India's Media And
Scientists About UFOs
India Daily Technology Team
(Note - The India Daily runs a lot of 'tabloid' quality material on UFOs. However, at least, in India, a major newspaper is at least discussing the UFO/ET issue regularly. The same cannot be said about the US media which refuses to publish even the most sensational UFO sightings. - ed)
We may not be able to see them. But they observe us in a fish bowl. They are extraterrestrial aliens in UFOs. Some of these UFOs are remote controlled. They have mastered the technology of traversing from our Universe of Quantum Physics to the parallel Universes where the Spatial Physics works. They can switch back and forth. We cannot. We see them and before we can realize, verify and react, they disappear in the cloud of spatial electromagnetic fluxes.
Scientists and engineers are now very convinced that the UFO citing takes place when the UFOs traverse from the higher dimensions to our Universe. They can act, react and survive in our Universe indefinitely. They can also traverse time by allowing the transformation teleport in three dimensions allowing fourth or time dimension to be controlled by them.
Their advanced technologies allow them to observe us any time anywhere. The stealth at higher dimensions in the parallel Universe is obvious but amazingly they are able to apply the same stealth in our dimensions too. Electromagnetic flux and other conventional mechanisms are used for the stealth techniques.
Their means of observing us from parallel Universes is also not conventional. The observing take place by experiencing the three dimensions and allowing the time to go forward or backward. Since they are in the higher dimensions of the parallel Universe, they can observe the natural formation of three-dimensional spatial structures, which is automatic as the time moves forward in our Universe. In order to stop time or reverse the direction of the time vector, one has to be in the higher dimensions of the parallel Universe.
Can they intervene and change the course of our future? For example, can they really create or stop a massive Tsunami? That is where scientists differ to agree. One thought is they can do so by stopping time and redirect the spatial structures around the three dimensions of our Universe in a new path. But another thought is that if they do that they can never really bring the current Universe in the current spatial structures. The scientists also argue that if they try to intervene and guide our Universe in a different spatial plane, they may lose their own reference planes in the higher dimensions. Either they will not be able to get back to their known existence of spatial structures or they will lose glimpse of our Universe forever.
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