Texas And Michigan
Crop Circles Reported
From Nancy Talbott
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On Nov. 30th, Port Arthur News reporter Guiseppe Barranco contacted the BLT Research Team reporting a possible crop circle found 2-3 days earlier by a local resident, just off the highway between Port Arthur and Sabine Pass, Texas.
The approximately 30'-diameter circle was found in a low-lying, marshy field of grasses, and from the loss of chlorophyll in the flattened plants it is possible that the circle may have been there for some time. Of interest was the fact that the grasses are all flattened in one direction, rather than spiraled as is more typical in crop circles--the reporter also stated that a small wire fence runs through one side of the circle and from his photograph, below, plants can be seen to have been swept up against it. This area of Texas is very near the Gulf and has been ravaged by hurricanes and tornados this season and it is possible that this circle may be related to these weather disturbances. It is curious, though, that several circles with this lay all in one direction have been reported recently.
On Dec. 1st BLT received a call from a landowner in south-eastern Michigan, reporting another event, this time a multi-circle formation in field corn. Discovered by the farmer while harvesting in October (but not reported to the landowner until November), this formation consisted of a 70'-diameter center circle with a short 4'-wide pathway off one side, at the end of which was a smaller, 10'-diameter circle. Another short pathway, also 4'-wide, ended in two 10'-diameter circles. The corn stalks were laid counter-clockwise in all circles and away from the larger center circle in both of the pathways.
The Michigan landowner is adamant that the location not be made public, but has invited BLT fieldworkers to inspect the site. We hope to have photographs and more details about this formation soon.
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