Lady Renouf's Report
From Visiting Ernst
Zundel In Mannheim Prison

From Paul Fromm
Dear Free Speech Supporter:
The following is a report from Lady Michele Renouf, the courageous British investigative journalist, lecturer, model and arts patron who visited political prisoner Ernst Zundel last Thursday in Mannheim prison.
We still need your support for the cause of one of the world's most famous political prisoners.. The Zundel case continues in Germany. Please send contributions to help Ernst Zundel's defence to
CAFÉ, Box 332, Rexdale, ON.,
M9W 5L3, Canada
or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.
Paul Fromm
Canadian Association for Free Expression
I am glad to deliver the greetings sent to you from Ernst Zundel whom I had the honour of visiting yesterday (Thursday 28th July) in Mannheim Prison.
He looked very well (due, he says, to an hour's walk daily in the sunlit yard) though he regretted the seeming effect upon his memory of an unhealthful withdrawal of his herbal medicines these past three years as part of his punishing kidnap and incarceration. Still, he was of good cheer, even high spirits - not least in the knowledge that his dishonest accusers rate (and berate) his real history investigations so substantively.
When I arrived, he had just seen his new solicitor and was pleased with the female intuition she brought to the understanding of his position. We were not permitted to discuss his case. However, I was able to confirm I had put Adrian Davies (David Irving's Appeals barrister) in touch with Mr Reiger. This is in case Adrian can be of help (as he has offered) once the Zundel Case reaches the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
During the course of an hour's conversation, Mr Zundel impressed on me that he considered himself, essentially, a hostage for the closure of a U.S.A. based website. He is prepared to sit out the five years of further imprisonment hanging over him rather than bargain away its public right-to-know integrity. I am urging those investigative journalists who ocasionally get lucky to cover Ernst's fight and plight. It is a matter of defending open debate and practicing media democracy.
A new policy allows him to send and to receive only two letters per day in a five day week. Ernst asks for his friends understand his recent limits.
And finally, Mr Zundel expressly wished those who would hurt him by casting unfounded doubts upon his wife's fund-raising integrity, if they would kindly appreciate that he can vouch better than anyone for just how straight, wholesome, without guile, deeply trustworthy, and due great respect is loyal Ingrid Rimland.
Yours sincerely,
Michele Lady Renouf



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