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From Ingrid Rimland
To all our Zundel Friends...
I received and read the bulletin below a bit late, due to travel and a very full mailbox and schedule. Nonetheless, I am passing it on, for it is important evidence that the Zundel struggle not only continues but is gathering support from many people near and far.
A Special Bulletin from a Zundel supporter, Jim Condit, Jr:
July 20, 2005 NA (Network America) e-wire
Zundel Radio Ad to Air - & TV Show on your computer
As Ernst Zundel sits in jail in Germany, my "Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2005" campaign will - for the first time ever - explain his plight to the average American driving to and from work -- up and down superhighways I-75 and I-71.
"Joe Six-Pack" and "Lucy Lunch-Pail" will hear about why Ernst Zundel is sitting in jail in Europe in our one minute radio ads in the middle of the Rush Limbaugh Show and the Sean Hannity Show - on 50,000 watt talk radio stations.
AND - the Jewish/Zionist Network is plenty worried about "Joe" and "Lucy" beginning to think about these matters, especially about the Hollywood version of the Holocaust, which has been jammed down their throats for the last several decades in order to induce as much mind-paralyzing undeserved guilt as possible in each person.
Actually - "my" campaign is "our" campaign - because I can only put on as many radio ads as supporters are willing to pay for. Right now - RIGHT NOW - thanks to about 60 generous supporters -- a full week campaign is running on 700 AM WLW, 550 AM WKRC, and 1530 AM WCKY - all 50,000 watt talk stations.
And on Sundays July 24 & 31 at 9 PM eastern time on 550 AM WKRC people in the Midwest can hear our one hour radio show - and anyone in the world can listen on the worldwide web at -
We are - PLEASE LISTEN UP -- now about $3500 short of being able to run a "saturation" week of radio ads next week. We would like to run the Zundel ad as much as possible leading up to the July 31, 2005 Sunday radio show, which will be almost exclusively about Ernst Zundel.
So, if you can help, please send a check right now, or today to:
Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2005,
PO Box 11555,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.
(Checks will help whenever you send them, as a few people have loaned money which I must pay back, but please act now if you can.)
OR go right now to and make a donation through Paypal. And pray that we reach the right people who can make this happen.
The Home Page and related links is devoted to this congressional campaign and its radio ads right now - so go there to review what's happening, and you can listen to all three radio ads we are running over the airwaves in 2005, -- and/or read the text.
And Thursday night, July 21, 2005, at 10 PM Eastern Time - you can see a TV Show on your computer on which I will be a guest. Here's what the TV host, Hesham Tillawi, emailed to me: "The phone number to call the show is 337-232-4434 ext 207. . . . Also you might want to send an email to people on your list so they can watch the program Live by going to then click on "Watch the Live show" -- thanks. -- Hesham Tillawi"
I will be playing the same Zundel radio ad on this internet TV show at - as will be playing on the 50,000 watt TV stations next week.
Here is the text of the Zundel ad:
Radio spot --- #2005-3: Zundel
"Hi, I'm Jim Condit Jr. Even though the Clinton/Bush Administration has welcomed MILLIONS of illegal aliens into the USA, one legal immigrant, Ernst Zundel, was arrested for nothing in Tennessee in 2003, taken to Canada, and still sits in a German prison right now. WHY? Because he hacked off the worldwide organized Jewish Lobby when he proved by forensic evidence in a 1988 Canadian trial - that while many everyday people died, there were no gas chambers used to kill people at Auschwitz during World War II. Zundel, a pacifist, has also documented that the 6 million figure for the Holocaust is a wild exaggeration. Zundel is in jail because his scholarly efforts threaten the hundreds of billions of dollars which Israel continues [to] extract from Germany AND the USA. Listen this Sunday night, at 9 PM, on 550 AM, WRKC and the worldwide web - - as we discuss truth, lies, and the "Holocaust." For info and action, go to Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2005."
End of the Radio spot.
NOW PLEASE HELP US GET THIS TO THE PUBLIC! More than I am depending on you, Ernst Zundel is depending on US to speak for him, as he sits as a political prisoner, and a prisoner of conscience. Thanks in advance for your help.
Circa 1999, an associate of mine got a call telling me to be at a particular hotel Lobby in Northern Kentucky in 3 hours because Ernst Zundel wanted to meet us and talk to us. I spent about 6 hours talking to Mr. Zundel, and part of the time we recorded his life story. Since then I had talked to Mr. Zundel two or three times. Not surprisingly, I didn't agree with him in every outlook or nuance. But, from following his crusade since about 1988, and from that relatively brief encounter, I can say that in my experience Ernst Zundel is TOP OF THE LINE as a man of courtesy, chivalry, and true heroism.
He is casting his shadow over our time and for decades, maybe centuries to come. Everyone into the battle!
End of this E-wire
Jim Condit Jr.,
Director, Network America Ewire List
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
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