After 'Terrorism', US May
Take On 'Extremism'
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After 'terrorism', US may take on 'extremism' --Bush regime is currently reviewing anti-terrorism policies --Plans to look beyond Al Qaeda [Al CIAduh] --Dictator George W Bush,s administration is conducting a broad internal review of its anti-terrorism policies, and may shift the focus from capturing Al Qaeda leaders to a broader push to defeat "violent extremism," The Washington Post said on Sunday.
Review May Shift Terror Policies --U.S. Is Expected to Look Beyond Al Qaeda --The Bush regime has launched a high-level internal review of its efforts to battle international terrorism, aimed at moving away from a policy that has stressed efforts to capture and kill al Qaeda leaders since Sept. 11, 2001, and toward what a senior official called a broader "strategy against violent extremism." [Bush is allowing his freelancer, Osama bin Laden, to remain free.]
RAF bombing raids tried to goad Saddam into war --The RAF and US aircraft doubled the rate at which they were dropping bombs on Iraq in 2002 in an attempt to provoke Saddam Hussein into giving the allies an excuse for war, new evidence has shown. The attacks were intensified from May, six months before the United Nations resolution that Tony Blair and Lord Goldsmith, the attorney-general, argued gave the 'coalition' the legal basis for war. By the end of August the raids had become a full air offensive. The details follow the leak to The Sunday Times of minutes of a key meeting in July 2002 at which Blair and his war cabinet discussed how to make "regime change" in Iraq legal. Geoff Hoon, then defence secretary, told the meeting that "the US had already begun 'spikes of activity' to put pressure on the regime". [Iraq memo.]
Smoking Bullet in the Smoking Gun? --by Congressman John Conyers "This morning I read the new revelations, again the London Times, that British and U.S. aircraft had substantially stepped up their bombing activity in the summer of 2002 in an effort to 'goad Saddam into War.' If true, we would seem to have the 'smoking bullet' to the 'smoking gun' of the Downing Street Memo. I have prepared a letter to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld detailing these new charges and asking for his response..."
Iraq orders Baghdad 'ring of steel' in war on resistance fighters 30 may 2005 Iraq's new [puppet] government said it had deployed 40,000 troops in a "ring of steel" around the capital yesterday in the largest indigenous security operation since the fall of Saddam Hussein.
Iraqi forces launch crackdown against resistance fighters --Iraqi forces on Sunday launched their biggest security crackdown since the fall of Saddam Hussein with the start of a sweep by 40,000 Iraqi troops who will seal off Baghdad and hunt for resistance fighters. Over the next few days, Iraqi soldiers would block major routes into Baghdad and search the city district by district, looking for foreign Arab fighters and Iraqi rebels, Iraqi officials said. They would be backed up by around 10,000 US troops deployed in the capital during Operation Lightning.
Resistance thunder greets Iraq's lightning offensive --Thousands of Iraqi forces have thrown a security net over Baghdad to snare resistance fighters, who quickly struck back with a string of car bombings...
British soldier killed in bomb attack on convoy 30 May 2005 A British soldier was killed and four others wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near a military convoy south of the Iraqi town of Amarah yesterday.
Bombings across Iraq kill more than 50 30 May 2005 Attacks have killed two U.S. troops and at least 50 Iraqis since Friday, including 10 people returning from a religious pilgrimage in Syria... A Sunday suicide car bomb attack near the northern city of Kirkuk killed two and wounded nine.
At least 35 dead as May's toll passes 650 --Suicide bombers kill 7 while trying to penetrate base 29 May 2005 The surge of violence that has swept Iraq since its first elected government took office nearly a month ago showed no sign of receding Saturday, with at least 35 new deaths reported across the country, some of them in what appeared to be sectarian killings.
Eleven UK soldiers face war crimes trial --Up to 11 British soldiers and officers are under investigation for alleged war crimes over the death of an Iraqi civilian in British custody, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.
Long Jailings Anger Iraqis --A large proportion of inmates at Abu Ghraib and another facility are held months without charges. A year after the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal erupted, Iraqi anger has flared anew over the growing numbers of detainees held without charge at the notorious detention center and another prison in the south.
