Ernst Zundel Letter
On Eve Of The Great
Holocaust Trial #3

From Ingrid Rimland
A Zundel letter to his wife, ethnic novelist Ingrid Rimland, on the eve of the Third Great Holocaust Trial starting on Tuesday, November 8, in Mannheim - this time on European soil:
Meine liebe Ingrid -
This is the first benefit derived on 17 October 2005 from the Oberlandesgericht / Karlsruhe decision that you and I as a married couple can discuss our court cases and legal moves without having our letters withheld or confiscated by the censors. The court specifically states that you can quote things, like comments from supporters or coverage in the media - excerpts of news that you deem are important to me.
Please note, however: That does not mean that various levels of the German government bureaucracy will not read and use the content of our letters for their purposes. Should our mail still be interfered with because of what we say to each other, I will instruct [attorney] Rieger to go to the Bundesverfassungsgericht and, after that, to the European Court of Human Rights in Straßburg.
The battle is on - even the Zundels have rights!
So, my brave wife, we are making history together! That's nice!
This judgment is important for other imprisoned idealists / human rights activists - people who struggle for their human and civil rights in Germany and beyond! So, Ingrid, it looks like your husband is back at home! And as I promised you, and predicted from prison in Toronto, the content of the struggle has not changed - only the geographical location has expanded to the European front, for we will continue our actions in Canada and America.
I take no pleasure in having to embarrass the German judiciary, but a civil rights struggle in German was long overdue. As you know, I prepared myself mentally and emotionally for exactly this scenario for years. I denied myself many earthly pleasures for [decades] because I did not want to be controlled by vices, cravings, desires, because those human weaknesses are the most dangerous. They make people subject to threats, manipulation, and intimidation by police, interrogators, and courts.
I remember the utter frustration of Canada's most famous criminal lawyer, Eddie Greenspan, when he tried to intervene on my behalf for the Canadian Liberties Association in 1986-87. As you know, these mainly Leftists, Marxists, and Zionists had criticized and bad-mouthed me in the media for years. I explained to the Chief Justice that they were late-comers and opportunists in the Human Rights struggle and that they only came for the publicity because they knew I had a good chance and would most likely win my appeal.
In utter frustration, Greenspan blurted out while I stood three feet away from him in Ontario Superior Court and could see the rivulets of sweat dripping down from his hair into his shirt collar:
"Chief Justice, we are at a loss as to what to do with Zundel! He is not embarrassed by vilification in the media! Bad press does not seem to trouble him! Jail and prison do not scare him, seemingly! He does not care what society thinks of him! What else does one do to such an individual?"
[Ingrid's comment: Kidnap him, maybe?]
Ingrid, that was long before we met! It's in my old newsletters where I devoted a few pages to it. You would have been proud! It was Pure Ernst Zundel Unbowed!
Chief Justice Howland seemed to enjoy this "odd couple" before him - the famous Jewish lawyer and the infamous German Human Rights advocate for his German people - and guess what? He ruled for me, and against them! The rest is history!
As you know, we won that important appeal - mit Pauken und Trompeten [with drums and trumpets] and a 134 page judgement in our favor, devastating in his critique of Judge Locke and his courtroom conduct. The government appealed it to the Supreme Court of Canada, and I gave that famous interview on the 6th (?) of June 1987, in which I reached out to the Jewish community and suggested we call a symposium on the Holocaust issues in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens Sports Arena. I offered to pay half the fee and pay for my experts - historians, eye witnesses etc. I offered three well-known Jewish personalities to chair this historic event. They turned me down. [One of them said]: "Ernst, this is too hot a potato for me to handle!"
I prophesied to the assembled media people on that historic day that I would send a team to Auschwitz to make investigations and take samples. Ingrid, I did not know then that Fred Leuchter existed, but the idea was there.
I told them I would fight "the mother of all trials" if they re-charged me, and finish that topic once and for all! In their hatred and power-drunkenness, they were blind - and walked into not only "the mother of all trials" but a 20-year battle of attrition, which is still going on!
And I am afraid, Ingrid, that my detractors here are as blind to the historical mine field they are entering. History is repeating itself! They are blinded by the tactical victories inside the court rooms where they control the outcome. For an ordinary accused, that set-up is disastrous. For us idealists, it's a mere inconvenience to be endured.
It's the Greenspan scenario all over again!
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