Dates Set For Zundel
Holocaust Trial
#3 In Germany

Press Release
Political kidnap victim, Ernst Zundel, will get another Holocaust trial, this time in his native Germany.
Charges have been laid against Zundel under the highly controversial, undemocratic Paragraph 130, which makes it a criminal offense in Germany to "doubt the Holocaust" and "defame the memory of the dead." For the past twelve years, more than 100,000 people have been charged in Germany for "thought crimes."
The Zundel attorney team reports that he is in good spirits and feels eager and combative to start another legal round in his life-long attempt to clear his native country and its people of the false charge of industrial genocide in German concentration camps by gassing.
The trial will take place in Mannheim, Germany. Initial trial dates have been set as follows:
November 8 - 9
November 15 - 16
November 24
Plans are now underway to cover this trial with as broad a media segment as possible. Anybody interested in reporting on this trial - possibly even on location - please write to or for details. Some stipends to cover costs of travel and accommodations are available.
A 12-minute preview DVD of the historical significance of Ernst Zundel's first two Great Holocaust trials in Canada in 1985 and 1988 is available upon request.
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