Chemtrail Colors Identified

From Steve Davis
Dear Jeff,
We have also seen these special spectrums of colors in chemtrails, with noticable pinks and greens. They are obviously not the usual rainbow spectrum we all know and love, and we have identified which spectrum they are.
The article by Scott Stevens has a great shot of these colors.
Most describe them as "oily" colors, seen with oil slicks, but we think that they are better described as "Birefrigent Colors of Approximately the Fourth Order"... a set of special spectrums seen in polarizing microscopes. The fourth order spectrum has the proper pale pinks and greens we see in chemtrails.
So see a good detailed expalnation of this and the Michael-Levi Color Chart goto
Scroll down a ways and you see the chart with lotsa lines and spectrums. These are fairly accurate color representations of what is seen in the scope. The lines and numbers allow for certain determinations of birfringence etc.
You will notice that the fourth order spectrum is quite close to the colors seen in the chemtrails.
These bifrigence spectrums can apparently be caused by a thin layer of chemtrail with just the right amount of anisotropic inorganic or organic additives, Just on a more grand scale than a thin section slide of mineral under a scope.
Sorry, Its not a very complete explantion beyond identification of the spectrum, but it is helping point in the direction of truth.
Thanks Jeff,
From Steve Davis
Dear Jeff,
Here are some additional references on Ice which is the predominant mineral of the atmosphere. It has a birefringence that is very low, and therefore unlikely to generate the higher birefringent fourth order spectrum greens and pinks seen in chemtrails.
Here is a link to an abstract about a device for detecting atmospheric ice birefrigence.
So this is quite well known and studied in Meteorology.
But what is of importance is that ice or water cannot make those chemtrail colors. We usually see water and ice as rainbows or gray-white moon ice halos not pink and green glowing chemtrails. These higher order colors are most likely coming from added minerals or perhaps oily fuels/exhausts. Since analyses have shown several metals/minerals like Aluminum and Barium minerals or salts, these may be the ones involved in this chemtrail color phenomenon.
It would be interesting to try to make such high altitude colors using various minerals and chemicals, and see it it can be more or less duplicated. It certainly opens a whole range of research projects for others with such capabilities and equipment far beyond ours. We are getting closer to the answers and the culprits will have a lot of answering to do when such facts become available.



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