Ernst Zundel's Mail
Privileges Severely Restricted
From Ingrid Rimland
Upon my return from California on July 19 I read in the papers and on the Internet that Ernst had finally received his charges. Now he knows what he is 'guilty' of according to his own homeland, Germany - I still don't know because letters to overseas take much longer.
I only know what his older sister, who also lives in Germany, told me - that he is now severely restricted in how many letters he can write, and receive. He was additionally told that, henceforth, the few letters allowed, coming and going, will take some six weeks. (Each way ?)
So there you have it!
Ernst explains the situation in the letter below, dated July 15, 2005, written to his close friend and Dr. Robert Faurisson's sister, Yvonne :
I have received my official charges, and they are what I expected them to be like in Germany - poor, poor Germany.
This came during the weeks [where] I am slowly sifting my way through appr. 20,000 sheets of an incredible pile of documents compiled by the prosecutors over the decades !
Since many of them were burned at the great arson in Toronto on the 7-8th May 1995, I had not seen many in about one decade - so something positive came out of this after all ! The documents [at the Zündel-Haus] that survived the actual fire were so soaked by the firemen's hoses and the very hot steam that even after we open-air dried them with women's hair-driers, nevertheless a fungus or chemical process set in, which slowly turned these many hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper and photocopies into mountains of blotchy, musty-smelling archives. Truckloads had to be thrown out. Thus my archives partially suffered the same fate as the archives and papers of millions of Germans during and after World War II due to bombing raids, fires, theft, etc.
When I visited Dresden and Leipzig as a 15 year-old boy with my oldest sister, who had married a man from Saxony, I was told by a tour-guide walking through the ruins of Leipzig that 1.5 million original manuscripts of publications, books, musical scores, compositions - ORIGINALS - had been lost in the bombing of that one city alone ! Leipzig was the production house/city for all of Germany's most well-known books, publications, plays, dramas, etc. The great writers would create their works and send them to the publishers, engravers, the printers, bookbinders and the distributors - from which these great works of art and literature would be sent out into the world ! The loss of cultural, irreplaceable works, drawings, sketches, printing plates etc. simply CANNOT be estimated, only dimly assumed.
Naturally there were other places in Germany like Weimar, Jena, Nürnberg, Augsburg, who also suffered enormous damage to what was in their possession. Thus far more than tanks, planes, battleships, submarines and soldiers were lost in that terrible war - bad enough as that was ! It was as if Germany's enemies had set out deliberately to separate and isolate postwar German society from its connection to its people's past - in order to more easily succeed in creating a NEW history for them - after they were conquered. The creative, still living elements were arrested, rounded up, as we know today - and more millions died in the Soviet Union's horror and Eisenhower's Rheinwiesen and Mannheim camps - where my father was incarcerated after Germany's surrender !
All this I was thinking about and reflecting on in my cell - as I was poring, often for 12-14 hours, over these piles of documents - where I developed hourly and more viscerally an intense distaste for the whole process, and the topic I was forced to immerse myself in, one more time - this time in Germany. In my own homeland.
There comes a time when even Ernst, the eternal optimist, has to acknowledge that by now the mental shackles and restrictions have done their work and achieved their purpose for those who imposed them so long ago. I am hampered by what I can write and express to you, thanks to this situation, so you and my friends have to think back and look at previous writings - for censorship and my incarceration do not allow me to express myself freely. I have now joined not only 82 million other Germans, but about 200-300 million other Europeans, who are in a similar situation. Alas, they fancy themselves to be free !
The amount of letters you and my friends will receive from now on will be few and far between, because the presiding or arresting judge of the Amtsgericht Mannheim, who told me the day I came here that I could write and receive unlimited letters while I was in investigative custody, is no longer in charge of my case. He was pretty flexible with me !
A different level of Court, the Landgericht Mannheim, has now been assigned my case, and apparently [one] is the head judge there, in German called the " Vorsitzende Richter ", who, as first order of business, has drastically reduced or curtailed the numbers of letters or mail I may receive or send while I am awaiting trial.
I am restricted to two incoming and to two outgoing letters on week days. No letters are allowed on non-working days. That's about 10% of what my mail volume was, where one day I had 23 letters and postcards in French on one day ! One other day I had 62 cards, letters, etc., which had backed up at the previous censor's office. The guards were dumbfounded.
Letters to the family and lawyers are excluded, up to now at least, from these restrictions. But I am of course not naive enough not to understand that any day could bring new restrictions.
I am further restricted to 5 pages in a letter. Not five sheets : 2 1/2 sheets. That, too, means far less content, for some topics do take a bit longer than others to cover. So, Yvonne, it is important that people know about this.
Also no postal coupons ; they were taken out of the last envelopes, without an explanation. Please let [my friends know about] the situation, not that people are disappointed and think that I have given up !
I have engaged an additional attorney. He speaks fluent English.
I have issued him a "Vollmacht", a Power of Attorney, and will see him hopefully next week. He works about 25-30 minutes away from [where I am] - which means I have someone close by. I need local help, for instance with these postal restrictions and other things. I cannot rely and wait on an attorney who is a whole day's travel away from me !
Tell Robert that I did receive his excellent summary of Cicero, Socrates and Joan d'Arc - that, with other examples in history, it will help me come to terms with my fate. I also note that the German news magazine, Der Spiegel of 6.6.05, has an insightful article over 25 pages long about the " European Crisis ", covering for the first time the " European Arrest Warrant " giving actual examples [of] how absolutely innocently and also brutally this newest instrument of repression is already being used and abused ! So you can see that the erosion of Euro-Madness is coming into focus. There are examples given of possibly returning to national currencies.
There is also a good explanation of England 'cooking its own soup' again, as so often before in Europe's long history. And clearly there is something taking place behind the scenes, which will slow things down - and allow the Russians to strengthen their system, make their economy more viable, and right their ship of state. Imagine : Russia becoming a stabilizing factor, a counterbalance to all these liberal forces of illusion and dissolution ! Russia - of all places ! And of course China is working feverishly day and night to build its new super-power state, at the expense of Europe and a fast fading America - bleeding in Iraq and 140 other countries where they have military bases. Yes, Yvonne, 140 countries ! All that with ever shrinking resources and curtailed productive capacity taken over by Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the Chinese juggernaut.
We are in the middle of a realignment of economic and political forces, with clearly military consequences, so, while I take a breather, the Universe is unfolding as it should - and will !
Nothing is ever forever ! Not even for 'them'.
I read a very interesting book entitled 'Freiheit, Freiheit über alles' about Germany's struggle - which of course is one of the determining forces in Europe always. The author, Wolfgang Frenz, lays bare the struggle, spanning hundreds of years, wherein the Germans, Austrians and Prussians are trying to free themselves, pull themselves out of the quagmire - and cope with a country fractured and weakened by one political-military-dynastic-religious disaster after another over the last turbulent 500-1000 years. An instructive book, coming at the right time for me, while I try to reorient myself in this REMNANT of a once great people - now reduced to the all-too-willing plaything of extra-European forces and hidden powers. When I look at the average, ordinary German - and the other material which has flooded into our living space and fills our jails, courts, unemployment offices, etc., I look and I wonder how this bunch of human bipeds will hope to fix this mess ?
Could you send a copy to Ingrid, please ?
Thank you. Ernst Z.
P.S. Give my regards to [two friends] with thanks and much respect.



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