Zundel Holocaust Trial #3 To
Be Fought On German Soil
From Ingrid Rimland
Even though communication between me and Ernst is now severely restricted, I can give you the exact dates of when Ernst's trial will start. For now, five days have been reserved in November.
They are:
Tuesday, 8 November 2005 - 9:00 A.M. -
Wednesday, 9 November 2005 - 9:00 A.M.-
Tuesday, 15 November 2005 - 9:00 A.M.-
Wednesday, 16 November 2005 - 9:00 A.M.-
Thursday, 24 November 2005 - 9:00 A.M.-
Just a few days ago, I received the text of these charges in German - 14 points. Those who are able to read these charges with an open mind, will know they are an indictment not against Ernst Zundel who speaks the truth as he found it and knows it, but against a country that prides itself on being a "democracy".
1. The bulk of the charges pertains to documents that have been posted on the Zundelsite for some 8 years, translated into several languages. They are introductory essays ( "Holocaust 101" ) to Holocaust Revisionism and come in eight languages. You can read for yourself what they say if you are so inclined.
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2. A few of Ernst's "Germania" letters sent to his world-wide network of friends and supporters are also found politically objectionable. These letters were legal in Canada, where most of them were written, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling in 1992 giving Ernst the right to say what he believes to be the truth, and they are legal in the United States, based on the First Amentment to the Constitution. They were NOT written in Germany, where draconian laws are locked in place that serve the State of Israel and not the German people.
I don't know anything beyond this document outlining Ernst's political "sins". I will keep you updated to the extent that I hope to be updated on developments.
I should also add that an arrest warrant in Germany has been sworn out against me as well, which means that I will not be able to attend the trial in Germany.
So we are gearing up for yet another round. It will be yet another burden on my time and drain on our resources. It is also an important step forward.
Stand by for a Zundel Holocaust Trial # 3, to be fought on the soil of Germany.
Ingrid Zundel
I conclude with a few comments from Ernst on this upcoming trial, gleaned from various letters to me...
"I have had no more mail since I was notified that my case has been taken over by the Landgericht, which as first order of business decided to restrict my incoming and my outgoing mail by what amounts to a 90% reduction. This allowed me to go through every document (I assume!) that the government is marshalling against me. Since I am still uncertain what I am allowed to say about things, let me be general in comments:
Remember how useful court cases have been in the past - for instance, when in 1981 during the postal hearing I got to see the letter of Simon Wiesenthal, which started all these years of persecution? Well, this time we hit the Motherlode, and Bruce [our immigration attorney who handles our suit against the U.S. government] will be able to add a few names to the depositions.
I found it a very painful process because I am tired of the subject, but it seems my fate is that I have to go through this rigmarole (sp?) one more time. With hard work we will produce a shocking documentation, and that will be useful.
I was up at 4:30 a.m., and I have been studying and preparing for the trial and had to relive my life and my struggle, almost as if in a film - and, kiddo, was it one steady grind! I am now amazed and in awe of myself that, like a sleepwalker, I walked through the minefields of my enemies! I now have ample, ample confirmation of the accuracy of my intuition!
Remember when I used to be "soul-upset", when I used to think there was something wrong with my kids? It was the you-know-whats, scheming and meeting and interviewing people. We suspected all along - except it is worse! But we were right on the money most of the time!
I also read and am astonished at the millions of words spoken, written, and typed - alone the typing was heroic. I also note with sadness how many of our friends have fallen by the wayside, now very elderly. And many, many died.
The whole exercise is like a standing on one of those Tribünen, and instead of troops marching past, it is one's life passing by in front of me for review. When I see the superhuman effort in the face of such unmitigated callousness and unfairness, I can only conclude that some extraordinary dynamism made me sustain all of this.
I am going through those mountains and mountains of documents and it's an upsetting task because it shows a huge amount of work by thousands of bureaucrats of all stripes who have been officially confronted with the results of my work. Yet when you read their comments and analyses, it is not the least reflected that it impacted on their thinking and attitudes about Germany's role. So we deny ourselves what is called a normal life and happiness, while these people, whom we try to shield and protect, attack us from behind without any appreciation our work deserves. There has to be a way to break through this log jam.
There are shocking things going on!
What we are dealing with are very, very complex issues, especially in Germany as it tried to pick itself up by its own bootstraps out of incredible pulverization. It's like trying to reassemble the constantly changing little pieces of a kaleidoscope being slowly turned, with its pieces tumbling and shifting. Compare these pieces to the forces in society, all climbing over each other, all juggling interests, wants, desires, personal ambitions, greed, corruption, all the powers of lobbies, open and hidden, the secret societies, cults and sects which have been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years!
The last century was the culmination and the beginning of that never-ending process of "historification" where, as soon as something is spoken or written, it's like a bullet out of a rifle barrel on its own trajectory - gone, unleashed, aimed or randomly heading somewhere. Seeing in these many, many thousands of pages how thoughts and words impact on people's lives, on societies' functioning - that is one hell of a realization!
In the end, the overall thoughts, concepts and goals are lost in the minutiae of bureaucrats filling in papers, of the statements of snitches and paid agents, of little petty thieves giving false testimonies which then careen through history's corridors, hitting this and that. You add to that the vendettas of minorities, pyramid climbers in society's bureaucracies, in the spy services, in the legal systems, the police forces, the corridors of power, elected and unelected. Ingrid, add to that the betrayals of friends and of wives, jilted girl friends, of revenge being extracted for imagined hurts never inflicted, yet treated as if real!
What unfolds before one's eyes is psychohistory, a drama with constantly changing actors and storylines and constantly changing stage sets, only part of which are visible. The cranes, wires, pulleys, carpenters, painters behind the scenes are invisible, but very, very real to the unfolding of the play, which is unfolding history.
The study of these documents have made me realize that - with sledge-hammer-like impact!
If all this sounds weird to you, sitting on our balcony, looking down our beautiful valley, I can understand you might shake your head and maybe say, "What on earth is Ernst talking about?" Well, it is that I am at the center of these unleashed, countervailing forces - pushing, shoving, climbing over each other, tugging, pulling me this way and that.
I am punch-drunk [with fatigue] and must end the letter. I will continue it tomorrow morning 5 a.m."
Those are the words of the world's best-known political prisoner, my husband and your friend. Since Ernst is prevented from giving me specifics, I cannot give you specifics, but a little bird has told me we can expect a few surprises. Please stay with me - you and I have center stage, and it could well be that the last round has begun!
To my friends, a big thank you, straight from the heart! To our enemies: Don't count us out! To the rest of the world: No surrender!
Ingrid Zündel



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