In What Sense Is
Germany A Free Society?
By Anthony Flood
I urge everyone to read and contemplate the implications of Jon Rappoport's plain-spoken, temperate, courageous, and I believe, unanswerable, editorial on the ordeal of Ernst Zundel, the West's most significant political prisoner. He became one, as you should all know by now, with the collaboration of the United States Government.
In the past I've been taken to task for being a bit free with the word "unanswerable." All right: Rappoport's ripping away of the legalistic B.S. surrounding Zundel's persecution is unanswerable to anyone in whom a Voltairean heart still beats.
By the way, where are all you libertarians, civil and otherwise, these days? Cat got your tongues? Don't want to upset your precious apple carts?
When Commissar Chertoff and his gang get around to deciding that you're "giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war," or some such nonsense, you're going to be apple sauce. And who will then utter a peep on your behalf?
By his stubborn and personally costly defense of the right to utter and print sentences, even those that blaspheme the West's de facto religion, Zundel has effectively pop-quizzed all of us on our commitment to liberty.
Most of us deserve a big, fat "F."



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