Calls/Letters Supporting
Zundel, Rudolf To
German Embassy
From Paul Grubach
Dear Friends, I have been informed by a reliable source that if the German Embassy in Washington is inundated with letters protesting the German government's wrongful imprisonment of Holocaust revisionist scholar Germar Rudolf (and Ernst Zundel). This will help and the German government will be far more cautious in its treatment of them. Germar Rudolf is a brave and brilliant, former Max Plank Institute doctoral chemistry candidate that performed a forensic study of the "Auschwitz gas chambers" and showed they never existed.  For this reason, the German government may imprison him for five years!! I ask everyone on this list to help Germar by calling or writing a letter of protest to the German embassy.                                                             
Embassy of Germany
4645 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC  20007
Call Now: 202-298 4393 In your letter, point out that the UN Declaration of Human Rights is very clear and unequivocal on the right to freedom of speech.  It states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression."  Point out that the the German government stands in blatant violation to this UN Declaration in regard to their treatment of Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel.



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