New Job Opportunities
In America

By Judith Moriarty

 Once upon a time: people shopped on downtown city streets, frequented local diners,  and had a choice of jobs to choose from. Towns employed parents in auto plants, machine shops, textile mills, ship building, farming, fishing, and every imaginable manufacturing job. A man working in a steel mill or auto plant; could encourage his son/daughter, to go to college, and attain a profession that he had only dreamed of. If not college, a trade, that saw one with a livable wage, was readily available. This country had marvelous craftsmen, machinists, designers of great buildings, bridges, and damns. Now we can't build a simple levee to protect a population.
Today there are more prisons than farmers! Rural Americans - who once farmed, had dairy farms, or were in the timber business etc, now find they are competing for prisons to be built in their communities! Snake oil salesmen, in the guise of Economic Development, promise lucrative wages, and a vibrant community. Grand claims are made for economic salvation, which has many towns giving up a lot, for what they hope to gain? Imagine, locking person up, is now recognized as a "growth industry" in this country! In our state (NH) our former Governor announced that 'garbage was a growth industry'.
So, this is what we've come to - garbage, prisons, ski resorts, malls, and tourist Mecca's and box stores! Many communities across the nation, in order to entice a prison to their community;  donate land, invest in costly sewers and water upgrades, and offer all kinds of subsidies and tax abatements (private prisons). Prior to 1980 only 36% of prisons were located in rural communities.
Through the 60-70s an average of just 4 new prisons had been built in rural America each year. From 1990-99, 245 prisons were built, with the end nowhere in sight. Every 15 days saw a new prison open somewhere in the nation. In Texas 11 rural counties acquired prisons, where earlier only one prison existed. Nine new prisons have opened in Appalachia, with 3 new Federal prisons being planned. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but try and tell that to town officials,  who are only hearing the cha-ching of a cash register, be it garbage, prisons, a mall, or box stores.  
Corporate America knows only too well that there's a sucker born every minute, and that most of them hold some kind of office in rural America. If they were Eskimos, you'd have no problem selling them ice ­ cubes. Regretfully, towns don't take the time to do their homework, in finding out just what promises have come to naught in other rural towns, and what problems have resulted from acting hastily. In the end, the criminal and former logger, farmer or local craftsmen, suffers imprisonment.  It never ceases to amaze me that men/women, would voluntarily lock themselves up, for the greater part of their lives, in seeking such employment! It's a far cry, from a day in the woods, milking the cows, building a barn, or bringing in the hay.  
Charles Seltz remembers when Rochester, NY, was a bustling manufacturing town. Now, all the 58 year old unemployed engineer sees ( just like our town in NH) is a landscape of empty buildings. "There's nothing made here anymore", the former Eastman Kodak employee says, his eyes welling with tears as he talks about his struggle to find a new job. ."Wealth is really created by making things. I still adhere to that." Of course Charles is right, what's created by a prison, a casino, a garbage dump, an incinerator, or a service sector job? Nothing is produced except a person eking out a living; hardly able to afford the gas to travel to work, let alone that college education for his child. Forget a home, a decent vehicle, or ever taking a vacation.  All one has to do is look around and note that it is almost an impossibility to buy a product made in America ­ it's all junk that breaks within a month's time. I'd rather never shop then subject myself to a concrete bunker experience of aisles and aisles of slave labor camp trinkets!
Fifty years ago, a third of U.S. employees worked in factories, making everything from clothing to lipstick to cars. Today, a little more than one ­ tenth of the nation's 131 million workers are employed by manufacturing firms. Four ­ fifths are in services! Since the beginning of 2000 (when GWB ­ Cheney came into office), more than 1.9 million,  factory jobs have been cut. Many of the factory jobs are being cut as companies respond to a sharp rise in global competition and trade deals of, for, and by multi ­nationals!  Jobs are being moved abroad as companies take advantage of slave labor.  In 2002, film giant Eastman Kodak ­ the largest employer in Rochester and the mainstay of that community, shut down its plant that employed 500 employees, who made throw away cameras. The work will now be done in China. Engineer Seitz, was laid off in '98, after 26 years at Kodak. It was right before Christmas, and he was TWO months away from being eligible for full retirement benefits (USATODAY ­ Barbara Hagenbaugh).   Politicians in Foggy Bottom, D.C. can't relate to this, as they've set themselves up (at our expense), with obscene pension packages, with yearly cost of living increases, and full medical/prescription coverage. When they cast a vote, rest assured, it's not for their own well being.
