Earthquake Pushes Up 10
New Islands Near Sumatra

The Asahi Shimbun
(IHT/Asahi) -- The March earthquake that struck near Nias island off Sumatra was so powerful that it created about 10 new islands, Japan's Geographical Survey Institute said.
Researchers, led by Mikio Tobita, spotted the new islets on images taken by the European Space Agency's Envisat satellite, GSI officials said earlier this month.
The March 28 temblor had a magnitude of 8.7, but unlike the Dec. 26 quake off Sumatra, it did not trigger killer tsunami.
GSI researchers said they compared images taken in February with those from April. They found the seabed near the northwestern coast of Nias island upheaved about 2 meters due to crustal movements caused by the quake.
This created about 10 new islands ranging in length from 100 meters to 1.5 kilometers, they said.
The quake also pushed the northwestern coastline out to sea by up to 1 km, they said.
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