Letter From Imprisoned
Historian Germar Rudolf

Brief communiqué from Germar Rudolf to an Italian correspondent:
Germar Rudolf
Asperger Str. 60
D-70439 Stuttgart
Stgt., Feb. 25, 2006
Dear Mr. ___ !
Thank you very much for your letter of Feb. 6, which arrived here only recently due to court-imposed censorship. I appreciate very much that you show your compassion for me in this awful situation of mine.
As to the reason for my incarceration, I am sure you are vaguely informed about them, since my publishing activities of the past 15 years will not have evaded you. Since the conclusions of many of my publications are illegal in Germany, and because it is illegal here to defend oneself in the matter itself, the verdict "guilty as charged" is already spoken before any trial has begun..
As nice as your wishes are that I will be acquitted, they are also very naive. I will most likely received the maximum penalty of 5 five years in addition to the 14 months I have to spend right now for the expert report on Auschwitz which I wrote back in 1991/92. So I will get out of here most likely not before January 2012. -
In case you are interested to learn more about me and my case, you are invited to visit my website, provided you have internet access, at If not familiar with the Internet, I am certain that one of your children or grandchildren will be able to help you out with that. On that website you can also find out how you can help me in my ongoing struggle in various way, in case you are interested in that.
In hoping that I will read from you again I remain with my best wishes and regards your
[Signed] Germar Rudolf



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