Sharon's Double-Dealing
In The Middle East
Time for America to Wake Up

By Sam Hamod
It's time for America either to wake up to Sharon's double dealing in the Middle East or to risk further isolation from the international community. Having just returned from Spain and England, and having spoken with dozens of people from other countries, over 90 percent of them say that Israel does not want peace in the Middle East and that America is being played the fool by Sharon.
Clearly, Sharon is taking more land from Palestine, building more settlements, while dismantling smaller settlements to give his "new initiative" a good face, but the face is another lie by Sharon. True, it is making some commotion in Israel, but under the cover of negotiations, he is promising many of those who are being "moved" that they will get newer and better homes in the new settlements he is building at a very rapid rate while continuing his rhetoric to the world of "working for peace."
Thus, it is time for America to understand why the EU, the UN and other parties are getting angrier and angrier at the Sharon and Israel for their hypocritical stand on settlements and the taking of land from Palestinians. If one reads the foreign press reports, from Paris, to London to Hamburg to Beirut to Cairo, all the reports show this dog and pony of Sharon's for what it is-another conning of the Bush administration and an attempt to con the world while destroying any viable potential Palestinian state.
It is time we started to help our own poor and homeless, aid our own sick and restore our own country, and restore our financial situation rather than continuing to support an outlaw state like Israel with billions of dollars every year. It would also help our standing in the world if we pulled out of Iraq, especially since the new government is in place-as we promised we would do many months ago. This would help our image in the Muslim world, help restore some confidence in the dollar (which is in danger of a free fall even to this day) and would give us a chance to bring our people home to their wives, husbands, children and loved ones instead of leaving them in the killing zone called Iraq, the killing zone where the Depleted Uranium weapons we are using there are the only WMDs and that will poison not only the Iraqis but have already poisoned thousands of our own troops.
Sam Hamod is an expert on the Middle East and Islam, having published hundreds of articles on said subjects. He is also the former Director of The Islamic Center in Washington, DC, a former advisor to the U.S. State Department, writer for AP and former editor of Third World News (in Wash,DC) and professor at Princeton.



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