Please note: Brian Bessent has openly admitted to defrauding this website and the UFOlogical community in general with phony videos of UFOs. It is extremely difficult to analyze video material without very expensive equipment, and one likes to give a person the benefit of the doubt when there appears to be no blatant attempt to defraud. Lesson learned. We must be supremely vigilant and employ reasonable skepticism, while simultaneously keeping an open mind. That is a difficult path, but we will continue to strive to do both, with honesty, integrity and the desire to seek the truth, whatever that may be. -

New Phoenix UFO Video
Attacks Criticized

From Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network
I have seen this debunking campaign before with the Phoenix Lights and Brian is under an onslaught. The White Tank Mountains have a history of genuine UFO sightings. I will try to contact Jim D. today. Jeff Wills supports the validity of the footage. Only computer analysis will tell us this story, so do not be quick to jump to conclusions... -- Bill Hamilton
The following is from videographer Brian Bessent is response to a tv report claiming his ufo video is a hoax:
Well, this time around things are a little more simple. Those channel 3 lamers bring in totally computer-generated graphics this time, and here is the LOWDOWN on that CRAP! (Not to mention the channel 3 debunking crew have resorted to personal attacks with fake background info on the shooter because they have NO evidence on anything, so they have to make it up.)
Until they come up with something real, it is truly a waste of time to comment. However, since they brought up some "new evidence" from someone claiming to be able to reproduce the actual video I shot, I'll show this latest debunking effort to be what it is: a silly lie told by silly people with simple computer skills. Check out the CHEAP 3D renders they are claiming are proof that my Phoenix video was hoaxed.
Now, lets examine their images. Hmmn...some cheap lights rendered in 3D...shot directly off a computer monitor. Also, the lights do not *flicker* at all like the real ufos did on my video which clearly demonstrates their work to be a cheap simulation. Notice the light in the middle. It looks like a round ball rendered with some high blurring to mask the cheapness of the effect. Also notice how "round" their center object is.
To make matters worse, these people can't even emulate the sony night shot effect that makes everything the same color. So, what they offer is a fake...a rendered ufo that is supposed to look like a ufo shot in Sony Night Shot added on to a blue sky. It's silly and a crappy job.. see it?
They could NEVER recreate anything that doesn't look fake. Also, they tape it right off a computer monitor. They are nothing much more than kids pretending to have the answer when they don't have anything but a fake video that looks fake to begin with.
Also, you notice something missing. Where is the second half of the video showing true color of the objects and the rapid camera movement along with the objects in perfect camera perspective? where is it, fake-makers?
They can NEVER emulate real video shot in Sony Night Shot in real clarity...and they can never make the second part of the video showing true colors of the objects. In the real video, the objects are constantly changing color from white to red to green and you can't notice it because unless you do a frame by frame its happening too fast for the human eye to see. Something else this deplorable 3D render could never reproduce.
We challenge the maker of this video and his debunking crew to come up with the second half of the video because since it was taken off the tripod, it will make it MUCH harder to even come up with a cheap rendering...which is exactly why they don't even try it.
So, once again, the supposed 'proof' is nothing more than a cheap fabrication...exactly what we expected it to be. The maker of this video claims to be able to reproduce the video exactly how it was made. It's a lie...and was shot off the computer screen which is an old hoaxing trick which went out of style in the 1980's.
All the news people will do is make up lies... here is a warning email I got from someone who claims to know Scott, the channel 3 tv producer.
From (anonymous)
Date 6/13/05 6:23PM
Scott is working with that guy who saw the Google cache to make your video look fake and he is calling everybody he can to do his best to make a news story that makes you look bad. I am warning you about it...and I know this because I see scott a lot in the studio. He has no intentions of showing anything accept the worst he can dig up on you, so don't let them get you in the corner.
It seems the above email is true and correct. Santiago admitted joining the debunking crew only 2 days after the news story came out!
Also, its come to our attention that they are parading obviously computer-generated hoaxed videos around, and stamping the name on them! That's beyond childishness. Claiming that the San Saba ufos were a 'flock of birds' as well...and that it is a "known hoax"...that is is just birds in flight reverse. But they offer no proof whatsoever. Not a shred.
And you see NO MENTION of the Wise country orbs in these reports. Just another example of convenient censorship because they damn sure don't want anymore REAL videos to have to "recreate" or debunk.
So, once again the news channel is not telling the truth. And Santiago *recreated* the "goggle cache" which is plain idiocy considering Google never cached the image to begin with.
Moral of the story: if one debunker can't do the job, they join forces. It doesn't matter, really, because my video is quite real...and the ufos are still out there. Much as they'd like to, they can't change that. In fact, so many people in the US and elsewhere have seen these same kinds of ufos it's humorous. They exist. They are here. And they can be seen on my video anytime someone wishes to. -- Brian Bessent
Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network
"I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Fred Hoyle
Jeff Willes/UFOgrapher
I wanted to let you know I read the new report by Bill, and I did think the footage was real at first, but after the news 3 story I now think we should wait for the master to be tested before we say what we think about it.
You can add this to Bills story that way people know what I think about it.
Jeff Willes




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