Dad Jailed After Objecting To
Gay Curriculum In Son's Class
Demanded that school inform him and allow
child to opt-out - superintendent refused.

LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Lexington parent, David Parker, was arrested today by the Lexington Police for "trespassing" at his son's elementary school during a scheduled meeting with the principal and the city's Director of Education over his objections to homosexual curriculum materials and discussions in his son's kindergarten class.
At the meeting, Parker demanded that the school inform him when homosexual subjects are to be discussed with his son, and allow his son not to be included in such activities. He said he would not leave until his request was granted. The Principal and the city's Director of Education both refused his request. They then telephoned the Superintendent of Schools who also refused. Police were called, who told Parker that unless he left the school he would be arrested.
Statement by David Parker (April 27, 2005):
"I, David Parker, am the father of a kindergarten student at Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts. Since the beginning of this school year, my wife and I have learned that school materials and discussions about gay-headed households/same-sex union issues have been exposed to the children. There are definitive plans to increase the teacher/staff/adult mediated discussions of these subjects.
"We have officially stated on many occasions-to the Lexington school administration-a request that we be notified when these discussions are planned, and want our 6-year-old opted out of such situations when arising "spontaneously".
"Our parental requests for our own child were flat-out denied with no effort at accommodation. In our meeting on April 27, I, insisted that such accommodation be made and refused to leave the meeting room. I was informed that I would be arrested."
Parker will be arraigned on Thursday, April 28, in Concord District Court at 9 am. "This is an unbelievable outrage," said Brian Camenker, a friend and Newton, Mass. parent. "It's where last year's same-sex 'marriage' ruling has brought us."
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