No More Real Cheese In Cheez
Whiz - Illegal Additive MPC IS
From Robert Cohen <>

Dear Friends,
Did you know that there is no longer real cheese in Cheez Whiz? Instead, something artificial gives the product its cheesiness.
Its called Milk Protein Concentrate, or MPC. Foreign milk is filtered to produce MPC. The powder is then imported into the United States. Last year, the Milkweed, a dairy industry newsletter uncovered evidence that the milk used for MPC is produced in the shadow of the Cherynobyl nuclear power plant. FDA does not inspect imported MPC.
Kraft Foods lists MPC on the labels of Velveeta and Cheez Whiz.
Something's rotten in Denmark, according to the Milkweed.
MPC is NOT approved as a food additive by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the January, 2001 issue (VOL. 258), the Milkweed reports:
"Two FDA officials recently provided written replies to questions about the regulatory status of MPC as a food additive. Both FDA personnel stated that MPC is not a legal food additive."
The Milkweed documents very serious charges against Kraft Foods. Milkweed quotes the most powerful man in the dairy industry, E. Linwood Tipton, president of International Dairy Foods Association. In a January 9, 2000 speech, Tipton said:
"About a year ago, USDA decided that using filtered milks was not permitted in cheese making, because it wasn't specified in the federal standards of identity...Well, we've been able to get both USDA and FDA to hold off any enforcement actions, pending changes in the regulations."
The entire article is available for your review:
Robert Cohen

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