In Rising Numbers, Lawyers Head for Guantánamo Bay --In the last few months, the small commercial air service to the naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has been carrying people the military authorities had hoped would never be allowed there: American lawyers. And they have been arriving in increasing numbers, providing more than a third of about 530 remaining detainees with representation in federal court.
General Defends Treatment of Guantanamo Prisoners --The Pentagon's top general [war criminal] yesterday defended the treatment of detainees at the U.S. Navy prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the United States has done a good job of treating detainees humanely.
Thousands rally over Koran Desecration --Muslims spat on the American flag, threw tomatoes at a picture of Dictator Bush and burned the U.S. Constitution in protests Friday from Egypt to Indonesia over the alleged desecration of Islam's holy book at Guantanamo Bay prison.
Blast Shakes NATO Headquarters in Kabul --An explosion shook the headquarters of NATO's 8,000-strong security force in the Afghan capital on Monday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries, a spokeswoman for the force said.
U.S. senators call for inquiry into Uzbek killings --Three U.S. senators reprimanded U.S. ally Uzbekistan on Sunday for refusing to allow an international investigation into hundreds of deaths in the eastern town of Andizhan earlier this month. Republican Senators John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and John Sununu had traveled to the Central Asian republic to investigate the violence in which witnesses said troops opened fire on demonstrators and killed about 500 people.
S. Korean Foreign Minister Says No Sign of North's Nuclear Test --South Korea's foreign minister said the government hasn't seen any evidence North Korea may be preparing for an underground nuclear test in the immediate future, as reported by U.S. and Japanese media.
Taking baton from Bolton, Cheney slams North Korean leader --US Vice pResident Richard Cheney launched a personal attack on North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, calling him an irresponsible leader who "doesn't take care" of his people as he strives for nuclear power status for his country. [Hello, Pot? This is Kettle...]
French Voters Reject First EU Constitution --French voters rejected the European Union's first constitution Sunday, a stinging repudiation of President Jacques Chirac's leadership and the decades-long effort to further unite the continent. Opponents feared it would strip France of its sovereignty and generous social system and trigger an influx of cheap labor.
Dutch prepare to deliver their snub --Dutch government leaders yesterday issued desperate pleas for the public to back the European constitution as the Netherlands, in the shadow of the French vote, prepared to deliver a large snub to the EU.
Report: Austrian lawmaker says he worked for Mossad --A former senior official in Austria's Freedom Party said he worked for Israel's spy agency while serving alongside its one-time populist leader Joerg Haider, a news magazine reported Saturday.
2 Men, in New York and Florida, Charged in Qaeda Conspiracy --A martial arts expert from the Bronx and a doctor from Florida have been arrested on charges that they conspired to train and provide medical assistance to Al Qaeda terrorists, federal and local authorities said yesterday. The arrests came as part of a two-year sting operation that ended with each man facing a single conspiracy charge. While the authorities said that they had no evidence that either man had actually provided support to terrorists, they said they had taped each man swearing his allegiance to Osama bin Laden, Paul J. Browne, a New York City police spokesman, said.
Two Americans Charged With Aiding Al Qaeda --The FBI arrested a Florida doctor and a New York martial arts expert on federal terrorism charges, saying they conspired to treat and train terrorists, federal prosecutors announced Sunday.
H-P launches ID tracking system --Governments can use software to track citizens -- Hewlett-Packard Co. entered the debate over whether countries should have electronic identity systems by launching new technology Friday designed to help governments keep track of citizens.
Message Is Clear in N.Va.: IM 'Threats' Can Bring Teens Trouble in an Instant --In the past two weeks, two students in Arlington have been arrested -- and were still being detained this weekend -- after their apparent pranks made via 'instant message' were taken more seriously.
System Lets Parents Spy on Kids' Lunches --In the past, parents had no clue when students bought a treat at school. Now, thanks to a new school-lunch monitoring system, they can check over the Internet and learn about that secret cookie... Three school districts in the Atlanta area last week became the first in the country to offer the parental-monitoring option of an electronic lunch payment system called, created by Horizon Software International of Loganville, Ga.
