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Commentary By Ingrid Rimland Zundel
A few days ago, I received an email notifying me that an Internet petition titled "Our Call for the Release of Ernst Zundel" to the Canadian Envoy to the United Nations had been started. The petition was initiated by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, Dr.Muhammed Abu Nasr, John Paul Cupp, Ziad Shaker elJishi, and Salih Manasra.
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I clicked on the link given, and saw that it was only minutes old. It had four signatures. I added mine as #5.
Of the five authors of this petition, I knew only one, Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, through previous Internet correspondence. Dr. Alloush had been introduced to me by my friend and fellow Internet activist, known on the Net as Mackenzie Paine, a young woman who was tragically killed in a car accident three years ago. As an American-educated Jordanian - or maybe Palestinian? - Dr. Alloush had become interested in Holocaust Revisionism and had tried to organize an International Revisionist Forum in Beirut in April of 2001. It was canceled due to government pressure by the Holocaust Lobby. You can read about that cancellation at
This was one of the first - maybe the only - attempt at making available to the Arab world in a scholarly forum the important, scientifically sound findings by Holocaust revisionists around the world proving that the so-called "Holocaust," as peddled to the masses by mainstream media and special interest groups, just didn't "add up."
I have often heard Ernst Zundel express his disappointment that his early calls for "Information through Liberation" was not taken up by leaders and intellectuals in the Middle East, tormented as they were by Zionists. It would have been in their interest. A four-page brochure, titled "The West, War, and Isram", authored by Ernst, had been part of the "spreading false news" charge against him in his first, 1984 Great Holocaust Trial.
Ernst was quickly cleared of having "spread false news" about bankers, freemasons and their fellow travelers he took to task in this pamphlet, while pleading with the Arabs to "arm themselves" - not by rusty, outdated military hardware bought at high cost from Western dealers, but by informing themselves on certain facts about the origins of wars known even then.
He was pronounced guilty, however, for the booklet "Did Six Million Really Die?"
After a dramatic, protracted legal struggle that lasted nine years, Ernst briefly emerged as the winner. The "false news" statute was stricken from the Canadian Criminal Code as being unconstitutional. Ernst said at the time: "Even though I won my case, ironically I have now won for my enemies the right to lie about me."
And lie they did! Just as they lied before, character-assassinating him with a vengeance, Ernst's enemies have shrieked their lies about him ever since - as this petition reveals. In non-stop media vilification campaigns, Ernst has been built up as a convenient bogeyman who wants to resurrect the Hitler ideology and reinstate the jackboots - all this for having exposed the Holocaust as fraudulent in order to neutralize its use as a psychological weapon of war.
Probably no activist in Western countries has been more vilified, harassed, character-assassinated, and eventually physically attacked via 24-hour telephone terror, beatings, arson, bombs and other covert assassination attempts - culminating in his kidnapping in Tennessee two years ago and subsequent incarceration in Canada at the behest of the Holocaust Lobby.
The Arab world knows little about this. Dr. Alloush was one of the very few Middle East intellectuals who recognized this important dimension of the "Holocaust" as featured by the West - its use as a psychological weapon of war, both sword and shield for Israel by demonizing its opponents.
In an incisive interview with the Editor of the Institute for Historical Review, Dr. Alloush explained how revisionist findings are vitally important to the Arab struggle against Zionism:
Alloush: [Distrust] is not enough. Without more sophisticated defenses, i.e., without historical revisionism, the campaign to Zionize the Arab mind is likely to gain even more ground. Distrust cannot possibly substitute for serious political or historical education. This is even more relevant nowadays, since the Zionists choose to speak through the voices of certain prominent Arab intellectuals. What we need therefore is a coherent, principled, cognizant response to the campaign to Zionize the Arab mind. Therein lies the promise of historical revisionism for us Arabs, and the importance of the work of revisionists ().
