Brief Summary Of Latest
Zundel Trial Hearing
From: Ingrid Rimland


So far, I have received two short reports. One report stated that the hearing took a mere 40 minutes; the second person calling me said it was exactly 27 minutes.
Supporters were in the spectator benches from as far away as England; naturally they felt cheated. It seems that the idea is to work on the attrition aspect of the public - who wants to go through all the hassle and inconvenience to be perfunctorily dismissed, if only indirectly? Security was also much less - I guess the system finally understands that our supporters aren't the ones who are "inciting violence."
During one of the later hearings, the judge forbade applause from the spectators when Ernst came into the courtroom. This time they stood up silently to demonstrate respect.
(A few apparently applauded timidly, and the police took their IDsS)
Today's focus centered exclusively on my immigration attorney's letter to the judge where he declined, in my name, my participation as a witness in Mannheim. I am still not sure this was the right decision, but I bowed to near-unanimous advice that I should not accept the offer of "safe conduct". The judge also read into the protocol some sentences from one of my letters to Ernst where I commented that the judge was likely acting under political pressure, "S What is the man to do, what with a dagger in his back." He likewise read into the protocol Ernst's reply to me that the offer of "safe conduct" was nothing but a "Feigenblatt"/fig leaf and that nothing we could say would make a difference in the predetermined outcome and foregone conclusion.
The judge further announced that he was considering showing "part" of my DVD - and that he had not (yet?) ordered my interrogation in the US.
The next hearing will be on June 9, and one female official of the BKA - the equivalent of the FBI - would appear as a witness. We all assume that she will be Sabine Kuhl, who was particularly eager to deliver Ernst into the clutches of the Bundesrepublik and who had coordinated much of that effort from her side.
Watch her get a promotion for her treachery!
Ernst always used to say that his case had made more judges, even Supreme Court judges, than any other case in Canadian history.
Meanwhile, here we have filed some additional document with the Knoxville District Court pertaining to the documents we have received that strongly point to governmental collusion in the Zundel extrajudicial rendition - a New World Order fancy word for a political kidnapping, and specifically for the use of vicious dogs to terrorize inmates in Blount County Jail. Remember that these dogs were handled by masked, non-prison dog teams - and the abuse of prisoners was filmed!
If you can, be there in Mannheim June 9. Please don't forget to mark your calendar.




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