Ernst Zundel To Be
In Two Days
From Ingrid Rimland
It is true. Unless a snow storm interferes, Ernst will be deported on Tuesday to Germany. What happens next, no one can even guess.
I did not know this until late yesterday. I had talked to Ernst on Friday at noon, twice, and he told me not to worry, not to let myself be spooked - that there were procedures and appeals that could and would still be followed, and that his deportation was likely still weeks away. I conveyed that information to media.
Ernst tried to reach me on Friday evening, but I was gone to inspect a project with a friend, and it was not until almost 6 p.m. on Saturday when I read in the Globe and Mail - article below - that the issue was decided, that deportation would be the next step. Shortly afterwards, his son called me and verified this information. He said he had seen his father who looked "remarkably good," calm and composed, and that he had agreed to be deported.
An hour later, Ernst called and told me the same. When I asked him to give me a hint why he had changed his mind, why now, and what would happen next, he said: "You wouldn't want me to tell you with the censors listening, would you?"
That is really all I can tell you right now. The news is all over Europe - and, naturally, all over the American continent. I had many calls from Germany and other places, and the most common comment is: "At least he'll get a chair in Germany!"
I will keep you informed on what will happen next. I don't expect any other personal news for another week or so.



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