Letters In Response To
The Ernst Zundel Deportation
Update On The Zundel-Saga

From Ingrid Rimland
Just when I thought I would have some quiet time to really start working in earnest on the Zundel documentary, here comes another cyber war around the Zundelsite!
Ironic, isn't it?
For the past five years or so, I badly neglected my website because, frankly, I had lost interest in keeping it current. As far as I am concerned, the so-called "Holocaust" has been debunked. Thoroughly! Science has settled the most obnoxious matter once and for all - no gassings! What mainstream media peddles as the "Holocaust" is nothing but a cleverly used Weapon of Mass Deception employed by the enemies of truth to serve as sword and shield to cover up their crimes.
THAT needs to be stressed, over and over - but other folks do that much better than I.
That was, at least, my attitude. But now that Ernst has been flown to Germany by special, chartered plane to be abused yet more - and forced to go through yet another trial - I have no choice but to stay at the Zundelsite keyboard for yet another round for Freedom of Speech on the net.
Where I am going to find the time and the resources, I have no idea. However, NO SURRENDER.
Below are some excerpts and samples of letters I received. I think these letters speak for the feelings of many.
A Sample of Today's Letters of Support to the Zundelsite
Death is always a sad event. But the death of a freedom for which so many Canadian men and women fought and died in World Wars 1 and 2, is doubly sad. We should fly the Canadian flag at half staff, to mark the death of Freedom of Expression for all Canadians.
Canada has jailed and tortured, for two years in solitary confinement, a resident of our country, at the bidding of vindictive Jewish organisations, and without ever charging the man with a crime. Our own police and postal service have been implicated in attempts to kill the man by a pipe-bomb sent through the mail. Finally, after a travesty of justice called a "trial", an unjust and biased judge has declared this man to be a threat to Canada.
What has he done that warrants such treatment? He expressed an opinion on an historical matter! He dared to question certain accounts of history! Do you believe everything that you read about history, Mr. Prime Minister? Neither do I. In fact, I question a great deal of the propaganda that purports to be history.
We proudly proclaim that Canada is a "Free and Democratic" society. We are not, and I am ashamed of our treatment of this man. This is not what so many men, including my father and me, volunteered to defend.
It is Mr. Zundel to-day. Will it be me to-morrow? Will it be you?
It is with profound regret that my country, Canada, has acquired the shameful distinction of being the one that has conducted itself like a dictatorship and that has grovelled to the enemies of free speech. Ernst does not deserve such treatment.
The enemy has an unfair advantage over us in that they control the media and can demonize whom ever they want. But we shall not give up because truth always prevails! I will be sending a letter to the editor to our local paper with the hope that it will be published. No surrender!
Hello, Ingrid Rimland!
I would just like to say that I am a big admirer of both you and your husband. What you are doing is great and both of you are an inspiration to me. I'm an amateur-Revisionist, still learning, a very fast learner.
I don't know why I contacted you but after listening to the IHR meeting I just felt like contacting you and giving you my praise and compliments for your admirable struggle for truth and honesty. I'm from Germany but I live in Sweden (for obvious reasons!) and there are many people here who have much sympathy for Ernst and interest in Revisionism is increasing. I spread the good word whenever I can.
I agree with Ernst when he says 'To heck with the gas chambers!" That issue has been dealt with, and solved! No archaeologist goes over and over the ruins of Schliemann's Troy - it would be ridiculous, what would be the sense?' --- I could not agree more with that.
I'm emailing in support. People are so blinded by the damn jews. I have German heritage. I knew all about the war etc from my parents.
I want to apologize to you for all the bullshit that has been done to both you and Ernst. I phoned everyone I could, I wrote letters, I even wrote Paul the [expletive deleted] Martin who is a close friend of my girlfriend's father about Ernst. Nothing. I am very frightful for our future. What they have done to Ernst is nothing more than a crime against humanity. I have always believed that Canada is the true source of the NWO in North America and now it has been proven to me through it's actions.
I am so [expletive deleted] off right now I don't have the words to describe it. If you get the chance to speak with Ernst, please tell him that the Canadian people do not support this [expletive deleted] action. I am so, so sorry.
Dear Mrs. Rimland,
The unavoidable seems to be taking place according to the latest news on your husband's fate. I have been consulting your site on a regular basis, each time obtaining further information on Mr. Zundel's past experience and activities.
We're about the same age, I was born in 1940, came to Canada in 1957 ( in Toronto ) and, coincidentally, I also enjoyed a full career as a graphic arist. But not as talented as your husband!
I am indeed very saddened to hear about his eventual deportation but I want to inform you that all his efforts will not have been in vain. He dared say aloud what millions of people think and now the movement is well under way and, one day, the truth will prevail. I'm sure of that!
My heart goes out to you. What has happened to Erenst is an outrage! We will get him back where he belonges in Pigeon Forge.
This should not be happening in America. Our country is letting us down. It makes me sick.
I got to say goodbye to Ernst on Tuesday. It reduced me to tears, but then I am emotional. Ernst was strong. I like what Paul said, "We continue our fight in Germany". I love him for that.
It is not over yet. I, too, feared Ernst might not be bound for Germany. But officials are very protective of their territory even in the face of threats that the I-firsters like to present. Many nations just aren't prepared to roll over on their sovereignty, and giving up a political prisoner would be "rolling over".
Do you realize that Paul was emailed that Ernst had arrived in Germany when he had arrived. The marvel of that is that we didn't know exactly when he had left on exactly what mode of transportation until half a day later.
ARRIVED! They are watching out for him.
My thoughts are with you and Ernst. If possible, when his new address becomes available send it to me and I will continue to write to him in Germany.
