not all of them complete.  According to Paragraph 130, some of them were punishable, some of them were not.  There were submissions from Samisdat, mirror sites, German articles and headlines. 
Judge Meinerzhagen:  Was the search through keywords "Zundelsite"?  Were there references?  Links?
At this point the prosecution and defense busied themselves with checking documents on the judge's desk.  The audience could no longer follow. 
Please, once again:  Above, I was stitching together what happened on June 9th from various sources.  Since Germany does not allow transcripts, this is the best that I can do to convey to my readers what happened. 
The hearing was concluded at 4:15 P.M.  I have been told that Kommissar Kuhl will be back on the stand when the trial resumes. 
Who, besides me, is on tiptoes?
Additional Comment:
A clarification is in order about Ernst's passport.  It was indeed expired, but there is no law that says that Ernst would have to renew it.  He tried once, and was told by a German Consul (friendly to us) on the West Coast that if he tried, he would only be given a one-day, one way passport.  The Consul hinted it would be foolish to try.  I know this for a fact, because I was the one who approached him with this question at a private social gathering one sunny Sunday afternoon.
So it is true that Ernst did not have a valid passport.  However, he was in Adjustment of Status proceedings.  He had INS permission to work in the U.S.;  he was given a social security number, a health check;  he paid taxes in the U.S.; he had a document issued by the Justice Department that permitted him to leave the U.S. and return, unmolested. 
The lack of passport issue, referenced below, merely shows that it merely worried the German lackeys.  How  to get him through German customs if and when deportation became a reality - without all media hell breaking loose?
Remember also, Ernst Zundel has copies of some 150 lbs of documents that show enormous, costly behind-the-scenes machinations by his political enemies to seize and neutralize him - by hook and by crook, by faking a threadbare "deportation".  Kommissar Kuhl is only one of those players who was tasked to do this dirty job, and I am merely giving you a sample of what she wrote to various German, Canadian, and U.S. officials - there are dozens if not hundreds of participants, all hunting down one pacifist dissident who challenged the conventional historical story of what we think of as the "Holocaust."  
The dated texts below are a very small sample of my summarizing translation notes to help our U.S. immigration attorney, who does not speak English, to understand how German officials ensnared their favorite villain. 
Dates are important to understand this.  Remember that Ernst was kidnapped February 5, 2003, taken in shackles across the Canadian border on February 17, 2003, returned to the U.S. on the same day, held in a Batavia detention until February 19, and then permanently put across the border to Canada.
Here is what these captured documents show:
Sabine Kuhl on February 18, 2003 to a BKA liaison in Washington, D.C.:
We are letting you know that as of 2/17/2003 a new arrest warrant has been sworn out.
Because of a possible deportation of Zundel to Germany, the Prosecutor in Mannheim is asking the following:
*  How long will the U.S.A. keep Zundel in detention?
*       Is there a possibility that the U.S. agencies would release Zundel from detention even without a valid passport?
If there are further questions, call the above number. 
The following documents are added to this message:
*       A shortened version of the arrest warrant of 02/17/2003 in German (the translation into English is going to be sent on 02/19/2003)
*       A letter from Mannheim dated 02/17/2003 was personally handed to the Canadian Embassy
*       A letter from Mannheim dated 02/17/2003 was sent to the General Consulate in Atlanta/Canada (on 02/17/2003 also sent to the Foreign Ministry)
Sabine Kuhl on February 20, 2003 to a BKA liaison in Washington, D.C.:
We are asking to send us all the details of the arrest up to the deportation of Ernst Zundel to Canada.
The BKA would like to have the same information.
Especially, we would like to know the following:
*       What caused the arrest of Ernst Zundel on 2/5/2003?  (Our office only received press releases and the news from Atlanta General Consulate.
*       What kind of status did Ernst Zundel have, since he is married to a U.S. citizen?
*       Is there a chance that he might return to the U.S.?
*       Why was he sent to Canada?
*       Why were there different opinions as to where he should be sent, Canada or Germany, within the INS?
Today we already established contact between Leslie Peters, liaison at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin (see email)
In case Bloedorn [apparently located at the German Embassy in Washington, D.C.]  has contact with the Canadian authorities, we could clear the fax of 02/19/2003 why the Canadian officials have contact with the German Embassy in Ottawa.
Sabine Kuhl on February 21, 2003 to someone named "Krömer" [Krämer?]
Pertaining to your fax of 02/19/2003 it was decided that House and Kuhl would accompany Ernst Zundel during his flight on 02/21/2003 from Dulles to Germany/Frankfurt - arriving 02/22/2003 around 7:10 a.m.
In order to accomplish that, House and Kuhl will arrive on 02/20/2003 around 3 p.m. at Dulles Airport.  We ask that the following items be cleared:
Confirmation of the deportation of Ernst Zundel for 02/21/2003, 5:30 p.m. from Washington (according to General Consulate, Atlanta, Mr. Bartholomei is in contact with Mr. Nelson of the [U.S.] INS in order for the return passport for Ernst Zundel [to be issued?].  He needs the photos for this passport.
We need to know how Ernst Zundel is going to be handed over to the German officials in the U.S.A.
We need lodging arrangements for House and Kuhl for February 20 and 21.
We need a ride from Dulles.
House and Kuhl have business passports to enter the U.S.  We need confirmation that these business passports are sufficient to stay in the U.S. one day.
Oliver Bloedorn note to himself, dated June 3, 2003:
I am sending replies to CSIS that were given to me from BND - VS in Ottawa.  CSIS is seemingly against Ernst Zundel staying in Canada and needs additional documentation from Germany.  I am asking for additional info.
A note from someone named Berndt Goebel, dated June 6, 2003:
Hey, Helmut, Sabine -
I believe you could put this file back on the tableS.
A (partial) note from a woman named Jessica Fernandez, apparently of the German Consulate in Toronto, to Helmut House of the BKA, Meckenheim, dated July 5, 2003:
It may be concluded that Ernst Zundel is not in the possession of a valid passport.  According to CIC in Niagara Falls, the last passport is in their possession.  The General Consulate has asked CIC to hand over this travel passport at the latest when the deportation papers are prepared.  Here it is assumed that Ernst Zundel will probably refuse to sign the passport, in which case RES 515-35, No 2.1 will have to be used.
There is an important document by one Peter Ziegler, presumably the German Ambassador in Ottawa, dated June 20, 2003 that states, in essence, that it is difficult to nail Ernst Zundel, given the ambiguous Canadian laws and the fact that he was cleared in 1992 by the Supreme Court of Canada.  The document hints at the possibility that an "informal" arrangement was offered to the Germans by the Canadian Justice Ministry.
TO MY READERS:  You have now gotten a very small glimpse of the many, many documents, thousands of them - letterheads and all! - that were handed over to Ernst, apparently according to some German version of the Freedom of Information Act.  Copies of these documents are now in the hands of various attorneys in several countries.  This story has barely begun!
This was no simple "visa overstay", as U.S. Immigration officials have claimed!  This was an extrajudicial rendition - in other words, a political kidnapping.  Let that be stated for the record!
Ingrid Zundel



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