I know that Thomas Jefferson said that "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism", but if he were around today; he'd see that it's got twisted to mean, that like garbage and prisons, it's a 'growth industry'. Joe Six-pack can now pick up a few extra bucks working part time;   as a Ninja mercenary for political conventions,  peace marches,  hurricanes, or rally's where citizens are protesting American jobs being shipped overseas! With all the armor, helmets, clubs, etc, one can imagine themselves as Super ­ Turtle out to save the cosmos. The best thing about this job is that you can legally kick, club, and beat people into submission, without the fear of being arrested. If you've got a psychotic bent to your character, this is the perfect job.  Nobody's remarked that these Ninja mercenaries are better outfitted - against students, mothers, and seniors, then our men at war? A Ronald McDonald job, is super specialized with openings few and far between. In the UK those trying to muscle themselves into this position, see themselves dutifully arrested. It's another one of those  cradle to grave jobs ­ and most probably Ronald will pass  it on to his McKid.  
Casino jobs are another tough field to enter. Unless one manages to get a Blackjack Dealer job ­ or runs the security (puts the Pentagon to shame); you'll end up with a flunky job, of cleaning up the drunken vomit of those throwing fistfuls of loot around. There's stripping, serving drinks, and bouncer jobs; which demands that one relocate to a casino haven.  Not career enhancing jobs; but then the President did tell us, that people today, can expect to hold several different jobs during their lifetimes.  Me, I'm thinking of trying lap dancing for awhile; but I can't find any government programs that will pay for my training!  I guess I'll have to go straight to Foggy Bottom, and get myself some on the job experience, like Monica did during her internship; which included everything from computer skills, to pizza deliveries!  
Day labor jobs are becoming pretty competitive. This requires that you speak a foreign language; and are willing to work at the most dangerous jobs for $6.00 an hour, with no protections, and no guarantee that you'll get paid at the end of the day.  Now if you make it to age 80, you'll be eligible for that Home Depot job ­ which you'll need if you want to eat. The Wal-Mart family looks like a lot of fun. The great thing about them is, that they'll help you apply for those tax payer, subsidized benefits (medical and earned income tax credit), to fill in the gaps of their less than attractive wages. Lastly, you're going to have to be on your toes, if it's that seasonal - northern - job that you're looking for. Greasing ski lifts, making snow, shoveling driveways,  parking cars,  making beds, grounds keeping, washing down yachts,  or waiting tables etc;  have become pretty scarce;  what with the politicians  helping out their tourism buddies (contributors), by  passing legislation,  that allows hundreds of thousands of guest workers,  from foreign countries to fill these jobs.  With people from Ecuador, the Philippines etc; there's no worry over benefits, health insurance or demands for higher wages. On a global plantation these problems are quickly rectified.  If employees are dissatisfied; fire them and bring in illiterate slave labor from a third world country ­ end of problem!
One can now understand why our current educational system is lacking on any emphasis on literacy, science, math, or history. It's a given that none of this superfluous knowledge;  will be needed for making snow, digging a ditch, greeting someone at Wal-Mart's, mopping up puke, or knocking someone to the ground with a club and gassing them. And it's a fact that if one is thinking of entering the arena of politics that the only thing needed is some skills in jive talking, double ­speak, nonsensical jabberwocky, a good haircut and expensive shoes.  
With third world countries now manufacturing goods for the world ( vastly inferior);  fishing, farming, steel producing, textiles, machine shop, and  auto making down the tubes;  I think we can all take a lesson from the President, who held several job positions ( sort of). He ran for Congress and lost, invested in a Hollywood movie (The Hitcher), bought an oil company in Texas, but couldn't find any oil; the company went bankrupt, bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using tax ­ payer money. With his father's help and name he was elected Governor of Texas, set the record for the most executions of any Governor in American history,  then went on to become President of the United States ! Sure he came, by luck of the draw, from a family of privilege, which afforded him degrees ( no student loans ) from the most prestigious of schools, which only means that the 'common man'  is going to have to invest a lot more sweat equity,  in realizing the American dream,  or find themselves a sugar daddy,  who will finance their endeavors.



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