Zundel Letter From
Mannheim Prison

From Ingrid Rimland

To our friends around the world:
There was another Holocaust Heresy Trial session yesterday, but I don't have comprehensive information yet. I will forward it as soon as it arrives.
Meanwhile, another Zundel Letter, sent to a young friend in Texas:
May 25, 2006,
Dear Curtis,
I received another letter of yours, the one dated May 10, 2006, so it seems that the mail flow is starting again. Whatever the reasons, this censorship situation with my mail has certainly given me new insights into how the German system functions and the attitude these people have towards basic human rights and human decency. One cannot divorce all this from the actual historical facts, which are no secret to my persecutors, domestically or internationally!
This current "world disorder," for that is what it is, is morphing into something like a bunch of writhing, intertwined snakes. It seems there are too many agendas of every kind - religious, social, political, economic, military - a veritable geopolitical, geostrategic free-for-all! A nightmare! Really!
The Americans and the lobbies that direct this wobbling giant are so interconnected and intertwined that it will take an Alexander The Great cutting the Gordian Knot to bring some semblance of order back into the affairs of the world.
The New Rome is writhing - not so much rising. George Washington's farewell address was and is being ignored at the peril of not only America, but the rest of the world as well. The Neo-Cons have enough strength left to pulverize the infrastructure of anyone challenging their mad, helter-skelter dash for the last remaining oil reserves of the world. Many European experts and commentators are far more outspoken about the real underlying reasons for all this disquiet than they once were. Some Germans are referring to our current political situation as the "Dance on the Volcano."
Washington's labyrinthine political struggles are being referred to over here as "The Big Swamp." Der Spiegel, Germany's largest magazine reported that Bush gave the okay after 9-11 to monitor and record billions of phone calls, faxes and emails - not just overseas calls, but domestic calls as well. The NSA, AT&T, Bell South and others were only too eager to violate the Constitutional Rights of millions of Americans by supplying their customers data to the ever growing and ever more invasive Federal Government. Thus it seems dictatorship has arrived by stealth and was voted in - just as I have said for years it would be in the West. It took no genius to see it coming, only a bit of political and historical knowledge, something in short supply these days. If I, the peasant, could see it coming - you can bet millions of far better educated and more highly placed [persons] could see this also, but they did not have the honesty, or the courage, to call a spade a spade.
Of course that is why they are free, and I am in prison!
I have previously mentioned to you a very informative book by Michael Ruppert entitled Crossing the Rubicon. I think it's one of the most exhaustive studies [over 900 footnotes] of 9-11 available today. That book is an absolute must for understanding the political situation today. Without having the basic understanding available within its pages would be like embarking on a long road trip without a map. Only a fool would do that!
There are of course details which give a local twist and flavor to this understanding. Some of these details can give one an edge. The New York Times has an international edition, which is printed in English and inserted as a supplement in major European papers. The Times recently had one of those whining articles about the declining capability of U.S. Intelligence, especially within the CIA, which reminded me of the melt-down experienced by the Stasi and KGB in the late 1980s when they were overwhelmed by the amount of intelligence they had. Technology had come to the point where acquiring the intelligence was relatively easy, but they had so much of it; they couldn't process it in a meaningful way. They simply experienced info gridlock. Because of the advances in technology, they trained fewer and fewer agents and translators, relying instead on technology, which could not analyze the data effectively. We've seen this today, with the avalanche of lies and false reports supplied by Chalabi and the Mossad; the "stove piping" of special interests, directly to Cheney, Rumsfeld and even Powell. Naturally enough, this allowed the Bush White House to accomplish what it had set out to do from the beginning - to lie America and the West into a disastrous was in Iraq and eventually Iran and some of the "-stan" countries up north. These Central Asian countries are governed by warlords, tribal chiefs, and warring clans - these people have held sway for centuries. Into this God-forsaken neighborhood the foolish American Manifest Destiny hillbilly administration has descended in their C5 Galaxys, and C130s, until these planes are being worn out from metal fatigue and too many flight hours. The active United States military leadership knows all too well about the worn-out state of their air transport command; it's almost like the ghost of Goering's braggadoccio, when he claimed that he could supply Stalingrad from the air.
