Update On The Zundel Case

From Ingrid Rimland
Below are several noteworthy items:
Once again, there is very heavy censorship applied to all incoming and outgoing mail belonging to Political Prisoner Zundel. I just found out that hundreds and hundreds of Christmas cards sent to Ernst by total strangers after an appeal on the site to brighten Ernst's holidays a bit are still being held at the prison censor's office.
Likewise withheld is a book from Ernst's son, meant as a Christmas present for his father. I have long given up sending books since they all mysteriously disappear Even Amazon has mysteriously been notified not to ship any books to Ernst Zundel!
Simple personal letters, both ways, are apparently being rerouted. A friend of Ernst's who does research reported that he had received 12 letters from Ernst all on the same day - some of them as old as 8 weeks! These letters have double bar codes and seem to have been tampered at the edges. Somewhere I read that our friendly censors have special, pointed instruments that can be inserted at the edges of an envelope to grab a sheet of paper, roll it up, pull it out so that it can be read, and then be reinserted into the envelope undamaged. Clever!
The reason for the delay and withholding of Ernst's mail is stated as "receiving too much mail" and keeping letters in his cell "too long." Ernst told me that he protested - he told me he has had a "man to man talk" with one of the nicer prison captains, who must feel pressure from "above", telling him that since he is not a-run-of-the-mill "prisoner," he has every right as a successful businessman - not even charged, much less convicted! - to keep up his important contacts with his correspondents.
"I take my rights very seriously," Ernst told this prison captain - and those who know Ernst Zundel know that those are not words spoken lightly.
If the spirit moves you, please let the prison administration know how you feel.
The address is:
111 Disco Road, PO Box 4950
Rexdale, ON M9W 1M3
Phone number 416-675-1806
Fax number 416-674-7515
Moving on: We are planning a number of picket demonstrations in various cities across America before Canadian Consulates on February 4 and/or February 5, the second anniversary of Ernst's political abduction. These demonstrations will happen at lunch and will not be long. One reason of these demos is to get good video footage for a Hollywood documentary and to get photos to send around the world to our media contacts. A second reason is to hand respective consuls a press kit and an official Open Protest Letter.
It looks like the following cities will have demonstrations:
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Washington, DC
(Possibly also Buffalo and/or Detroit)
If you live in the area of any of these cities and can participate, please keep on checking the Zundelsite ( for details and instructions. Information will also appear on various other websites on the Net.
If these demonstrations don't bring results, there are plans underway to do leafletting to alert certain tourist industry that they be wise to inform their customers that Canada is a censorious dictatorship where Truth Is No Defense. Such leafletting was highly successful some eight years ago when Hans Schmidt, an American writer, was nabbed in Germany because some of his peppery writings displeased the Noisy Lobby. A group of angry East Coasters got together and handed out leaflets to Lufthansa passengers flying into Germany. It didn't take long for Schmidt to head back home. I am tentatively planning for a leafletting campaign at the Niagara Falls border to warn tourists to proceed with caution.
And speaking of Canadian censorship, Ernst's book, "Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell Number 7" is now also forbidden to Canadians who might catch some forbidden thoughts. So, for that matter, are five of my books, two of which I wrote at least a decade before I met my first Revisionist. These books are "The Wanderers", a novel that won Best First Novel by a California Writer in 1978, and "The Furies and the Flame", a biographical account of my having raised a handicapped child. Amazing what kind of writing will freak out these paranoid people!
Finally, now that the hearings about the Security Certificate are finished, we are waiting for the axe to fall - that is, the deportation order to be delivered. These so-called "hearings" have befouled the entire judiciary of Canada and will be remembered long after Ernst Zundel is gone. Gone where, you may ask. Only the oracle knows. Our guess is that Judge Blais will one more time behave obediently and do the bidding of his handlers. He has so far - so why not give it the finale? If that happens, it won't be the end of the world.
Thousands in Germany are wishing for Ernst to come "home" so that his high profile/name recognition status will aid the European struggle to get out from under talmudic oppression. Ernst has held out for as long as he could because he hates to give up our little Berghof in the Tennessee mountains. He would much rather paint his landscapes and plant his potatoes, believe me! But if it has to be, it has to be. I watched a video just last night where he declares that he will leave Canada "only in handcuffs or in a coffin." It has been leaked to us from highest US State Department quarters that there have already been thumbscrews applied where thumbscrews are feared to ship Ernst Zundel not to Germany but instead to Israel! So far, the U.S. has declined. Will Canada? No telling at this point.
One thing Ernst's enemies have a very hard time comprehending: In this man they have met a fighter who refuses to live on his knees.
Please help us by publicizing what is going on - for now it is Ernst Zundel; tomorrow it could well be you...
No surrender!
Ingrid Rimland



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