After consolidating their gains in the West, the Zionists have essentially succeeded in bringing the battle to the Arab collective psyche through such Trojan horses as the fourteen Arab intellectuals who signed the petition to ban the conference on "Zionism and Revisionism" in Beirut. When persons such as Edward Said and Mahmoud Darwish, who occupy so estimable a stature in the Arab intellectual realm, openly embrace the religion of the "Holocaust," this means that the cancer of the "Holocaust" has metastasized outside the West. We cannot rely only on natural Arab defenses, as strong as these may be, to fight this cancer. We must resort to more conscious means of resistance, hence, historical revisionism. ()
The most important revisionist works are volumes written in abstruse language that is difficult for the average person, whether in the West or in the Arab world Painstaking research findings are not enough: revisionist findings should be popularized in pamphlets and articles directed to the average person, who has neither the time nor the background to delve into thick volumes. The research findings of historical revisionism can only become politically effective if they reach the people. Therefore, revisionist work should proceed along two parallel lines: the serious academic work of debunking the "Holocaust" myths, and the even more important work of popularizing revisionism. ()
The other lesson lies in recognizing the relevance of revisionism beyond its traditional boundaries. Since revisionism is not an ideology, but a method of historical research, it is crucial that revisionism obtain spokespersons from across the ideological spectrum, from the extreme left to the extreme right. What I am suggesting here is that efforts be made to reach people from different continents, races, and ideological affiliations there are many leftists, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, et al. amongst revisionists already. However, these elements are overshadowed by a myth that Zionists spread about revisionists: that they are all Nazi sympathizers seeking to justify Nazi crimes. More efforts need to be made to speak to each people in its own idiom, just as the Zionists do. I, for one, consider myself totally opposed to any form of racism and racialist ideology, including Nazism. ()
Editor: What was your initial opinion of Holocaust revisionism?
Alloush: It introduced me to a new aspect of the Arab-Zionist conflict, and, more important, it helped me understand much better why public opinion in the West supports Zionists and ignores Palestinian suffering. I realized that those times I had seen the "Holocaust" brought up to eclipse Palestinian Arab suffering at the hands of Zionists were part of a central Zionist strategy, not mere aberrations or excesses of misguided souls.
I think the most important thing for revisionists in the next stage of their work is to shatter the Zionist accusation that the purpose of revisionist work is to whitewash Nazism. They should establish beyond reasonable doubt that the purpose of their work is to promote truth and justice. To accomplish that, they need to reach out to people from across the ideological spectrum, from many races and continents. In addition, as it stands now, revisionism has too many prophets and not enough preachers. The next step will be to popularize revisionism, and to bring it the non-Western world.
I believe that it was Dr, Alloush's realization that Zionism is, by far, the greater danger to the entire world than someone like Ernst Zundel who insists that truth is truth, whether some people may like its by-products or not, that made him launch this petition. He knew of Ernst's decades-long battles with the Holocaust Lobby, and he knew him, through his friend Mackenzie, as a good and decent man - despite his severe vilification baggage as the world's foremost "Nazi," "Racist," "Holocaust Denier" and, lately, "White Supremacist" - smear jobs the Holocaust Lobby makes sure will follow him wherever he goes and whenever he tries to talk reason. I was glad to reconnect with Dr. Alloush, and I agree wholeheartedly with what he says. Revisionists need all the help they can get, from the left and from the right, from all responsible and well-meaning people, regardless of demographics or ideological affiliation - and so do Arabs of good will. That there are differences in outlook across the ideological spectrum, we all understand. While people on opposite sides of this largely spiritual battle may know or sense the many issues that divide us, what most don't understand sufficiently is this: something much more important to every one of us, regardless of race, religion, group interests or party affiliation unites us: A common enemy.
After Mackenzie's death, I lost track of Dr. Alloush and often wondered what might have happened to him. I was touched and pleased, therefore, when I saw what he had done for Ernst with this petition, and I wrote to him and thanked him. In response to my email, he replied:
We are not doing this for you, we are doing it for all of us, including you and your husband. So keep up the fight, and hang in there. You happen to be in the forefront here, and we are just going along for the ride : )
For the petition to turn into political pressure, we need to show that there are hundreds of people (so far) embracing Zundel's cause.
I watched this petition gather signatures fairly rapidly and was pleased that, on the first day, there was a virtual 100 percent consensus on the value of freedom of speech. People from all walks of life, as judged by their names and their comments, strongly disapproved of Ernst's arrest and detention and blamed the Canadian government officials for acting like thugs in the service of Zion. It meant that the petition was not just preaching to the choir. Total strangers had taken up the banner of freedom of speech, and many of them were non-white. It proved to me, as though proof were needed, that other races have no trouble with Ernst Zundel - only that one special interest group had felt the need to silence his voice by brutally kidnapping him and holding him in solitary prison, away from media.