Well guess what? The only way to get into these godforsaken countries in central Asia is by air, over territory that is anything but neutral, never mind allied and friendly. That's what amazes me most about this situation America has gotten itself into. It has allowed itself to be sucked into this quagmire despite the fact that the best minds in government knew the British had failed in Afghanistan, as had the modern military of the Soviet Union. Both had bled themselves white and so shall Uncle Sam. It can't be mitigated, because that's just the way it is in Central Asia and Afghanistan. Chaos!
The American military is being overstretched, ove-used and, like their aircraft, worn out in a protracted exercise in futility. How much of this has happened by design of the Kremlin remains to be seen. One thing is certain: the Russian Army and Air Force have a distinct advantage over their American counterparts - shorter supply lines. Furthermore, these supply lines are by rail and road rather than via air. Thus the Russians can supply their forces much more effectively and cheaply than can the United States. It appears that Capitalism is exhausting itself, chasing after the energy rainbow thousands of miles from home, wasting tens of billions on its failed venture when that money would have been better spent investing in alternative energy sources, new engines, new modes of transportation, etc. They exhausted themselves on Empire Building and making "the neighborhood safe" for their trusted little ally in the Mideast - an ally without oil reserves, without any significant economic potential, without any assets - only liabilities!
Meanwhile the rest of the world isn't standing still. Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are raking in huge profits. Now they'll utilize those enormous profits to build up, to modernize, capitalize, to pay off their international debt, decades ahead of rescheduling, and by so doing, saving billions upon billions in interest payments. Of course the end result could be economic independence, thus throwing the American hegemon off their backs once and for all.
Russia has in fact quadrupled the price of its natural gas to its customers over the last two years. Oil prices are at their highest ever. Since production costs are only nominally higher than they were two years ago, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc. get far more profit per barrel than they ever have before. With their coffers bulging, flush with petro-dollars, they can afford to get "testy," and throw their weight around - Iran and Russia are typical examples, China, India and Western Europe are the real victims of this simmering crisis and will continue to suffer for some time to come.
The Poles want an "energy NATO." They want to be able to rain paratroopers and other mobile forces down on the oil and gas fields and pipelines of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Iraq as well as Libya, Morocco, Algeria, etc. The German Interior Minister wants the German Constitution amended to allow the Bundeswehr to be used to "protect," Germany's energy supply and suppliers. Of course this all means: "Don't mess with our energy supply - or else!"
Now, is that not an amazing development? The need for oil was what really dictated Germany's WWII drive into the Ploesti oil fields in Romania, and the wild thrust to Baku, the heartland of the Soviet Union's oil production at the time. Energy and resource independence was always at the heart of Germany's WWII expansion drive, from the oil fields on Lake Balaton in Hungary to the iron ore of Norway and Sweden to the grain basket in the Ukraine and the vast timber reserves in the U.S.S.R.
Many people look with suspicion at the developing Russia-Chinese relationship, but Russia's population is crashing more severely than even Germany's. According to some articles I have read of late, thirty thousand Russian villages have been abandoned, as the traditional peasant populations are leaving for the ever-expanding cities. The immediate result can be seen in the declining population due to lack of living space. Two and three room apartments don't end themselves to rearing large families.
Into this emptying Russian demographic will move the land-hungry-Asiatic hordes, not altogether unlike what is happening with the Mexican population today. Russia is undergoing a conquest by "loin and womb." It will inevitably cede ever larger tracts of land to the Chinese, as their population continues to grow. This, of course, will change the entire makeup of Russia, just as certainly as America's composition will forever change as a result of its absorbing twenty million more Mexicans.
New realities are developing all around us. New powers like China and India are going to challenge the Old Order. To these people, quaint concepts like "guilt trips" and "guilt complexes" will mean nothing; they are blunt instruments Taboos, which mean nothing to them, will receive nothing but ridicule - and rightly so.
A new world is dawning - the old order is dying right before our very eyes.
All the best from prison.
Ernst Zundel - Prisoner of Conscience.




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