Santorum Bill Hobbles Weather Service --A bill, filed 14 April by Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Terrorist-Pa., would prevent the weather service from competing with commercial weather companies but would still allow it to issue alerts for threatening weather. Fueling criticism of the measure is the recent disclosure that AccuWeather Inc. gave $2,000 to Santorum's political action committee just before the bill was introduced. Critics say the measure would cut off public access to information paid for with taxes. "You could no longer call the weather office,'' said Dan Sobien, vice president of the National Weather Service Employee Organization. "Weather radio would be off the air. There would be nothing but static except for warnings.'' Sobien said weather service Web sites would go dark, the NOAA weather radio service could not carry marine forecasts, and meteorologists would not be able to talk to the public about local conditions.
New Social Security card proposed --Congress is moving to replace the paper Social Security cards issued to 280 million Americans with plastic, harder-to-counterfeit versions to try to curtail identity theft and the use of Social Security cards and numbers by some undocumented immigrants to obtain jobs.
68 Walk-In Offices Under IRS Budget Knife --On Friday, the IRS announced that it would close 68 offices where taxpayers can walk in for face-to-face help with their tax returns and questions. The plan will put 434 employees at risk of losing their jobs.
Foreclosure Rate Rises Sharply --In 2000, the Philadelphia sheriff auctioned off 300 to 400 foreclosed properties a month; now he handles more than 1,000 per month. Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, had record auctions of foreclosed homes and officials speak of a "Depression-era" problem.
Socialist Leads U.S. Senate Race in Vt. --In his eighth term in the U.S. House, the independent socialist has carved out a career in Congress as a Congress-basher. Now he is setting his sights on the Senate, and everyone agrees he is the man to beat for the seat now held by the retiring Jim Jeffords.
Census Statistics Indicate Vote Count Was Significantly Off --Where did 3.4 million votes go? --by davidgmills "The official tabulation on November 2, was 122.3 million voters. The census bureau predicted post-election that 125.7 million people (thought they) had voted. Why when we have so much evidence that the count was off and could have been easily manipulated by the corporate computers of Diebold and ES&S, which counted 80% of the vote, including 30% with no paper trail whatsoever, why are not more people questioning the validity of this election?"
Vietnam Pledges Not to Pursue Human Vaccine for Bird Flu on Its Own 28 May 2005 Vietnam has promised it will not unilaterally develop a human vaccine for bird flu, abandoning plans that international health experts had complained were hazardous and could themselves trigger an epidemic, the World Health Organization said Friday.
Scientists link plastic food containers with breast cancer --A chemical widely used in food packaging may be a contributing factor to women developing breast cancer, scientists have suggested.
[Previous lead stories:] Analysts Behind Iraq Intelligence Were Rewarded --Two Army analysts whose work has been cited as part of a key intelligence failure on Iraq -- the claim that aluminum tubes sought by the Baghdad government were probably meant for a nuclear weapons program rather than for rockets -- have received job performance awards in each of the past three years, officials said.
The Downing Street Memo --by John Conyers "Dubbed the 'Downing Street Memo,' but actually comprising the minutes of a meeting of Prime Minister Tony Blair and other top British government officials, the memo casts serious doubt on many of the contentions of the Bush Administration in the lead up to the Iraq war. With over 1,600 U.S. servicemen and servicewomen killed in Iraq, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and over $200 billion in taxpayer funds going to this war effort, we cannot afford to stand by any longer... To that end, I am asking you to sign on to a letter to the President [sic] requesting he answer the questions posed to him by 89 Members of Congress. I will personally insure that this letter is delivered to the White House." [Click to read/sign John Conyers' Letter to Pres Bush Concerning "Downing Street Memo."]
The U.S. removes the nuclear brakes --by Reuven Pedatzur "Under the cloak of secrecy imparted by use of military code names, the American administration has been taking a big - and dangerous - step that will lead to the transformation of the nuclear bomb into a legitimate weapon for waging war... Remember the code name "CONPLAN 8022." Last week, the Washington Post reported that this unintelligible nickname masks a military program whose implementation could drag the world into nuclear war. CONPLAN 8022 is a series of operational plans prepared by Startcom, the U.S. Army's Strategic Command, which calls for preemptive nuclear strikes against Iran and North Korea." Scroll to #24 in the 'Talkback' section to read Lori Price's comments.
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