Hang in there Ingrid, a lot of people are with you.
Please pass on my feelings of support to Ernst. It is through this man that I have taken to researching the 'holocaust' and propaganda spouted by governments.
It is apparent the 6million claim is way over the top. Other myths have been shattered too. They say the first casualty of war is truth!
My respects to Ernst, why on earth is he being targeted when the historians, academics and governments have all re-evaluated.
Our prayers go with Ernst as he confronts his destiny in Germany
Ingrid, our prayers are with you as well. Living up to one's historical role
is always difficult and fraught with danger.
Dearest Ingrid,
All my prayers are with you & Ernst.. I'm thankful for his safe trip.
I'm wishing there were more that I could do... My heart breaks for all that you & Ernst have gone through, & I guess will keep going through.
Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for the updates. Thank you & Ernst for standing behind your beliefs & being such role models.
Please remember all my prayers & good wishes are with you. Being a single mother, I'm unable to send donations. If at all possible, I would. If ever possible, I WILL.
I know I never had said so but others have that Ernst's destiny was to fight in Germany. Sometimes one must step aside and let history take it's course. May you and Ernst have the blessings of truth and final victory.
I profess little if any knowledge of jails, but I think that the Germans will be more humane to Ernst than the Canadians.
Dear Ingrid: Ernst's ordeal in Germany is about to begin. There really is no way of predicting how this will all turn out, but I exhort you to continue to have faith! Ernst is a very competent man and quite charismatic, and certainly his treatment should improve when he is in Germany. Two years of solitary confinement and harassment under the most deplorable conditions would have broken any other man BUT Ernst. There may yet, somewhere down the line, appear a rainbow at the end of this storm.
Dear Ingrid -- Please know that you and Ernst are and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers every day.
Each new vile act by our enemies merely underlines the purity of Ernst's character and our cause, and with each passing day it is becoming more clear that he (and you) are among the very few for whom it can be truly said that Destiny has chosen a unique and honored role. --
It makes me proud to be a holocaust denier. I would like the German authorities to know this about me, that I stand WITH Zundel. Are you going to provide information as to who to contact on Ernst's behalf?
What a terrible thing this is. Enough to make me puke!
My sympathies to you and Ernst.
Hi, Ingrid.
I agree with Ernst. It's not over yet. I had the privilege of saying "good-bye" to him this afternoon. I told him, "Aufweidersehn" is NOT goodbye.
I told him that perhaps he will be the "shot in the arm" the Germans need. We have no idea what his "landing" will do.
Ingrid, he truly is a man of destiny, and I hold onto that. It is NOT over yet.
I know this is depressing - and certainly it is bad news for Ingrid. But for the revisionism movement - it's not bad at all. The last thing Germany really wants is Ernst Zundel. They have a growing nationalist movement.
Zundel will be tried and that will give the Right a new rallying cry. This is an egregious violation of human rights - mostly committed by the US in exporting Zundel to Canada in the first place. The US, Canada, and Germany all have dirty hands in this.
Ernst may suffer - but he has been chosen for a crucial role at a crucial moment.
I agree TBlair and, having met both Ernst and Ingrid, I do believe Ernst has known for a long time that this was coming. I also believe he was/is mentally, emotionally prepared and fully aware of what position in history his unselfish commitment to the cause puts him in. It wouldn't surprise me in the least that he envisioned this day coming and is well prepared for the future that awaits him.
And, yes, now it's up to us, J&E'rs to rise to the occasion. As someone who's fought the lies and sins of the Tribe for years, I'm happy to share with this prestigious, honorable group that I find most members courageous and willing to take whatever necessary action.
Considering the condis\tions Ernst is in in the Canadian Jail I would think that any German prison would be like heaven to him. Even the worst criminals are not held under such conditions.
Also I doubt that Germany would like to have a big holocaust trial that would find that much attention. Propably the Germans would prefer to silently let him live somewhere in Germany. I talked to someone else about this point, who knows about trials like this and he has the same opinion.
So let him come. Can only get better than the conditions in Canada so far.
Dear Ingrid,
Don't worry about Ernst. He is fulfilling his Destiny and surely the gods are smiling on him for his courage in facing, without ever flinching, the howling mob of satanic enemies seeking to destroy him and his great nation. Events so far, thanks to your Z-Grams and most recently to the inimitable Peter Lindsay and Chi-Kun, have done much to expose the corrupt influence of the sinister minority and must have stirred the conscience of thinking people everywhere who share our Christian values and heritage, even though the media, as usual, made no attempt to alert the public to the danger of permitting the abandonment of traditional safeguards (it is an outrage that Mr Blais did not recuse himself when his association with CSIS was revealed. According to the Official Handbook on Judicial Conduct issued by the Canadian Judicial Council, a Judge must step down not only where bias is proved, but also when there is merely an Apprehension of Bias.
Certainly, there was more than a suspicion in both the background and conduct of Mr Blais during the trial but, as far as I know, the Council did not intervene. The Trial, fittingly enough, bore a striking resemblance to the Nuremberg proceedings, described by a leading U.S. jurist as "nothing but a high class lynching party" while prompting the comment by an anti-Nazi cleric that "Only God can save him who is judged by his accusers"!
Having a great nation, or even a sizable part of it, on one's side could also improve the salvation prospects, and Ernst is now poised, through the example of his patriotic struggle and strength of his truthful argument, to inspire his countrymen to throw off the yoke of alien rule and restore freedom and dignity. "Deutschland erwache!" has never been more topical and important. It is the destiny of Ernst Zuendel to inspire the awakening. You have played an indispensible role in enabling him to rise to the occasion. Wish him for me please Gute Reise, und viel Erfolg!



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