I made myself a note at the end of the first day that I would tally the responses and do a rough analysis of who supported us by using the criterion of foreign-sounding names. Then I would do my best to place a call for signatures on as many friendly websites as I could.
Then the predictable happened:
Our enemies invaded the petition and tried to destroy it with disinformation, primarily character-assassination: stealing ID's, filthy name-calling, revolting sexual innuendo that always - always! - involves the use of excrement. Don't ask me why - it is a mystery to me why this disgusting compulsion controls them. This kind of language is characteristic of the tribe, as every Internet revisionist knows from personal experience. It's a dead giveaway who hides behind those slurs. Why, even the Christian Son of God is said to have been boiled in excrement! They know full well that normal, decent people will recoil. Most well-intentioned folks who might have listened courteously, and perhaps curiously, to both sides of a divisive issue such as the alleged "gassings" in Auschwitz, a claim contested on scientific grounds by decades of painstaking revisionist research, will be intimidated and tuck tail. And exactly as Dr. Alloush had outlined in his interview, the foremost insult was to shriek that Ernst Zundel was a well-known "Nazi" who deserved what he had coming to him.
Still, the traditional "Holocaust" believers who like to censor other folks are far from being the majority, as this rough tally of the first 1000 signatures reveals:
Approximately 90% of the signatures and comments endorsed the petition and advocated freedom for Ernst Zundel Approximately 10% of the signatures and comments involved insults, spewing filth, making death threats, etc.
So let's not lose sight - foul language reflects badly on "them", not on us. If decent people are sufficiently sure of themselves, they can ignore verbally filthy intimidation, knowing it for what it is - the response of a scoundrel who has no argument. It is quite easy to demonstrate, by mere juxtaposition, that we are winning the battle of speech by mere contrast of conduct. Let's let them call us names - see if we care! Try to imagine how little we care!
A timid voice might ask: But what do we know of Ernst Zundel? If there is smoke, there must be fire, right? If he surrounds himself with "racists", as the Canadian government proclaims, is it not reasonable to conclude that he is, in fact, a "White Supremacist", a "Racist" and a "Nazi" - and hence a "danger" to non-whites?
No. Science does not lie, not even for a "Nazi." Ernst Zundel was the first who managed to debunk the so-called "Holocaust" forensically, and Durban was the watershed that showed that folks were catching on. Big time! That's when the Lobby ditched the "Holocaust" - it was no longer tenable to hold onto that cash cow. Therefore, a brand new bogeyman was needed to justify a new growth industry: the hunt for "terrorists." Why not make use, therefore, of someone already tarred and feathered? It was a cinch for Zundel foes to do a bit of their abracadabra and turn a "Nazi" with negative global name recognition into a "White Supremacist."
In his prison memoirs, "Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell # 7" - banned as "hate literature" in Canada - Ernst tells in a letter to a long-time friend in South Africa how he views the issue of race:
As you so aptly pointed out, the 19th century idea of a "German race," or a "British race," is humbug! You said it right-if it looks white, thinks white, speaks white, behaves white-chances are it is white! In my experience, I've found "lesser" whites like Macedonians, Bulgarians, Sicilians, Spaniards, and Portuguese, often already a shade more suntanned than we, far more fiercely defensive of their white values than the big-boobed, blue-eyed, blond bombshells sleeping around with every basketball player and hip-hop star. Look at American magazines!
As to "racists" who talk about "mud people"-I consider that unworthy of decent white folks. To be white is, to me, a privilege-and also a sacred trust and obligation to comport myself as a white person should! In all things! Especially sex!
