By Ted Lang
The two most idiotic statements in memory: "I don't believe in conspiracies!" and "Offering that the media is responsible for dumbing down America is absurd." Both of these statements, in one form or another, have been offered by editors and broadcasters, and as regards a summary dismissal of conspiracy theories, amongst the most notable of naysayers is none other than Rush Limbaugh. And who could better be described as the most successful of pervasive, persuasive propagandists than Limbaugh himself?
All one has to do to realize and appreciate the sheer lunacy of these two idiotic observations is to simply evaluate the establishment mainstream media's almost total blackout of the Downing Street Memo, along with its additional supportive documentation, proving unequivocally the Bush/Blair conspiracy to manufacture phony intelligence to initiate the war in Iraq.
So, what precisely has the MSM Blackout of the DSM accomplished? And let US not forget that as Bernard Goldberg, a former MSM insider, had pointed out, the "newspaper of record," The New York Times, as the "official" gatekeeper, enabler and trigger for network TV news all across the country. If it's not news for the Times, it's not worthwhile news for America! Conversely, if a breaking event fits the MSM's "politically correct" template, one may be assured of a constant bombardment of ad nauseam, senseless coverage. What has the MSM Blackout accomplished?
Well for openers, the Media Blackout on DSM assures that the War in Iraq will continue unabated. In spite of the Blackout, enough information has been leaked via the Internet, America's real "free and independent press," to help create a "Bush backlash" resulting in his rapidly declining popularity ratings. His job approval rating, according to the latest Zogby Poll, has slipped to 43 percent. That would indicate that his disapproval rating now stands at 57 percent. Can you just imagine where we'd all be without the MSM Blackout? Think impeachment.
America's real media, the Internet, is not only detracting from this warmongering genocidal maniac and his Israeli administration's credibility, but serving up as well solid evidence establishing yet more conspiratorial arrangements to invade Iran as well. It is the unpredictability of the Internet with regard to both its investigative potential as well as its international reach that now serves as the only obstacle to these international warmongering butchers.
Consider the two blockbuster news events that should be on the front page of every newspaper in America; no, no, not those! Forget the hurricanes and the London bombings - the latter were ordered by Bush/Blair Mass Murder International as a timely distraction to the real news: the Downing Street Memo and the outing of Bush gangster Karl Rove. The informed realize Bush will never acquire the political finesse nor develop the necessary emotional logistical skills to run our Country - the real rulers are Rove, the Pentagon Jews, and "The Grimace," President of Vice, sick Dick Cheney. And let's not forget "Rummy the Dummy!"
If the Internet can slow these guys down, perhaps enough to prevent the invasion of Iran, or at least seriously delay their much-desired next adventure in international lunacy in service to Israel, can you just imagine what the "newspaper of record" is capable of doing? Can you just imagine the DSM being discussed, reported, and commented on by network TV pundits?
In addition to the DSM and the Rove outing, the MSM could have targeted the events reported by John Pilger in his piece, "Paymasters of Carnage - The Ghost at Gleneagles," written for the New Statesman and carried on the Information Clearing House website. Pilger makes the point, that while so-called journalists and "embeds" trotted around with military units in their flak gear and steel pots, and contributed to the sanitization of brutal massacre after brutal massacre, real reporters like Dahr Jamail were risking life and limb to get the factual stories concerning Bush Wehrmacht and Gestapo activities in that ravished land. Here again, can you imagine the reaction of the American people if they were apprised of only these atrocities?
How would they react to stories of little children being paraded out in front of their families and then shot dead in cold blood? How would they react if they knew that the Bush war and terror machine carpet-bombed Fallujah with napalm and used mustard gas in its continuing blatant violations of the Geneva Conventions? Isn't it easy to see how the media could turn things around to stop this?
Pilger points out that while the elites in the media and entertainment paid homage to mass murderers Bush and Blair at the G8 "conference" at Gleneagles, Scotland, a "World Tribunal on Iraq" was being conducted in Istanbul, Turkey. The tribunal was convened to address the war crimes of the Bush/Blair conspiracy, and the hyperlink takes the reader to a simple, straightforward and thorough itemization of the egregious and brutal violations of basic human morality and international law.
Even this simple articulation of Bush/Blair crimes, if professionally presented via American journalism, would serve as "talking points" for the American people to recall both our troops and President Bush via impeachment. And speaking of impeachment, what precisely is the status of the Congressman John Conyers effort in pinning down Bush with his letter with half a million signatures? Isn't it obvious how the MSM has thrown a monkey wrench into this meager effort? As Karen Kwiatkowski has pointed out, the Bush gangsters are beyond accountability, beyond reach, and therefore, not impeachable. And you bet they know this!
But we, the American people must hold them accountable, and can! We must attack their foremost source of power: the astonishing ignorance of the American people. The DSM provided Conyers the means, and the mainstream, establishment, corporate, Zionist media neutralized him, and did so deliberately! They delayed, downplayed, marginalized and eventually brought about the desensitization of public awareness to move this completely off the public's radar screen.
The MSM is the means by which the American people are deprived of the information they need to motivate them to clamor for the much-needed government reforms and the impeachment of the criminals in government who are perpetrating terrorist activities around the world, terrorist activities that will increase dramatically and eventually come to roost on our own doorstep.
The points and resolutions established by the World Tribunal on Iraq, combined with Congressman Conyers' letter establishing and fixing the facts concerning the Downing Street Memo, now serve as a launching point. The date of record for holding the media accountable is June 15, 2005. And the newspaper of record is established as The New York Times!
Consider the number of people who have died since that date! Had the American MSM, led by the Times, acted in a moral, responsible, accountable and professional journalistic manner, and this when taken against the declining popularity of a mad, lying, genocidal butcher, the pressure from BOTH political parties in Congress would greatly accelerate the ongoing efforts to bring this unjust and unnecessary war to a halt.
And think of the lives that could be saved! Think of the toddlers that wouldn't be roasted alive by Bush's napalm! Think of the families that would be allowed to live together in peace instead of being slaughtered, or being made to suffer the unbearable horror of seeing one or more of their members executed in cold blood by Bush's killer storm troopers.
It is time to lay accountability at the doorstep of ALL the guilty, and that includes Bush's enablers in the media! Why shouldn't veteran groups, families of the wounded and dead soldiers who gave life and limb for a cause only fathomable to a power-drunk, mass-murdering madman, find cause and justification to hold the media fully accountable? How difficult would it be to establish such losses in terms of "money damages?"
Seems to me if all these splintered, scattered veteran, family and citizen action groups could join together and form a coalition, perhaps a barrage of law suits seeking money damages against these huge, profitable corporate media giants would now be in order. Those veterans and relatives who have suffered after the date of record launched by the DSM should have valid claims.
If Martha Stewart can be sent to jail for lying to a government employee while not even under oath to save $ 30,000 of her own money, why can't elements of the rich, corporate media be fined and sent to jail for lying to the whole damn country and enabling the continued maiming, dismemberment and killing of our soldiers? And who will speak for the 100,000 plus innocent Iraqis they also helped murder? Their only crime was defending their families and property, which is their moral right as protected under the Geneva Conventions both Bush and Blair choose to ignore!
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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