S Africa - Children As
Young As 5 Have
Sex In School

From Jan Lamprecht
If you read this news report carefully, you will see that the Black parents are actually to blame. Let me explain how this happens in Africa. In Africa, children many times grow up sleeping in the same room as their parents and they actually see their parents having sex. The Western mind might be shocked by this, but that's the way Africa is. When a whole family sleep together in a hut, the parents have sex while the kids are there. Black children in Africa know about sex at an amazingly early age because they are around when it happens. -- Jan
The Independent Online
Children as young as six are having sex at a Folweni school. That was the disturbing news given to parents at a school meeting in Folweni on Thursday, as teachers took the initiative in an attempt to stem a growing problem in their primary school.
During the meeting, teachers told parents that their lower primary learners were having sex and imitating sexual movements either with their clothes on, or in some cases, naked from the waist down.
One of the teachers, Sibongile Mbense, said she had caught five and seven-year-olds having sex behind the school building when they thought no-one was looking.
"When I asked them what they were doing they couldn't say and one of them told me they were doing what they saw on TV," she said.
A parent of a grade two pupil at the school, Mzwakhe Dlamini, said he was surprised and shocked at what he learnt at the meeting and agreed with the teachers that parents should teach pupils the "ins and outs" about sex.
"Parents should wake up and smell the coffee and understand that they can no longer hide the facts about sex from their children because what they were doing at school was the result of the parents' silence about the subject," he said.
The school asked not to be named, but did want parents of pupils at other schools to be aware of the problems.
At the meeting parents advised each other to be careful that their children were not exposed to their sexual acts and when children ask about what they see, parents should not dismiss them but sit with the child and explain everything to them.
This article was originally published on page 1 of Daily News on June 16, 2005




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