Ernst Zundel Ponders
Court Battle Strategies
From Ingrid Rimland
This Ernst Zundel letter was written to a young friend in Texas:
October 24, 2005
I am once again preparing for another trial about the same topics, even utilizing the same documents which were litigated some twenty-five years ago. That in the Twenty First Century - in an alleged age of Human Rights, global communications, etc.!
What we have here is a clear case of what in Canada and America is usually referred to as "venue shopping." My detractors had exhausted all the courts/kangaroo courts, tribunals/secret tribunals, hearings/secret hearing etc. in Canada. I had fought my battles of attrition, patterned after the German Wehrmacht's tenacious, courageous and innovative retreat - Rückzug in German - and wore them out. When I was encircled in my own legal Stalingrad, I did what I promised myself I would do: I did not allow them to encircle and pin me down for long.
I avoided the strategy employed by the French. General Giap had surrounded the elite troops of the French Colonial Army at Dien Bien Phu, a situation identical to Stalingrad in many respects, especially in that relief via air supplies was attempted but was met with little success. At the time, eighty-five percent of the French Foreign Legion consisted of former German Army troops, SS and Germany Allied WWII combat veterans, who were given quick paratrooper training with only one or two trial jumps prior to being thrown into that cauldron in Vietnam.
The ever shrinking encirclement came to be known in German as the "Kessel" [cauldron] but Germans had developed some innovative techniques fighting on the Russian Front to meet and neutralize this type of strategy. They refused to panic and hung on and fought like bastards, built up their ammo supplies and prepared a "mobile threat" in order to reconnect with their brethren outside of the cauldron in a sort of "walking encirclement!" There were many such "Kesselschlachten"/encirclement battles during the Second World War, one known as Cholin where my Master Artist, the man who trained me when I was 14-17 years old, was involved as an officer. The Wehrmacht held fast. Air drops kept up their resistance, and in combination with spirited counter attacks and break-out attempts, they managed to crack open the encirclement and snatch victory from certain defeat - with minimal losses to the Germans, I might add.
The "Kessel of Trcherkassy" [Chercassy in English] was another such example. The SS-Division Viking, composed mainly of foreign-born Germans from all over Europe, Romania, Russia, and the Balkans, was trapped and withstood three months of attempts by the Red Army to annihilate them, constantly moving West as a mobile cauldron the size of Belgium! Imagine!
Several men who helped me in previous legal battles were Viking Division members and were involved in those epic battles, so I had the benefit of eye witnesses and the oral history they provided. A friend, an SS man, where I had my goats and rented fields in Ontario [for my young children] was a Foreign Legionnaire at Dien Bien Phu and was taken prisoner by the Viet Minh. He told me that the cauldron at Dien Bien Phu was in fact so German in composition that propagandists from the other side were brought in from the East German Volksarmee [DDR] and loaned out to the Viet Minh in order to propagandize in German and to play German SS and Army songs in order to break down their morale. In the best Saxonian-Thuringian Deutsch they were told, "Kameraden, this is not your fight! You are being used as cannon fodder by a Colonial Power which mistreated you in its POW camps in an effort to compel you to enlist in this folly. You are being used to suppress a legitimate struggle for liberation against a Colonial oppressorS"
Believe me, those young men understood that and many lived because of it!
I knew many veterans of Stalingrad who had been flown out as a result of being wounded in the fabled Tri-motor corrugated metal body JU-52s, the backbone of the German Air Transport System during WWII. In 1994 I visited and toured the Stalingrad Front, went to the place where Field Marshal Paulus's H.Q. had been located. I was shown fields where hundreds of thousands of Germans, Russians, Romanians, Spanish, Hungarian, Italians and French had perished, where their bones are still buried. In some cases bone fragments can still be seen on the surface. They were never given a proper burial; they were "verscharrt," put in shallow mass graves, Germans and Soviets together, united in death - a fact that has never received much attention.
Most ordinary people severely criticize Hitler and his incompetence for the depressing defeat at Stalingrad, the greatest military defeat of German arms in history! As with so many historical issues, the facts are much more complicated than the poisonous propaganda of the Soviet and Western victors and their post-war German puppets would have you believe. Few people realize or are even willing to consider the idea that Germany was not defeated by superior Soviet generalship or numbers but instead by treason! Most Germans, regardless of their politics, have a hard time admitting to themselves that Germany lost not only at Stalingrad, but the entire war itself, because of rampant treason in many areas of German society, the diplomatic corps, the officer corps, the old aristocracy, bankers, industrialists, you name it - even the churches to a certain extent. Treason was the reason!
I can understand the reluctance of German society to come to grips with this fact, to face this national character flaw, for which there are as many explanations as there are traitors. To acknowledge that treason was the reason behind Germany's defeat would mean that the chattering classes, bequeathed to us by our conquerors, would be exposed as the agents of defeat. They would have to explain themselves to the hundreds of thousands of still living, maimed, crippled veterans and their descendants that some of the people lionized in post war Germany as heroes, were in fact the lowliest of traitors. It would be like the Americans erecting statues and monuments in honor of Benedict Arnold or renaming West Point Benedict Arnold Military Academy.
Can you imagine renaming Camp Pendleton Camp Jane Fonda or renaming Strategic Air Command's H.Q.'s the Daniel Ellsberg Building? That is exactly what happened in Germany!
I remember hundreds of conversations with war veterans who hated it when I raised the topic of German treason. Even people knowledgeable about the topic warned me about washing dirty laundry in public. It gives me no comfort to say it - but not to address it is even worse! That means we will never re-educate and rehabilitate the German body politic. Nobody will ever know what allowed this noxious crop of traitors to develop in Germany's midst.
We can see the evidence all around us in German society - what happens when you ignore and refuse to deal with issues of the utmost {political] importance. Germany's national interests are betrayed thousands of times each and every day in little individual economic and political decisions - like with the lost Eastern provinces, the Sudentenland, East-Prussia, etc. Treason comes in many colors and many forms, not only in Germany, but in Britain, America, and Canada. I count abortion as treason. I count the interest-based banking system as High Treason! Immigration policies and globalization - two other forms of treason! The ineffectual drug wars are treason! Treason has cost us trillions - not billions! Unimaginable sums!
But now - back to Stalingrad. I swore I would not suffer the same fate as those at Stalingrad; I would employ a flexible defense-offense. In the past I have successfully conducted my campaigns in this manner, and that is what I intend to do now. Unfortunately I have always been forced to operate in enemy-controlled territory, with insufficient forces, and [in the end] was captured in a stealth operation by irregular forces, then flown into this Stalingrad-like situation where the enemy now intends to conduct a Show Trial. They'll be surprised at the defense I have in mind!
All the best to you!
Ernst Zundel




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