I agree. On race, as a matter of record, Ernst is an exceedingly tolerant man. He can offer you a lifetime's worth of tolerance of other races - their habits, their cultures, their ideologies, their religion, even their political desires and hopes - as long as they play by fair rules implicitly accepted by all decent men and women of whatever race and geographical background. His accountant was a Pakistani. His printer was Chinese. His favorite lady lawyer is Polish. For years, he has assisted two black men in making documentaries. A mayor of a town in Mexico has offered him asylum. People of Iranian, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese descent have worked for him and with him. Many have translated books and articles. Ernst even spoke the eulogy at the funeral service of the German-born Jewish author Joseph (Ginz)burg who had testified for him in one of his Holocaust trials. Since Burg's own tribal brethren never forgave him in their eternal hatred for goyim, they refused to let him be buried where other Jews are buried, and it was up to Ernst to do the final rites. Ernst swears there was a rumble in Burg's coffin as he, a former Seventh-Day Adventist, thus bid a well-known Jewish atheist his last good-bye beneath a huge Catholic cross!
I could go on and on. I know that Ernst has never had any problems with people of another race. He has had plenty of problems with the Holocaust Lobby - but that is not because they are not of his race; it is because, as a tribe and as an ethnic organism almost always acting in concert, they are obnoxious at their best and deadly at their worst. They will not leave him alone. This latest, politically motivated kidnapping proves it.
No, Ernst is not a "Racist" as this term is negatively understood. That does not mean, however, that he does not prefer his own white race to any other race on earth - precisely for the very reasons he prefers his mother to any other mother, his family to any other family, his country, race, and home to any other country, race and home on earth. Would he trade all these ethnic and familial sentiments for other people's sentiment? Of course not. Would anybody with an ounce of common sense between his ears? His home is his home - guests are welcome, but not squatters. For Ernst, these deeply ingrained loyalties come with the package called one's ethnic heritage put in his cradle at his birth.
It's natural to love one's own and to be loyal to one's own. Every race on earth has that right. And, yes, defiantly so - that ethnic heritage includes one's country's truthful history, not Allied postwar propaganda sludge about "six million gassed Jews" that is "proven" by ever more numerous "survivors" who make it their uncalled-for business to censor the rest of the world.
So let it be said, for the record: Ernst has no problems letting other races think their people are the greatest thing on earth, as long as they grant him that privilege. But claiming that right for oneself, and granting that right to others extols an obligation that is called chivalry. That means one must act in the spirit of mutually understood and agreed-upon rules of respect with every ounce of good will one can muster. It doesn't include shrieking invectives, spitting, cursing, engaging in vile character assassination, throwing plastic bags of excrement, beating, burning, bombing, kidnapping, torturing and murdering.
His enemies have seen to it that Ernst is now the most widely recognized Prisoner of Conscience on the American Continent, a victim of the artificial "War on Terrorism." He has become a symbol for having dug in his heels against the power of Zion, for having refused to live on his knees before a fraudulent historical event that benefits only the Lobby. His name represents valuable political coin to all people of good will because it manifests what Zionists fear most - the loss of an almost foolproof weapon of mass intimidation that doesn't cost them a penny. If non-white activists not only do not mind Ernst Zundel and his ethnic loyalties but find his Holocaust-debunking activism useful and intriguing - what does that say about the Lobby's power to make you fear their slurs?
During one of Ernst's trials, one reporter commented that "Zundel won the war of images by sheer contrast of behavior." His enemies would hiss, howl, shriek, fling plastic bags and bottles of feces and urine, spit in his face, call him all kinds of nasty names, steal and destroy his mail, unleash tsunamis of slimy invectives, send him a mouse trap laced with AIDS and then a deadly parcel bomb, and in the end burn down his house - I could go on and on!
Ernst and his supporters did none of those things. They knew their inner worth. They marched to their own inner drummer.
Therefore, my plea this time, as before, is for appropriate conduct. As a writer in love with the power of language, I hate pornography in language as much as I hate it in pictures. I ruthlessly purge all such human vermin who snarl at me with dirty tongues from my own private orbit. Contrast of images will help us win our war. Since we are verbal activists who use the Internet, let us refrain from spewing filthy words. Let's leave that to our enemies. That is their moniker. It helps us to recognize them.
And let us treat each other, no matter what the skin shade, with courtesy, appreciation, and respect. I am a stout believer in chivalry not only between sexes but also between races. If decent men and women from other races do not endanger us, if they conduct themselves with dignity, honor, and fairness - I say that they are welcome to our struggle, as I would like to be welcome to theirs.



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