Can An Atheist Be
A Good American?
By Jim Mortellaro

One might suppose that a religious person, i.e., a Christian, cannot be a good American, as stated in an article on Rense.Com recently by an entity which calls itself, "No Religion.Com." Of course, this writer believes not one word of it. Just the concept, the very though of iterating this statement makes me wonder why in the hell such dishonorable people are allowed to exist. Oh don't get me wrong. It's still a free country with freedoms a little worse for wear, but freedom of speech still rules.
The article provides that a Christian's allegiance is to God. The implication being that since this is so, a Christian cannot have any allegiance to his country. Yet our Founders made use of God in the very structure of our Constitution. Allegiance to God appears in virtually every document written, forming a foundation for the fact that allegiance to God implies allegiance to America. I suppose, using the argument by NoRelgion.Com, our Founding Fathers and the entity called the United States of America, is therefore, not valid?
Using the argument given by is unreasonable. It doesn't hold water.
Further, that the writer(s) truly do not understand Christianity is self evident. The article reads, " ... no, because his allegiance to Christianity forbids him to make friends with Muslims or Jews." The very foundations of Christianity stated by Jesus Himself, is to love thy neighbor as thyself. Love is the very foundation of Christianity and to state that Christians are 'forbidden" to befriend Muslims and Jews is ludicrous in the extreme.
When did this happen to Christianity? I Must not have been paying attention: " ... no, because he must submit to his spiritual leaders, who teach annihilation of all who do not share their faith." Christianity does not teach any such nonsense. Christianity has in the past, made the mistake of attempting to convert early cultures, especially indigenous cultures, to it's own beliefs. But to 'annihilate'? No. And we've made other mistakes. Many. We learn from them. Christians are not the fundamentalist entities which are explicitly decribed in this trash.
Tolerance. Separation of Church and State. The Christian God being neither loving nor kind. These are some of the lies told in this story of intolerance to Christianity.
We at Morty's Cabin believe that this article is the antithesis of what it claims, vis a vis Christianity, and in fact, is a mirror, reflecting all the arguments stated right back to this group of atheists.
The rules of engagement in any debate require that truth be stated. Oft times, one's truth, which may not be absolute, is used in the debate. However this is the reason it is called a 'debate.' So that one may refute someone's truth as not being absolute with the absolute truth.
This article is a page of lies, innuendo and outright fabrications, demonstrating the level of culpable stupidity of NoReligion.Com.
And so to answer my original in the title, question ... "NO!"
Jim Mortellaro, Ph.D.
AKA, Morty
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty



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