Zundel - Summary Of Gross
Corruption Of Court Decision

The following was written by a US attorney who has been studying the outrageous proceedings in Canada...
I read carefully the parts of the Blais opinion.
Needless to say, it reeks with bias and is offensive to anyone familiar with the traditions of British or American law. I only hope American lawyers not familiar with Ernst's case read this thing.
It, of course, stands the burden of proof on its head. I need not list all the comments showing this. It constantly states that Ernst had to prove this and that to satisfy Judge Blais and when testimony supports Ernst's position the Judge is "far from being convinced" etc. The whole thing is "guilt by association de luxe"!
A particularly ludicrous example: confronted with testimony that Zundel disagreed with the behaviour of a person associated with a white supremacist group and Zundel's testimony that he never discussed such matters with that person, the Judge finds that since the person was in Zundel's home for some time he MUST have discussed such matters with him. What a legal farce! If this case was appealable in a normal judicial system any Judge making such a finding would be subject removal from the case and perhaps the bench.
The claims that the secret evidence cannot be disclosed "for national security reasons" need hardly be commented upon. This is Stalinism at its best. Judge Blais cites the opinion of a Canadian Court of Appeal supposedly approving this deviation from centuries of Common Law principles and saying, "It is well to remember that freedom as we know it has been suppressed in many countries." I wonder if the judge who wrote that realized that he was condemning Canada as one of those countries in the decision?
A few general comments:
* I found it quite significant that this Star Chamber found Ernst's offense to be that he was the mastermind of the Canadian or perhaps world-wide "White Supremacist Movement" [note capitals], an obviously ludicrous charge on the basis of the evidence, and specifically NOT because of his views on the Holocaust. This is clearly an attempt to protect Bernie Faber and the Jewish groups who as the world knows are behind the deportation case. It also shows that they don't really want to get into a serious discussion of "Holocaust denial" for obvious reasons. I wonder if the Germans are going to accept this?
* I found it interesting that in discussing the supposed need to keep the evidence against Ernst secret for "national security" reasons (PAR. 107) the Judge (or whoever wrote the opinion) says that some of the intelligence sources could have been "outside the country." A Middle East source perhaps?
* The FBI report exonerating Zundel of illegal activity is denigrated by this Canadian Judge and worse, he attributes the fact to an intent by Zundel to "lay low" for a time in the Tennessee hills, a motive for which there is utterly no evidence in the record. Maybe it's in the secret papers from the Canadian version of the KGB but he doesn't even claim that!



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