Mystery Solved
New, Secret US Aircraft?
The remarkable and curious looking aircraft below turns out
to be the Boeing X-45C J-UCAS
From Jeff & Jennifer Murphy
This is not a new aircraft it is simply a full scale model of a J-UCAS joint unmanned combat air system that doesn't truly exist yet.There was one very similar to this at the 2004 Nellis air show in Nevada it was called the X-45C J-UCAS.
Can anyone identify the logo on the forward landing gear hatch? It appears to be a tree with wording beneath it
From John Deecken
Regarding the logo on the forward landing gear of the ufo-like "New, Secret US Aircraft" story just posted tonight
My guess is that it is actually a downward-facing sea turtle over a flag motif within an oval that probably indicates the shape of the craft (viewed from the top). When the landing-gear retracts, the orientation of the sea turtle is such that he is facing rearwards with respect to the apparent orientation of the vehicle itself. Perhaps the logo's reverse orientation indicates an exotic propulsion system? Clearly the oval shape of the logo and the character of a sea turle are consistent with this being the shape of the craft. What do you think of this: The head of the sea turtle is touching the blue, lower part of the oval. This is not part of the flag. It obviously represents the sea, the ocean itself. I think what we have hear, boys, is the REAL SUPERCAR! That old puppet animation show from the early 60s... This vehicle can dive into the water. This is either a very creative ruse or quite an exotic vehicle for sure!
Your site is Great!
John Deecken



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